This year, I resolve to…

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I am the first to admit that I do not keep resolutions. Every year I attempt to make myself feel good. I think that I'll finally join a gym, get six-pack abs a la Britney Spears in 1999, and cutback on carbs and alcohol. But, within a week into the new year, I, without fail, can be found on my couch telling my roommate how it’s, “too cold to go to the gym” with a martini (extra dirty, three olives, thank you very much) in hand.

With the new decade approaching, I have a few resolutions that I promise to keep. Hear that roommates and best friends? I’m sticking to these!

1.) Quality over quantity. I have an overflowing, unorganized, too-much-stuffed-into-a-too-small closet. I have a tendency to buy in bulk. I like a tee in one color. I buy it in five more. Fast forward six months later and the five extra tees pile in a corner. Tags still intact. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on to-be-unworn t-shirts, I will invest the same money into one quality pair of jeans. One pair of designer sunglasses. One new tote. One new pair of pumps.

2.) Growing up is tough to do. Especially when it comes to my lack of culinary skills. I do not cool. I speed dial my favorite Thai restaurant. I will not be the next Betty Crocker, but I do resolve to find interest in creating gourmet cuisine. My refrigerator already has brie, and my pantry has baguettes. The makings of a delightfully sophisticated Parisian dinner. Maybe I should invest in an apron.

3.) Cleaning overhaul. I will set aside and donate the items of clothing I do not, and never will wear again. Scandalous Abercrombie & Fitch tees have no place in a mid-twenty something's closet. Someone may have to claw the ripped jeans from my desperate grip though.

Enjoy the new year. Here's hoping that everyone has someone to kiss at midnight. I do, and he’ll get a kiss, but believe me, I’m not sharing my Veuve.


Dear Santa (and Mrs. Claus)...

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Christmas season is my favorite season. Snow, piping hot mochas, my approaching Christmas Eve birthday and shopping. I can hardly contain my jubilance.

I am a very easy person to shop for. My boyfriend knows that he can walk into Bloomingdales -- blindfolded, no less -- and walk out with the future of a successful Christmas morning. My mother, however, still insists on obtaining an annual Christmas list. So here it is, mother and dear readers – consider it a gift guide for your favorite fashionista.

David Yurman Blue Topaz Moonlight Ice Ring – Roped sterling silver. My birthstone. Pave-set diamonds. Please, and thank you.

Cupcake Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines – My favorite wine brand of the moment. Affordable and smooth without the dreaded morning after hangover.

Cashmere pants – My new obsession. I hardly even mind doing dishes or laundry when legs are so uber comfy.

Riedel O stemless glasses – Because I need to drink my Cupcake chardonnay in style. Plus, it’s time to upgrade from the college-aged Crate & Barrel goblets.

Chanel Black Satin nail polish – I predict that the green nail trend will be short-lived. But black nails? An always chic look to match my cashmere sweaters.


Anniversary Attire

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This weekend marks my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. The plan includes a romantic dinner in the North End. My issue? Finding an outfit to impress. My boyfriend knows me well, at times, better than myself. He’s seen me in my best (black DvF dress, skyscraper-tall heels, and a blow-out). He’s seen me at my worst (puffy eyes, oversized sweatshirt, hair after sleeping in a ponytail all night). He loves me in either look, but I prefer the former.

While searching for an outfit, I ran into a dilemma. My closet sits filled with little black dresses. Diane von Furstenburg. Theory. Missoni. Slimming and comfortable. No complaints, I But my forever-faithful standby for an evening date is starting to wear on me like a long-term relationship. Dear LBD, why can’t you impress me anymore? Here's hoping that spark will re-ignite.


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