This year, I resolve to…

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I am the first to admit that I do not keep resolutions. Every year I attempt to make myself feel good. I think that I'll finally join a gym, get six-pack abs a la Britney Spears in 1999, and cutback on carbs and alcohol. But, within a week into the new year, I, without fail, can be found on my couch telling my roommate how it’s, “too cold to go to the gym” with a martini (extra dirty, three olives, thank you very much) in hand.

With the new decade approaching, I have a few resolutions that I promise to keep. Hear that roommates and best friends? I’m sticking to these!

1.) Quality over quantity. I have an overflowing, unorganized, too-much-stuffed-into-a-too-small closet. I have a tendency to buy in bulk. I like a tee in one color. I buy it in five more. Fast forward six months later and the five extra tees pile in a corner. Tags still intact. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on to-be-unworn t-shirts, I will invest the same money into one quality pair of jeans. One pair of designer sunglasses. One new tote. One new pair of pumps.

2.) Growing up is tough to do. Especially when it comes to my lack of culinary skills. I do not cool. I speed dial my favorite Thai restaurant. I will not be the next Betty Crocker, but I do resolve to find interest in creating gourmet cuisine. My refrigerator already has brie, and my pantry has baguettes. The makings of a delightfully sophisticated Parisian dinner. Maybe I should invest in an apron.

3.) Cleaning overhaul. I will set aside and donate the items of clothing I do not, and never will wear again. Scandalous Abercrombie & Fitch tees have no place in a mid-twenty something's closet. Someone may have to claw the ripped jeans from my desperate grip though.

Enjoy the new year. Here's hoping that everyone has someone to kiss at midnight. I do, and he’ll get a kiss, but believe me, I’m not sharing my Veuve.


Dear Santa (and Mrs. Claus)...

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Christmas season is my favorite season. Snow, piping hot mochas, my approaching Christmas Eve birthday and shopping. I can hardly contain my jubilance.

I am a very easy person to shop for. My boyfriend knows that he can walk into Bloomingdales -- blindfolded, no less -- and walk out with the future of a successful Christmas morning. My mother, however, still insists on obtaining an annual Christmas list. So here it is, mother and dear readers – consider it a gift guide for your favorite fashionista.

David Yurman Blue Topaz Moonlight Ice Ring – Roped sterling silver. My birthstone. Pave-set diamonds. Please, and thank you.

Cupcake Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines – My favorite wine brand of the moment. Affordable and smooth without the dreaded morning after hangover.

Cashmere pants – My new obsession. I hardly even mind doing dishes or laundry when legs are so uber comfy.

Riedel O stemless glasses – Because I need to drink my Cupcake chardonnay in style. Plus, it’s time to upgrade from the college-aged Crate & Barrel goblets.

Chanel Black Satin nail polish – I predict that the green nail trend will be short-lived. But black nails? An always chic look to match my cashmere sweaters.


Anniversary Attire

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This weekend marks my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. The plan includes a romantic dinner in the North End. My issue? Finding an outfit to impress. My boyfriend knows me well, at times, better than myself. He’s seen me in my best (black DvF dress, skyscraper-tall heels, and a blow-out). He’s seen me at my worst (puffy eyes, oversized sweatshirt, hair after sleeping in a ponytail all night). He loves me in either look, but I prefer the former.

While searching for an outfit, I ran into a dilemma. My closet sits filled with little black dresses. Diane von Furstenburg. Theory. Missoni. Slimming and comfortable. No complaints, I But my forever-faithful standby for an evening date is starting to wear on me like a long-term relationship. Dear LBD, why can’t you impress me anymore? Here's hoping that spark will re-ignite.


Thank You!!!

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A quick weekend post to say a huge thank you to our readers! 10,000 hits are more than P and I ever imagined. In fact, we still believe that the only readers we have are our mothers and best friends. Apparently we're just modest. We're excited and thrilled. Thank you!



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At the age of 23, I finally hand myself over to the shoe gods. I always misunderstood shoe obsessions. I blamed my small feet, impatience with finding the perfect shoe, and the pain of walking through jagged brick-lined roads in Boston in heels. In college, instead of sky-high Louboutins, I opted for wintertime Uggs and summertime Havaiana flip flops with every outfit. Yes, every outfit, including dresses, formals, and dates. Major fashion disaster.

Today? Reformed. That's what I am. I find myself planning entire outfits around new pairs of shoes. I wear heels and feel confident. There's just something about a new shoe that feels good. It ranks with new car smell and the first use of a new designer handbag. I alternate through leather booties, suede riding boots and studded flats. I have shoegasms at the sight of skyscraper heels (a la Lady GaGa in Alexander McQueen). I find myself lusting and longing for new heels. Blue suede with red soles and Swarovski-encrusted. Designer shoes are like art, and so perfectly formed. Bank account, my apologies, but I think my obsession is here for good.


Tis The Season

Holiday Party!
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The holidays make me happy. Eggnog. Mistletoe. Presents wrapped in elegant gold wrapping paper with big red velvet bows. Few things dampen the holiday spirit, and I choose to ignore them.

Yesterday, PCP reader L asked the ever-daunting question that arrives with every holiday season. The dilemma? Attending a significant other's company holiday fiesta. Such events cause fashion meltdowns, stress and the need for an intoxicatingly therapeutic blow out at the salon.

My advice on the topic? Go big or go home. Few events (save the red carpet walks, award ceremonies, prom and wedding) create such opportunity for fashion do's. I wasted too many on weak, half-done, "I don't feel like getting all dressed up, who am I impressing anyway?" excuses on outfits. Learn from my don'ts, and please treat your credit card for a run at the boutiques.

What is appropriate. Little black dresses. Opaque black tights. A splash of holiday color with bangles, headbands or cocktail rings (please, not all three). Bows are a do, and a gasp-inducing wool peacoat is a non-option. What else is there to wear over a party outfit?

Shoes make or break a holiday outfit. Spread the Christmas cheer with some Louboutin red or a classic nude Manolo. 2009 has been a long year, and if Santa isn't going to leave a pair under the tree, treating oneself is the path to holiday sanity. The resolution to save more and spend less starts January 1st.


Caught In A Bad Romance

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It's no secret that I have a Lady GaGa obsession. I made Just Dance my unofficial summer-after-college anthem. I stood (and okay, was pushed around by overly-excited Bostonians) front row at the House of Blues for her first Boston-area show. I admire her style (hello bubble dress!) and adore her love for Andy Warhol (anyone who didn't get that her small videos at her last tour were a homage to Warhol's The Factory clearly needs to pick up a contemporary art history book).

There's a certain pop music formula that leads to success. A solid beat (as found in Alejandro), a catchy hook (as found in Monster) and some controversial lyrics (references to JonBenet Ramsey and Princess Diana in Dance In The Dark). Even untalented songwriters have this concept down like arithmetic. But Gaga isn't Britney and she goes further with The Fame Monster. She appears completely self-aware within the compass of eight new songs. All amazing. Speechless is a heartbreaking ballad about her father. Alejandro channels 1990s-era Ace of Base. Beyonce plays backup to the new pop queen in Telephone. Dance In The Dark? Consider it the anthem for my mid-twenties.

Best of all about GaGa's work, her music molds together. One song leads into the next seamlessly. Her pop opera this winter? Sure to be the best concert around.


Luxe indulgences

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Champagne is one of my favorite treats and splurges. Moet. Veuve Clicquot. The inexpensive bottle of Martini & Rossi. My Andre filled college days. The drink screams of luxe celebration. Plus I love the taste, and how the bubbles look floating through my Tiffany & Co champagne flutes.

This weekend, while shopping with my close friend T, I found a new indulgence. Hotel Chocolat on Newbury Street in Boston. Upon walking in we were greeted with a sample of their signature milk chocolate, which can turn even the most non-chocolate prone individuals (such as myself) into chocolate lovers. Stacked along the walls are fruit filled truffles. Solid bricks of milk, dark, and white chocolate. Chocolate lollipops and nutty truffles. While browsing the store, I found the holy grail of chocolates.

White chocolate champagne truffles. Color me obsessed. Smooth white chocolate with a champagne soaked ganache. I bought and I ate. Few things in life bring such happiness than the first bite of one of these truffles. My next buy? The pink champagne truffles. Life is about indulging.


Shameless Self Promotion

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Simple concept. Join through my invite link ( by December 24th. Get a $10 credit. It's the equivalent of free shipping - or further justification that you just need that cashmere sweater.

Happy shopping!

Earmuffs Are The New Hat

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Hats. Who needs them? They flatten down blow outs, give unwanted static electricity, and are never ever flattering. Today while shopping at Neiman Marcus, I discovered a love for earmuffs.

Simple concept. A headband that keeps ears warm. No ruined hair. No static-induced flyaway hairs. Could I ask for more?

My personal favorites that I chose today? Light brown rabbit fur earmuffs by Surell and the classic garnet Burberry plaid. Consider my ears covered as the winter rolls into Boston. Crisp air, bring it on.


Ruffle Frenzy

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I consider myself a simple girl with lavish tastes. I love a flashy, trendy handbag. Or a really gorgeously printed coat. I love big, chunky cocktail rings and skyscraper high heels. But I love the basics more. Soft white tees. Black stretchy turtlenecks. Dark blue jeans. Black jersey dresses. Basics that spotlight every-person wearability. To me, it's the perfect artist's palette.

My love for basics once geared me away from ruffles. My old mindset? Frills = distracting and unflattering. I eat my words. The reason for my shift in ruffle morals? This burgundy sheen tiered skirt. Flattering. Slimming. Form-fitting. And in the perfect holiday season hue. Paired with a black turtleneck, tights and heels? Only the perfect outfit to juggle my iPhone and glass of eggnog at the season's first party. Ho ho hot (okay that was cheesy, forgive me).


T-Shirt Heaven

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Halloween wasn't the only reason to celebrate in Boston last weekend. At last, another luxe store claims Boston as a home. Vince, a personal fashion favorite, finally opened it's doors to the public at Copley Plaza on October 30th.

Lushious cashmeres. Preppy solids. Luxuriously soft Pima cotton tees. Staples of any former prep school graduate's wardrobe. The best part about Vince? The quality, wear, fit and feel of each and every item remains unmatched. Consider it a step up from those Forever 21 tees.


Haute Couture, International Style

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PCP reader (and dear friend) L emailed me a few days ago pointing me in the direction of She writes, “Not only are these pieces completely avant garde and reminiscent of haute couture but are extremely reasonable when converted to American dollars!”

While browsing the Indian-based site, I must agree. Even with the somewhat steep $30 flat shipping worldwide, there are definite steals (and splurges) from Bombay Electric. Among my favorites, the Handwoven Khadi Scarf. $28 and for a good cause. The site reads, “Women Weave is dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of women in rural India, helping them create a self sustaining business & livelihood.”
For those who love a splurge when shopping for good causes, the Nag Armlet (pictured above)does the trick. $720 and maybe worth every penny for those who desire an Angelina Jolie aura.


A Lesson On Seasons

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Newsflash. There are four seasons. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. As the weather changes, so does one's wardrobe. Obvious? I thought so, until my eyes set on what I think I saw this morning on the subway.

Spotted. A woman. Late 40s or early 50s. Wearing: A Pucci-inspired tee dress that was sheerer than a burnout tee. Paired with black Reef flip flops. No jacket.

I once fell into the mistake of wearing flip flops year round. But I was 20 and in college, and personal couture consisted solely of Juicy sweats. Times have changed, and because of that here is a lesson for what is to be stored away in antique trunks during summer's offseason. Some fashion rules are meant to be broken (hello navy blue and black in the same outfit). These, however, are non-negotiable.

Do's: Dark denim, suede boots, peacoats (post-Columbus day), turtlenecks, long sleeved tees, drapey cardigans, leggings and moccasins.

Don't: Pastels, tees or tanks with no sweater or jacket, lightweight dresses, flip flops, cutoff anything.

It's fall, so love it! Enjoy the crisp air (and apple crisp)! Embrace cashmere and please dismiss the flops (until spring break vacation, at least).


The Three S's

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I tend to avoid fashion advice from men in my life (no offense, but do you see what my brother and boyfriend wear?). However, today, roommate K's boyfriend summed up what a woman needs in her style. Three words. Sexy, slimming and simple. I must agree.

Sexy: Feeling sexy feels great. I don't mean lucite heel sexy (that's another s word, for another conversation). I mean the confident, power-exuding, I-can-take-over-the-world-if-I-want-to sexy. Exemplified by a curve hugging V-neck cashmere sweater. Sexy can mean heels that scream classy, a blow out, mani/pedi and a Gucci bag splurge. Wear and do what it takes for confidence to ooze out of your OPI painted nails. Your sex appeal and confidence thank you.

Slimming: I've received loads of comments and questions on what's slimming. There is no universal answer, but there are worthwhile suggestions. Anything black that creates a flattering silhouette. Long cardigans, long sweaters and turtlenecks in a quality fabric. Absolutely nothing cropped. Wrap dresses work as slimming perfection for the work week. Accessorize strategically so attention goes to a beautifully awesome cocktail ring rather than any self-conscious areas.

Simple: Simplicity is key, but simple doesn't mean boring. Simple means investing in an array of the basics that will last for seasons and seasons. This foundation should be the core of an outfit. A luxe Vince white tee. A black DvF cashmere wrap sweater. The pair of to-die-for dark denim jeans by Citizens of Humanity or Seven for all Mankind. Accessorize without making accessories a mask. My rule? No more than two eye-popping accessories at once and no more than two rings on a hand.

As I start cleaning out my wardrobe, the three s's will stay in the back of my mind. Frayed denim minis? Not so sexy. Cropped tees from 2000? Not so slimming. That crazy printed coat colllecting dust in the back of my closet? Not so simple. Even I learn something everyday.


It's The Remix!

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It's happened to each and every one of us. We're enjoying a perfect girls night out at a local club when the most intoxicatingly wonderful remix of a Britney Spears song comes on. While the original song is good, remixes make it great, and so catchy that you're humming the technoized beat for the next work week. Dying to listen to it again, you search iTunes and Google with no luck finding a download link. Where have all the remixes gone?

The answer: Roommate K pointed me in the direction of this site and I am now hooked. Every remix, new and old for sale at iTunes comparable prices (about 1.29 per song). Need that Kelly Clarkson remix of "My Life Would Suck Without You" to work out to? It's there. Randomly want a 90s remix? It's there. Sources tell me that the site's creators have exclusive rights to remixes that can't be found anywhere else plus rare remixes of older songs (think vinyl that's been turned over to a digital copy). I'm holding out to find the techno remix of some 80s goodies. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" anyone?

Bonus if you check out the site asap. Free Lady GaGa remixes of "Paparazzi." Don't worry, you can thank me later.


We Have Mail.

Today, reader mail.

Dear M. Please blog about what styles of sweaters to wear and how to wear them without making a stomach look pudgy!

First things first, I love sweater season too. Comfy and warm - a good sweater serves as a decent substitute for a boyfriend. For me, sweaters are favored when long and ever-so-slightly chunky. Preferably over a pair of leggings (long not cropped) and a pair of patent ballet flats.

For a slimming effect, remember that chunky doesn't camouflage. Just because a sweater fits like a devastatingly large Hefty bag doesn't mean it slims me, you, or anyone out. My suggestion for a slimming sweater: try a long fitted cardigan. It creates a fantastic silhouette.

Another tip: a sweater should never be a focal point of an outfit. Accessories make an outfit and can draw attention away from worry spots (and thus boost confidence!). Try a Blair Waldorf-esque headband, a pair of golden aviators, daytime cocktail ring, or a flashy Sir Alistair Rai wrap.

Ideas? Questions? Can't figure out what to wear for your Friday night date? Hit me up.


Crisp Fall Coats For Crisp Fall Breezes

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Reason number three to love fall (behind leggings and spiced apple cider). Coat season. And I'm not talking North Face jackets (although I love their functional and always-acceptable wear). I'm talking knee-length, thigh-length, hip-length, single or double-breasted peacoat season. Wool and warmth. It's all a city girl needs to put a bounce in a bootie-covered step during a morning commute.

Roommate K and I justify coat shopping for the singular reason that coats are worn every day in Boston. Every single day. Would I dare expect anyone (let alone myself) wear the same pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans everyday? The same Vince white t-shirt? The same pair of Minetonka moccasins? Never. To any hesitant shoppers, there is justification in any and all warmth-loving jacket purchases. Rest assured, and pull out those American Express cards.

Tonight's personal purchase? The navy blue military coat from Victoria's Secret. Little known secret. The outerwear at is stellar. Stellar. I buy at least one coat from them every season. Not such a secret? The lustworthy outerwear choices from Neiman Marcus. Atop my list of wishful thoughts: DvF's black ruffle military coat and Burberry's check coat. Dear friends and loved ones, are you taking note?


Ungaro: An Example Of The Mighty Fallen

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I wanted to refrain from touching on this subject. But as I sit, sipping my cup of tea at the end of this long weekend watching reruns of the Rachel Zoe project, I ask myself, "What happened to Emanuel Ungaro?" In this episode, my wishful best friend, Rachel Zoe, gushes at Ungaro's synonymous nature with fun and flirty party dresses. I love party dresses. Poofy. Bubble. Sleek. A-line. Tight and form-fitting. I'll wear them all. Black. Blue. Pink. Plum.

This does not scream of party dress couture to-die-for perfection. I do not blame la Lohan. Prior to her continual trainwreck nature, I was a Lohan fan. I have Confessions of a Broken Heart on my iTunes. I listen to it occasionally. I even enjoy it. Unlike her designs. Heart-shaped pasties do not amuse me (or the NYT). I beg Ungaro to pick up the pieces of this collection, and wow me for spring 2011. If that happens, everyone can pretend this never happened.


File > New Playlist

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New iPhone (the 3GS, and yes, it's amazing) calls for a new playlist.

Britney Spears - 3
From The Singles Collection, my favorite pop princess delivers again. Available today on iTunes, 3 is essentially everything I love about pop music smushed into 3 minutes and 22 seconds. True story, reviewers say that, "3 is more of a surefire dance-floor stomper than anything Brit loaded onto Blackout or Circus." Agreed.

Dragonette - I Get Around
This song was the highlight of last week's episode of The Hills. Catchy and the only thing that perks me up during my morning commute.

Dashboard Confessional - Belle of the Boulevard
My emo guilty pleasure band unveils a new album on November 10th. This first single screams of the Dusk and Summer era. Essentially I'm thrilled. Songs like this make me feel like I'm 20 forever.

Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying
It's catchy and he's cute. Enough said.

Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
I wonder why Jay Z ever said he was retiring, but with songs as good as this (and let' s be honest, the entire The Blueprint 3 album), I don't really care.


Legwear Dilemma

I faced an issue this morning with my closet. As fall brisks in, leggings are rapidly becoming my legwear of choice. Stretchy and comfortable, I stocked up on black ankle-length pairs from Forever 21. They pair best under trouser shorts or long tunics. At home, with a hoodie and moccasins.

Yesterday a girl on the T wore her grey leggings with a layered long sleeve tee. Bottom uncovered, but didn’t look ridiculous or pantsless like Lady GaGa. This morning, I woke up and attempted to emulate. Long black leggings. Dark grey tank top. Green and grey long sleeved tee by Vince. It looked messy with negative effort. I felt conscious of the shirt length and exposed, but, legging-covered bum.

Leggings doubled as pants at age five. Stirrup styles. Long styles. Short styles. Does a heightened level of self-consciousness come with age? One thing’s for sure, I’m longing the acceptance of leggings as pants that I had as a kindergarten student.


East Coast. West Coast. The Drama’s All The Same.

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I’ve been holding off on this post. I can’t quite articulate how I feel after watching the premieres The Hills and The City this week.

In short. I miss Lauren Conrad. I hate Spencer Pratt’s cowboy hat. I wish Lo Bosworths’ Ray Ban aviators fit her face properly. I think Kristin Cavallari trashes up The Hills (don’t blame me for saying it, I’m merely agreeing with other bloggers), but her Missoni bikini gave her a point or two in my book. Audrina bores me. Justin Bobby’s facial hair scares me.
I found myself texting more during the episode than watching. Does that mean The Hills is boring? I'm frustrated after watching them. I know that I could make a more amusing reality show, and I know all the drama on the show is faker than Audrina's tan. Plus, I’m tired of the drama. When The Hills was a staple in my (and my best friends’) lives and we spent nights watching television in my dorm room, our drama paralleled theirs. Friendemies. Exes. Boyfriends. Since, my friends and I have all bid adieu to the drama in our lives. Goodbye relateability. Hello Heidi and Spencer house-hunting. No thanks.

On page two, The City continues to be the worst show ever. Highlights include Kelly Cutrone’s attitude, the theme song and the look on Whitney Port’s face when her new “roommate” throws a “small get together.” Why do I keep watching these shows? Does MTV slip subliminal messages into the programming? If I play a DVR’ed episode backwards will I hear Heidi Montag’s voice coercing me to keep on watching?


Shoe Obsession

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Last night, while shopping in downtown Boston, I ventured out of my shoe comfort zone and fell in love. My feet are used to comfort. Minnetonka moccasins. Ugg boots. Havaiana flip flops. Heels happen, but never all day, and not without a grimace.

Introduce the bootie. I scoffed at the trend a few years ago. I couldn’t conceive how they could be comfortable or flattering. Apologies, dear booties. I retract all former statements, because I (and my feet) are in love.

Booties have been hugging my feet since 7:30am. No pain. No blisters. No discomfort. No need to switch out into my moccasins (that yes, are inside my tote here at work). I am four inches taller. I stood next to someone on the T shorter than I. Yes, I am officially obsessed with this shoe.

Bootie recommendation from bootie veterans? Shoot them over to me at


To Fur Or Not To Fur?

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Take note, trends create fashion victims out of fashionistas. This season’s example: fur.

PETA’s views differ, but I love fur. Taboo? Yes. Worth it? Yes. It’s the needed warmth during dreary and bitterly cold New England winters. I’ve heard of women going to get trenchcoats lined with fur jackets, fur stoles taking the place of scarves, a hidden fur vest underneath a North Face down jacket. Hidden or not, fur keeps everyone a bit toastier in the winter.

It’s no secret that fur is making a serious comeback this season. Maybe the recession has everyone thinking a bit more practically. A coat investment for a lower heat bill. Either way, there are right ways to do fur, and there are wrong. Let me elaborate.

There are certain bargain-price retailers that introduced faux fur vests to their fall and winter collections. Faux fur, when done properly, is fantastic. It can be warm, soft to the touch and realistic. No one can expect this for 22 dollars. Faux fur, when done badly, looks cheap and tacky. Unlike basic tees and trendy party dresses, this is a place to save pennies and invest.

There are also certain times where fur is appropriate – and more importantly, isn’t. Work, given the right industry and office can be a yes, but most likely not. Wear fur on a cool afternoon walking down Newbury Street in Boston. Wear it out at night in place of a jacket at a trendy lounge. Wear it when you want to feel a bit more luxe. Do not (please!) wear it at the local mall, fast-food restaurant or grocery store unless you’re Jennifer Lopez and can get away with such ridiculously in-your-face everyday attire. Play to the environment. With a 75-degree high in Boston today, no one should don their fur. Indulge in short-sleeves for one more time before October hits.


Absolut Boston? Absolutely.

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As I type, roommate K and I sit on our living room couch, watching television (Sweet Home Alabama on TBS!) and trying this year's Absolut Boston vodka. I initially scoffed at the black tea and elderberry (what is elderberry anyway?) flavor. I assumed that, yes, I may have spent the twenty dollars on the pretty Green Monster inspired bottle. I bought it because, yes, I would be a bad Bostonian if I didn't. Plus the bottle could make do for a makeshift vase one day...

The first sip of our drinks, the Absolut Boston and Ginger (Absolut Boston, ginger ale and a twist of lime) put our worries to ease. Perfectly balanced with a subtle taste of tea (which yes, we realized after the fact was a nod to the historical Boston tea party) without any overdone vodka bite.

Need it as much as we do now? Hurry, it's a limited edition vodka - and I plan on stocking up. Feel okay about splurging on a few bottles, part of the profits benefit the local Charles River Conservancy. Here's to hoping that sales of the vodka can help clean up our beloved dirty water a little bit. It'd be nice to sail in clearer water.


Choo Equals Wonderful

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There’s an abundance of diffusion lines in today’s recession-filled fashion world. I nearly passed out with excitement when word first broke of the Jimmy Choo and H&M collaboration. Today, Nitrolicious has a peek of what’s in store. I like. I like a lot.

Studded flats. Pink resin clutches. Bedazzled and jeweled cuffs. They all make me weak in the knees. November 14th cannot come soon enough. Time to start saving my pennies (and okay, at the prices the shoes will probably be – nickels, dimes and quarters too).


Guilty Pleasure TV Alert!

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I was on the young side when the original Melrose Place aired. Seven years old when it premiered, to be exact. To say that my parents didn’t let me watch it is an understatement. If parental controls had been around in the late 1990s, Melrose Place would have topped the banned list – along with my beloved Dawson’s Creek.

Luckily, it’s now 2009. I’m in my twenties. Mom and dad are nowhere to be found in my apartment. The CW birthed a new era of Melrose Place. And I love it.

I love the boring lovey-dovey newly-engaged yet fueled by jealousy couple Riley and Jonah. Best friend A may gag, but part of me connects with Riley’s forking through her fiance’s Lucky Charms to filter out his favorite ones (the green clovers). Makes me wish my boyfriend would filter my Lucky Charms out (I only eat the marshmallows, for the record).

I love that Lauren taking the highest bidding man to pay for medical school. Moreso, I love the fact that there’s an Asian girl scandalous plotline – breaking stereotypes is my kind of thing.

I love Detective Rodriguez. Right away it’s obvious that it’s the same actor (Nicholas Gonzalez) that played DJ the Mischa Barton loving gardener in the OC. Findng nighttime soap crossovers is like Where’s Waldo. While we play ‘Where did I know him/her from?’ – Riley (Jessica Lucas) was in Cloverfield (a guilty pleasure B-movie of mine). Lauren (Stephanie Jacobson) was in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Jonah (Michael Rady) was in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Lastly, I do love Ashlee Simpson Wentz. Bloggers (and friends) boo her acting, but I give the girl props. Confession. She was always my favorite Simpson sister, and her albums are still on heavy iPhone rotation.

Missed last night’s episode? Check out EW’s recap.


LC & Kohls - A Perfect Match?

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I'm a complete sucker for designer diffusion lines at Main Street stores. Matthew Williamson for H&M. Norma Kamali for Walmart. For months, I've waited with anticipation for Lauren Conrad's line for Kohls. After the sudden end of her high-end line at Bloomingdales, she took budget-friendly wear as her next project. Tonight, at, part of the fall collection is available to buy. My thoughts are undecided before I can see some pieces in person, but so far the collection seems solid for those need-to-buy basics for less.

LC's boyfriend cardigan and boyfriend blazer are solid fall options. No twenty-something girl should be without a black blazer or a long V-neck cardigan. While the prices seem a bit steep for Kohls ($60 for the blazer, $44 for the cardigan), the prices do stand a bit better than department store counterparts.

Impressive with the line? The few dresses that are currently offered. I can picture best friend A in the watercolor ruffled dress and myself in the brushstroke sheath dress while we brunch in Boston. Just call us the east coast LC and Lo.



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Word broke tonight that 57 year old Patrick Swayze passed away after a two year battle with cancer. A big RIP from us at Pop Culture Paradox. Swayze shaped part of my youth personally - as he was the object of my mother's true celebrity crush. The countless hours spent watching Ghost (and the teary eyes that my mother and I had at the end of the movie). Heartbreaking.



The Row

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I'm find the Olsen twins everywhere I look. First in a New York Times article, and then on the cover of Marie Claire. While I'm continually up in the air about how I feel towards their boho-inspired past, it's clear that they now know fashion.

Their two lines Elizabeth & James and The Row separates them from the childhood role of scrunchie-wearing Michelle Tanner. In fact, while browsing Neimans and Bergdorfs, one forks through the racks of Olsen-designed clothing without ever realizing its Olsen creation. The Elizabeth & James website is stylishly chic, resembling a Vogue fashion shoot. Looking at the fall 2009 collection, I eye the Amaryllis skirt as something perfect for work or a night out in the city.

The twins' newer line, The Row screams luxury perfection. Created by Ashley Olsen's admitted type A personality, The New York Times writes, "Nearly four years ago, while a student at New York University and ducking the paparazzi hired to follow her and her sister everywhere, Ashley gave herself the goal of creating, in her eyes, the perfect T-shirt." As a former college student, her hunt parallels mine.

Perfect basics are always a necessity in a wardrobe, and The Row delivers. Italian V-neck cashmere sweaters that perfectly fuse slouchy with tailored. Crisp European-style blazers to pair with skinny jeans for a date night. Layered open cardigans and legging-like pants that scream the Olsens' signature style (minus the Starbucks cup and Marlboro cigarette).

Olsen twins, let's let bygones be bygones. I apologize for any negativity I emitted during your grungy boho phase. You've ended my own quest for perfected basics - just in time for cashmere season in New England.


Home Is Where...

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My best friend, A read my last post, and seemed apprehensive for my newfound love for Bloomingdales. She warned, “if you switch teams, I’ll switch besties.”

Point taken.

A and I have been Neiman Marcus fiends for years. It was not a lie when I said that there’s a department store that feels like Disney World. Yesterday, A mapped (and color-coded) where she’d be okay with living in the future. While reviewing her results today, we came to the conclusion that “Home is where the Neiman Marcus is.”

We love the merchandise at Neiman Marcus. We love their after-Thanksgiving and end-of-summer sales. We love the same blonde saleswoman that always seems to be working the contemporary section when we’re there. Last time I walked in, she even asked me where my friend was. “New York, she’s devastated that there’s no Neiman’s there,” I replied. Let’s face it, Bergdorf’s simply doesn’t match up.

Best yet, the Neiman Marcus website excels far past that of Bloomies, Saks or Nordstrom. An organized rolodex in comparison to the rest, the Neiman’s website is easy to navigate, always updated and somehow always has the best sale merchandise. Don’t believe me? Tell me where else anyone can find an $11 Splendid tee?


Bloomies Totes. A Must Have.

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It’s come to mind that every fashion-forward (or at least shopaholic) girl has a go-to store. The department store of choice that feels like Disney World. For my friend who spent a year living in London, it was obviously Harrods. For best friend A and I, it’s Neiman Marcus. However, I feel my alliances switching hands (have no fear Neimans, I still love you!). Behold Bloomingdales. A stranger to the Boston proper shopping scene, it’s only Massachusetts location is in Chestnut Hill – luckily a hop, skip and a jump away from my new apartment.

Catching my eye on the site while I browse today? The signature Bloomingdale’s totes.

Three years ago, I relentlessly asked an now-ex for one as a birthday/holiday gift. Think the Bloomingdale’s page with the item on it magically appearing as his home webpage. Magazine clippings sprawled out on desks with photos of it. I’m a girl that knows what I want. In return, I received a birthday gift of the tote, filled with h2o bath and shower goodies.

Although the relationship ended, my love for the bag did not. In fact, it sits at my feet under my cubicle this moment, stuffed with my day planner, lunch rations, chick lit book of the week and various bags of Skittles. Three years is a long run for a bag, and it might be time for an upgrade. It might just be time for me to go green and invest in the “Medium Canvas Bag.” I owe it to the environment, right?


Relocation Station

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For the record, no, this is not my apartment.

Those who know me personally know that I just completed a cross-city move. In Boston, this isn't very far, only a 15 minute drive from point A to B. Regardless of distance, a move is a move and nothing kills inspiration like packing boxes, labelling items, wrapping breakables in newspaper, hauling bags of clothing in and out of U-Hauls, unpacking and reorganizing. That being said, I've been a delinquent blogger. Apologies.

However, inspiration hit mid-move when the decorating process started. I moved in with K, a close friend from prep school, and our friend R, a graduate student. We're all twenty-something girls in a fairly spacious apartment on Commonwealth Avenue. One graduate student, one law school student and a full-time young professional means we're all on the dreaded B-word. Budget. Hopefully one day (sooner rather than later), budgets are a word banished from our minds, bank accounts and worries. Until then, we're decorating on minuscule funds. Something tells me we're not the only ones. Over the past week, I've compiled some observations to remember for my next move on how to design on the cheap and make an apartment feel like home without needing to eat Ramen noodles for the rest of the year.

A creative, cute and personality reflecting shower curtain is absolutely necessary for a bathroom. Don't just settle for a plain beige vinyl one. We opted for a fabric outer shower curtain with brown, pink and white vertical stripes. For funky prints and shower curtains with plenty of life to them, Urban Outfitters answers all needs. I have my eye on the Paris Collage shower curtain.

Art, art, art. It doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't have to be tacky. I purchased A Year In Fashion with fashion-based Getty images. With some help of poster putty, I collaged a wall of favorite images that display my own personal style. With three leftover images, K and I are off to find inexpensive frames (think basic, no border needed) and hang them above our cabinet by our front door. Stylish and inexpensive. Try it with magazine advertisements, favorite Vogue covers or old issues of The Look from Neiman Marcus.

Storage doesn't have to be an eyesore. On a rent budget, enough closet space is difficult to come by. Grab furniture that Mom and Dad no longer want (thanks parents!). Find old antique trunks to store out-of-season clothing and jackets. Repaint bureaus and shelving units. Make a skinny bookcase into a jean wall. Storage doesn't have to equal plastic drawers and shoeboxes.

Movers and soon-to-be movers, good luck. I'll see you all browsing the apartment furnishing department at every Boston area store. Just don't try to nab the last cute curtain out of my hands. I don't like to share.


File >> New Playlist

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Ah. It's fall. The air is getting crisp. I wore a cardigan to work this morning. The streets (and subway cars) of Boston are flooded with students. Some of my best memories of college were walking to and from class (and, okay, maybe skipping class) or sitting out by the campus pond at UMass Amherst listening to my iPod. With the change of season comes new music, so treat your ears and enjoy.

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk (and okay, the entirety of their new recently-leaked album)
This Providence - Letdown
Third Eye Blind - Summer Town
Jay Z featuring Rihanna- Run This Town
Tamar Kaprelian - New Day
Panic! At The Disco - New Perspective
Leighton Meester - Body Control
Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA (my guilty pleasure, please don't tell anyone)

As always, download legally (iTunes is your friend!).


Back To School

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Back to school and first day of classes status messages fill Facebook newsfeed today. While it’s a bit early for classes to start up already (law school students, I’m looking at you), seeing students gear up for back to school makes me a bit nostalgic. School shopping was comparable to Christmas in my student days. When I was eight, I took great care in choosing the perfect Trapper Keeper (my favorite was purple dolphin print) and Lisa Frank folders, pencils and pens. To this day, I’m unsure why I found myself so keen on school supplies, but find myself longing for a need to buy them. Since I don’t have any reason – and multitudes of unused notebooks piled around my room from high school and college – I give my suggested back to school product list. Read, buy and indulge. Everyone might as well have a few nice notebooks to get through those boring lecture hall presentations.

Moleskine: My new favorite notebook company. Their notebooks look classic with black leather covers and crisp lined paper. With an assortment of address books, sketch pads and even city guides (there’s one for Boston!) even non-students can buy and enjoy.

Jordi Labanda: I found Jordi Labanda notebooks first in Barcelona at a find-it-all department store called El Corte Ingles. almost six years ago. Since then, I happily found his notebooks and pens in every specialty stationary store (and even at the UMass Amherst campus bookstore!). Fun and animated covers scream fashionista with colorful cubed (not lined) paper. Confession: I’ve kept every single one of these notebooks that I’ve filled up, just because they’re too pretty to toss.

Sharpies: Everyone’s favorite marker. Non-economical (I know they bleed through pages of paper), but there’s something about writing in a fine-tip Sharpie that makes even the messiest of handwriting look artsy. I prefer to buy a bulk pack, the tips dry out fast with a lot of use.


Fall Transitions

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Somehow the summer slipped by me. We have entered the final week of summer. Suddenly it’s the season for back-to-school shopping (the only part of being a student that I really and truly miss) and packing away the beloved flip-flops and white jeans. I lament the loss of the last few months. I’m absolutely not ready to say goodbye to summer clothing yet.

The best part of summer clothing is the coinciding casual, laid-back attitude. There’s no need for stuffy button-up collared shirts when the sun is shining and there’s cute sundresses. The predicament while waving goodbye to summer is how to maintain the summer attitude – even in the bitterly cold Boston winters.

My tip? Trade flip flops for comfortable (but still stylish and even work appropriate) moccasins. While heels feel powerful – and taller – feet need a break from a 4 inch arch and Minnetonka moccasins are the answer. Also a good option? Moccasins by Ugg. Just as comfy and warm as Uggs, without the Ugg stigma.

With this, I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook with the impending brisk fall weather. The only thing keeping my fashion excitement afloat is my pile of cashmere in my closet. Sweater season, here I come.


Jeggings, Need I Say More?

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I love leggings. I love denim. Let me make this very clear. I do not love “jeggings.”

Jeggings, for readers who may not know, are the disaster that are jean leggings. Consider them piled next to Ed Hardy tattoo style tees in the realm of fashion no-no’s and no-never’s. Hardly work appropriate (or life appropriate), I tried to ignore this impending denim trend for as long as possible. Today, however, I’m jarred by the news in The Cut that states, “Legging jeans are moving to replace skinny styles” I’m already mourning. How could the denim industry turn on me so?


Recycle Your Jeans!

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Going green has been an ongoing trend for as long as my mother has told me to recycle my used glass Snapple bottles. While I'm admittedly bad at recycling on an everyday basis, there is finally a recycling event that I can get into.

For the rest of August, participating Barney's New York locations agree to give 20% off a future denim purchase in turn for anyone's unused, too small, never will wear again jeans. Dig through closets, find those bleached jeans from high school or the pair with beading (face it, it won't be back in style anytime soon) and treat yourself to a new pair of Seven for all Mankinds or Citizens for Humanity. With fall right around the corner, is there a better way to treat yourself?


Purple Nails Mark The Spot

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On my last night of staycation, my psuedo-younger sister MK craved purple nail polish. Like any true fashionista, she has an eye for a trend before it starts. While I've gone through the black nail polish and red nail craze, I openly welcome purple.

A few tips for those fellow purple-eyed (or rather, nailed) fashionistas who want to dip into this trend during the impending fall season. Make your polish dark, chip resistant and matte. Pearlized and glossy are no more. Dark and muted, welcome home.

Suggestion shades: Sexy Divide by Essie, Caffeine Fix by OPI for Sephora and Plum by ELF (only a dollar!).



A staycation, by definition, is a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions (thank you Wikipedia!). For the next few days, I will be on a staycation - and as a FYI, this may mean no blogging. Instead of writing, time will be spent with best friend A, at the beach, bargain shopping, eating lobster and re-watching DVD box sets of Laguna Beach and The Hills. It might sound boring to you, but it sounds like heaven to me. Expect posts upon my relaxation.

Match Made In Heaven

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My friend S asks me how I get word of so many deals in the city. While my research and sources are secrets, I'm willing to share information. Today's bargain Boston event? Match Burgers & Martinis on the corner of Mass Ave & Newbury Street in the Back Bay. Thursday nights from 5-10pm. $5 entrees for women. Yes, $5 entrees. Be prepared to wait for a table or make a reservation in advance - Boston fashionistas are slowly hearing about this event and not saying no, with good reason. Take a peek at their menu and you'll see their normal mini burgers around $5-$7 each normally, but Match Thursdays mean $5 entrees. Filet mignon. Lobster pasta dishes. Grilled rosemary chicken. Delicious. S and I each ordered the filet mignon (for $5, as if anyone can say no) and washed it down with fabulous cocktails. At $12 each, the signature martinis are steep, but when the food is so cheap, allowing one is doable. My favorite pick: their Pop Culture martini. It's no surprise that I chose it by name alone. Rimmed with strawberry Pop Rocks, the super sweet martini tastes like candy with coconut Bacardi and various juices. I love.


The Perfect Tote

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Spotted: A Kate Spade “Coal” bag on my walk to work this morning. Black and white with the front saying "downtown" with surrounding NYC subway line numeral symbols. I'm obsessed.

I received my first Kate Spade “Coal” bag 2.5 years ago. A part of my 21st birthday gift, my then-boyfriend listened to my gift requests and took note of the Kate spade website page left open on his laptop screen when I left for classes, meals and outings. I still use the bag today (thanks to P's judgment and her saving it from being a breakup victim en route to the trash or bonfire). Tried and true, it’s the ultimate handbag, one of my must-haves. Small enough to use everyday. Space enough to squish in a day planner, beach towel, flip flops, notebook, issues of vogue and necessary keys and iPhone. Given todays’ sighting, I might need to start expanding my collection asap!


Signature Scent

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My friend J.D. lamented the loss of her Dolce & Gabbana perfume this weekend. A casualty in the 4th of July weekend, its whereabouts are unknown after a BBQ and one too many glasses of summer ale. I first didn't grasp the severity of the situation (didn’t I see three other sprays in her room?!) until I realized the importance of a woman's signature scent.

Everyone remembers the scene in 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' when Andie's crazy friend's boyfriend of a nanosecond comes crawling back. He realized he missed her when the scent of her perfume wore off his pillow. Although cheesy (and okay, cute, because I doubt any guy would ever say that), it’s true. Scents link memories past to the present. My mother wears Anice Anice - and the mere name brings me back as a five year old watching her apply her perfume in the small, blue bathroom adjacent to her and my father's bedroom. I sat, hoping to steal a smear of her Cover Girl foundation - nevermind the fact that we're two completely different skin tones. The scent of cucumber melon from Bath & Body Works takes me to high school era joyrides (and covering up the scent of teenage rebellion). Juicy Couture's signature perfume sends me to my 4th floor dorm room, eating take out, drinking wine and watching Sex & The City or The Hills with P and our friend and T.

As I fully emerge (and ok, finally accept) myself as a full fledged adult, career-working, no-longer-a-child woman, I think its time for a true signature scent for myself. My almost final decision? Delices de Cartier by Cartier.


Who Doesn't Need A New Necklace?

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Color me excited. August 31st. Pencil, circle or highlight your day planners and save your pennies. Anna Sheffield’s line for Target debuts. In this recession, who can afford whole new outfits (without racking up your Amex bill)? Tis the year for accessorizing on a budget. Sheffield’s sterling silver and rose gold-plated chains, bracelets and necklaces are perfect centerpieces for any blazer, sweater or tunic. Pieces range from $20-$80. Can't. Hardly. Wait.


Obsession Alert

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Ahhh. It's the best time of the month. New magazine week. While flipping through the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, I find larger than life images of beautiful, gorgeous, opulent Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co bracelets. Silver. Gold. Black. Obsessed.


Required Shopping

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Nina Garcia is quickly filling my bookcase shelves. On a whim of luck, I found "The One Hundred" on sale at Urban Outfitters in the Fanueil Hall Marketplace. I devoured the book in a day and a half and feel inspired by Garcia's list of must-haves for every fashionable woman. I agree with many of her picks and have a few of my own. As Garcia writes, "It is important for everyone who reads this book to know that I have adapted and edited each item on this list to suit my style, my body, my personality. I should hope you will do the same." That being said, here are just a few of my personal must haves for every fashionista.

-Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap.
A must have for every New England girl. I've owned one for as long as I've been alive. A fashion statement in itself, it shows your regional allegiance, pride for Boston, and the belief that, yes, the Yankees suck. It also doubles as a great cover for the days you sleep through your alarm and lose precious hair straightening minutes. Available in a myriad of colors, but let's face it, the only one that matters is the ever-classic red and blue. Whatever you do, don’t be accused of being a pink hat fan!

No I'm not talking about a five dollar at Claires kind of tiara. A real tiara, a la Princess Diana. Not recommended for everyday office wear (but who am i to judge?), Everyone can channel their inner princess on their birthday, holiday or any day while lounging in a silk robe. Swarovski makes some great options.

Specifically, jeans. I’m positive that my jean obsession started with my no-jeans-allowed prep school dress code. Much like relationships, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone – or in this case, not allowed. Garcia writes as a fun fact that the average person owns 8.3 pairs of jeans. I counted. I own 40. That are currently clean in my closet. So, let’s say 50 when taking dirty laundry into thought. It’s a lot of denim, but I have no buyers remorse. Skinny leg. Bootcut. Wide leg. Destroyed. Boyfriend fit. Dark wash. Light wash. A lot of options becomes a lot of shopping. One note with jeans: it’s great to discount shop, but I never suggest doing so with denim. Quality denim feels great, fits great and, most importantly, doesn’t stretch out. A co-worker of mine had an unfortunate jean find last week at Urban Outfitters where the denim just didn’t sit well and stretched out after one day. Forever 21 jeans are also infamous to stretch after one wear. Keep the bargains for tops, and try on pairs by Seven for all Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, J Brand, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. Your legs will thank you.

-Lip gloss.
The one cosmetic necessity for every woman. I don’t care if it’s Cherry Chapstick, Chanel, Stila or anything inbetween. Lips get chapped and uncomfortable. Lips are a visual focal point during conversation. Make them look as good as the rest of you!

-Black turtleneck.
A la Audrey Hepburn. One in cashmere is a winter necessity. It screams classic, classy and professional. Always flattering and slimming, it somehow always hugs in the right places. Consider it a new best friend.



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Walter Cronkite passed away this evening at the age of 92. As a former journalism student with a B.A. in journalism, Cronkite was a frequent topic in classes and seen as a true icon. He covered historic moments including Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, John F. Kennedy's assassination. He was the anchorman that inspired - and will continue to inspire - journalism students. The media industry would be vastly different without him, his legacy and impact.



I’d Rather Wear Shoeboxes On My Feet

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I distain Crocs. When they first appeared on my friends’ feet, they claimed that they were comfortable. My friend C said they were the best shoes to have when she crewed during college. “They’re light and feel like nothing on your feet!” I maintained that they look like gardening shoes, that only my mom (who I love, but only recently tuned herself into the world of trendy fashion) would wear in her tomato patch on summer days. Crocs are best paired with graying hair and tacky rubber gloves. Not designer handbags and daisy duke shorts.

I gave in a year ago when I found a pair of Boston Red Sox themed Crocs in a random boutique on Washington Street. I had on the most uncomfortable pair of ballet flats and my feet were screaming for anything that wouldn’t pinch or blister. I paid the inflated twenty-something dollars for the two red and blue pieces of rubber in hopes of comfort. I soon learned that every single one of my friends that said they wore them for comfort lied. The footbed is prickly, the holes give an unnecessary draft into my foot and they’re cut so wide that a shoebox would be more comfortable. My pair of Crocs had a lifespan of 30 minutes that day, was worn once during Opening Day 2009 at Fenway Park and now collects dust underneath my bed.

Today, good news out of the Washington Post for myself and fellow anti-Croc fashionistas. The trend is over. Tired. Dead. And the company is broke. Long live the standby flip-flop as the summer shoe of choice.


Mischa Barton: Art Imitates Life?

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File this one under unfortunate irony. Mischa Barton, The O.C.’s golden girl, is reportedly in a psychiatric unit under observation. This only a week after some rather embarrassing photos surfaced onto the interwebs. Did I bring her bad luck by finally mentioning her in yesterday’s Missoni post? Either way, send good thoughts and vibes to her.

And although it might be inappropriate, does anyone else find this the slightest bit odd? Is Barton playing out her Marissa Cooper alter-ego? Not to add to the negativity of the situation, but I’m just saying, I don’t think this would happen to the ever-perfect (and stylish) Rachel Bilson-slash-Summer Roberts. Hrm?


Even the recession can be trendy

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Living in the city isn’t easy on a budget – and believe me, I know this fact firsthand. I’m known to break my budget on a twice-a-day basis. On the upside of the current dreary American economy are food specials. I live in a city that doesn’t allow happy hour (literally, legally, it’s a Blue Book law), but this doesn’t prevent food specials. Thankfully.

While I’ve scoped out several deals in the city (10 cent wings at the Asgard on Mondays, one dollar tacos at La Verdad on Tuesdays), my personal favorite weekly event is Recessionista Wednesdays at Felt on Washington Street. My three childhood best friends, K, C, L and I attended a few weeks in a row and left both times impressed, with full stomachs and wallets. The special $3 menu features appetizers such as garlicky shrimp and entrees like chicken picatta and mini chesse or veggie burgers. Desserts include apple crisp in martini glasses. Surprisingly enough, the menu as a whole was inexpensive with a half-order of lobster risotto costing a mere $8. Drinks range from about $6 to $10, so choose wisely and have only one or two. We all seem to approve of the red or white sangria (and, let’s face it, when isn’t sangria a good choice?).

Best yet, Felt sets a theme to each Recessionista Wednesday. Two weeks ago it was a chocolate theme – complete with chocolate fountain, dessert samples from a local bakery and celebrity trivia. Future themes include the Boston Red Sox, celebrities and country (as in country music). Count me in and remind me to look photo ready.


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