Hitting the bars...

Went to the bar the other night...the Chocolate Bar, that is. Believe me when I say every hour is happy hour!!

Living in a country where alcohol is illegal and nightlife options are severely limited, our fav. pastimes here are a) eating and b) shopping. :) Usually makes for a good time; eat hella lot and then go shopping - cardio to burn off the calories...works out just fine.
Checking out the crowd was super fun...there was a heavily pregnant woman and her husband (I wonder if she was having cravings?)...a group of 5-6 young Arab women chatting about something or the other over obnoxious amounts of dessert (can't blame them) and a group for 3 Kuwaiti guys just chilling together at the table next to us. The guys looked like they were in their early 30s at least and it was an interesting sight. It is quite rare to see a group of single men just chilling and eating dinner (at least in the States) and to see them...esp. at an exclusively dessert-filled place (with pink/brown interiors) was reallly interesting. Good for them, getting their dessert on without giving a damn! :)
S . and I ordered fries (or "chips" as she calls them...so cute, gotta love the Brits), a diet Coke (for her), water (for me) and a milk chocolate truffle cake (the 1st pic for me) and milk chocolate molten cake (2nd for S.)...they are basically the same except in S.'s view, the truffle cake "is more cake-y" and the molten cake is "more chocolate-y"...regardless, they were amazing gooey-chocolate-y little treats. Of course, we started and finished the whole process with fries "to cleanse the palette!"


Happy Tuesday! Check out what I found this morning on the blogosphere.

Happy Gossip Girl roundup day!

I think she should probably leave the hobo clothes at home and channel a look a la Nicole Richie at court for this one.

I dont really think this woman would have fit in too well with the UMass crowd.

Her mother must be so proud of her.

Monday Night Television Roundup

Before I get to today's news reading, I must remember that there are happier, more meaningless things to focus my mind on. That being said, I spent four hours, eyes glazed over, watching tv with one of my best friends last night as part of our Monday night ritual.

Firstly, my NKOTB obsession rages on. I love Donnie (and Joey), and I love the VH1 special that was re-aired showing the band's history (although most of it I already knew from Wikipedia), and reunion. Typical 'Behind The Music' standard stuff (did anyone else know that the guys wrote 'Hangin' Tough' in hopes that it'd be a song for the Celtics, and 'Maybe they'd give us like, 500 bucks for it and we'd be good'), but a quote from Jordan Knight, that in my mind, made the show. "I mean, we were in high school, with a record out. That's kind of cool. I thought, 'Maybe we can make a few bucks off of this, and then I can get a scooter, and then I'll be really cool.'" Surprising no one marketed NKOTB scooters during their hayday, huh? I know I would have ridden around my cul-de-sac of my parent's neighborhood on one -- and probably would have wanted a matching NKOTB helmet.

Gossip Girl followed my evening. While I was deeply content that while scouring through the internet yesterday, I only found ONE 1 minute teaser for this week's episode, I was deeply disappointed overall. No major OMG moment - except for whatever Bart Bass found on Lilly Van der Woodsen -- was was in that envelope? I must know. It would be like my future husband finding.... oh, nevermind. Also kind of exciting? The return of Blair and Little J's alliance -- only this time, against Serena. I sense a stirring at Constance Billard -- or maybe not, since Little J dropped out. Oh no no no. I don't think prep school parents handle high school (or prep school, moreover) dropout efforts. I sense a certain, unhappiness with Rufus, and I don't blame him. This is kind of like when one of my prep school friends wanted to drop out and follow Madonna on tour. Did it happen? No, not a chance.

The Hills this week featured Stephanie as a lying, backstabbing, hobag. Maybe Brody was right about this one. My friend S and I don't quite comprehend though. Why does Stephanie insist that she's in the right and is going all up and down lying and denying - when cameras taped both of her dates with Doug, and her scheming on how to go behind LC's back? Okay, okay, maybe it's all scripted, but can't we just pretend it's real?


Not trampy, not vampy

or...my search for the perfect red nail polish.

I've been feeling super restless these past few days...you know one of those moods where you end up getting an impulse dye-job or bangs-of-the-moment...also known as the fastest route to 'buyer's remorse'
Walking around Boots (our upscale version of CVS) the other night, I was suddenly inspired to buy some nail polish...the easiest, quickest and least committed way to bring about a bit of change to a tired old look.
I went from one counter to the other, trying on a million different shades of red on my nails until I landed at the Chanel counter. That was it. I was in love. Chanel's Lotus Rouge (F '07). Just like the name, it was classy, sexy, rich and deep....oh-so-perfectly-red (without trying too hard)...Just standing at the counter and it trying on, I was supremely impressed. The color came on lovely and smooth...no textured brushstrokes visible...and only took one coat and three simple brushstrokes to cover each nail. Even with my clumsy, uncoordinated moves, it ended up looking like I'd shelled out a lot of money for a manicure.
Of course, story of my life, they didn't have any in stock. Argh! I saw a similar shade at YSL: Copyright Red, but they didn't have that in stock either.
24 hours later, I am still loving the Chanel on my nails (ahem, I might've gone back and 'tried' it on all 10 of my tips...in my defense, I had to know if I loved it or not...and I now know that I DO).
I have been trying to justify the price of the polish too...at KD 7 ($26) it is quite steep...but considering that is generally the price of a single professional manicure, and that I could paint my nails at home multiple times with the same bottle...is it worth it?

(btw, M, I miss OPI...I will have to look out for it in K., haven't seen them around though...maybe Sephora? Hmm...)

(EDIT: Just to put things in perspective for all y'all in the States...a regular bottle of np from the Boots store brand costs about KD 3.250 or 13 bucks...I have tried 2 of them and they chip super fast and need at least 3 coats to look good.)


It's been a few days since we've rounded up the latest gossip milling around. What are you waiting for? You know you wanna click, click, click
**(sorry, had to put in that New Kids reference... it's only a phase, or at least I hope).

"Professionals" weigh in on Womanizer. Our opinions? M loves it. P 'hates how she says 'womanizer.''

Posh Spice defys gravity. Impressive.

Now they're denying the obvious? I'd fire this publicist LiLo.

Tina Fey. You're freakin amazing. I'd vote you into office (just not your lookalike, Palin).

Does it make me lower class if I admit I've always drank Kool-Aid?

Married? But I heard she's such a you-know-what!

See, I told you all to just stop bitching. It won't change Mark Zuckerberg's mind!

This doesn't mean I'll not be mad if I catch my boyfriend watching it.

Thursday's gonna be a quality CNN kind of night.


You Got The Right Stuff, Baby.

The last page of my childhood occurred last night. After going to the North End for dinner and dessert with momma, we trekked over to the TD Banknorth Garden (also known as the Fleetcenter, Garden, or the only venue that's really worth going to for most Bostonians) to see New Kids on the Block.

Natasha Bedingfield opened, with an impressive voice but lackluster setlist. Why no 'I Wanna Have Your Babies,' 'Say It Again,' 'Single,' or whatever the title of the song is that was in 21 Dresses? Regardless she did close out the show with a live rendition of 'Unwritten,' which caused a montage of the opening credits of The Hills in my mind. Natasha was singing, but I only saw LC and Whitney Port in my mind.

NKOTB, was, by far, more impressive live than I expected. Aside from the fact that they're all really good looking (and none of that 'ew they're old' comments, I have friends that have dated men over 30). I, myself, was quite partial with Joey (of course) and Donnie (probably bc he's a bad boy and a Wahlberg). The small odes to Boston (their hometown, of course) made the concert feel like a Homecoming rally. The small stage set in the back of the floor area where they performed three of their songs was a welcomed surprise (especially since they were then about 500 feet away from me). Best of all, vh1 was there to film the whole concert, which means another dvd buy will be needed in the future for me.

Alas, my childhood is now complete in 2008. Spice Girls in January and New Kids on the Block in September. Now excuse me, I have to listen to 'Hangin' Tough' at least 8 more times before the morning is over.


Sensualite et exotisme

When I was 12 or 13, I discovered Teen, CosmoGirl and Seventeen in the magazines aisle near the checkout coutner at the grocery store. I would often spend hours just standing there, flicking through as many magazines as I could as my parents stocked up for the coming week. In those days, magazines cost an average of 2.500 Kuwaiti dinars (roughly 9 dollars) and were a rare treat...I remember buying an issue and reading and re-reading it for months on end.
Once I graduated from school, my magazine-reading habits also graduated from teeny-bopper to high fashion (or "women's interest" as they're sometimes filed under haha). Now I was reading Vogue, Bazaar and Elle
The only thing common in both kinds of magazines was the fact that the models in magazines never looked anything like me
This is, of course, slowly changing as popular magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue are launched in India...Indian editions, bought either on holiday or at Indian stores here for about KD 1 or $3, are wayyy more affordable then US/UK editions (which can cost an absurd KD 5 which is approx. $ 18.50!!) and definitely have more 'relevant' reading material/fashion etc.
Anyway, as a trend, I've been noticing a surge of interst in anything related to India or Indian fashion...even in the 'Western' world. Quite exciting.
Take the Hermes ad campaign for instance (yes, yes, I know by being S/S 08 it is a bit dated by now). It features Lakshmi Menon, who is from South India, is definitely far different from the 'usual' Indian faces people see in ad campaigns etc...especially for internationally known brands. Interestingly, Lakshmi was recently quoted saying: "I look at myself as any other model. But yes, sometimes I’m looked upon as an exotic thing that’s landed on their shores." The Hindu (March 31, 2008)
The exoticism/orientalism is pretty clear in the Hermes ads, especially with a nod to the British raj with Lakshmi in her jodhpurs

Do I find the exoticism of Indian women/models disturbing? Yes, extremely.
Am I sick of the 'white washing' of brown skinned women? YES!
Am I looking forward to seeing beautiful brown skinned people featured prominently in ads/magazines/tv/music/blah blah blah? You bet.

Yeah, it is not the ideal portrayal...but it is a start.

- P

Select 'Download' and 'Save to Desktop'

As I sit, and do some new music research (and anxiously wait for the extended cut of the Sex and the City movie to download, along with the first few season 2 episodes of Gossip Girl from iTunes), I stumbled across the bit of info that Imani Coppola (who I recently compared Lady GaGa to), is Little Jackie (who I'm obsessed with, for good reason). I feel as though this name crossover is messing with my mind, and I can't fully wrap myself around it. Why change your stage name from something as cool (and unforgettable!) and Imani Coppola? Regardless, do yourselves all a favor, and download Little Jackie's debut (kind of?) album, The Stoop (I would supply a link, but I think you all should hone in on your music investigative skills yourself. Or don't be a cheapo like me and but it from iTunes - the title track is a free download this week!). Quirky and fun, the album makes me think of summertime style music - complete with sun, 80 degree weather, and bikinis -- even while I'm trapped inside my apartment with it pouring rain outside.

What else am I listening to as of late? So happy you asked.
Listen & love my latest playlist to usher in the fall of 2008.

Britney Spears - Womanizer (the more you listen to it, the more you love it)
Chris Cornell - Scream
Shontelle - T-Shirt
Pussycat Dolls-Happily Never After
Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Enjoy. Listen. Download. Love.

Prep School Antics

"Prep schools have been long criticized for their exclusivity. They educate only the nation's elite. They are too expensive and white. They are bona fide country clubs."

During my lunch break on Thursday afternoon, I couldn't help but nab this from Barnes and Noble in the Prudential Center. As a 2004 graduate from a certain New England prep school, I was immediately interested (and connected) to the book. I think as a prep school student, I didn't ever fully realize what being one meant. I grew up in the world of private schools. I relentlessly broke dress code rules (no shoulders showing, no jeans, no skirts shorter than the length of your arm, etc). I didn't ever see the prestige in the ISL or ESL. I never equated the ongoings of the campus -- which, although tamer (I think), than what Jones and Miley found with Milton's class of 2005 (remember that pesky little sex scandal?) -- with the prestige, wealth, or social standing of the student body.

More interestingly, as I finished reading the book (yes, I stayed in on a Friday night and Saturday to read my trashy social critique of the rise of sexuality in prep school students), I realize that the latest crop of prep school students are vastly different than even I, eight years ago. I look at siblings of friends, going to school with Juicy Couture accessories and Tahari pants and Theory blazers. They use Neiman Marcus credit cards and have only the finest. Unlike before, these students know their social standing. There isn't just a rise in sexuality within prep school students, but in elitism as well. Do we look at The Hills and Gossip Girl as the excuses for this? Books like Restless Virgins? Or has this always been the case, and my eyes are only open to it now so far set apart from the prep school haven I once saw as my second home?

You're a womanizer.

Sorry everyone. Work has been super busy, and I gots to pay the bills somehow. Despite my lack of a regular blog post today, this is just too important to ignore. I just heard it on KISS108 in Boston and I must say, I like it. It's nothing amazing, but definitely something I can dance to at Estate (or maybe The Monkey Bar, P?). Love it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments!

On the interweb...

"I'm not a plastic bag"

$350 for an H&M dress? No thanks!

ARGH! Why is this only restricted to the US?!

The last time I wore sneaker-heels, I was about ten and going through my Spice Girl phase - since then, I thought we all decided any sort of shoe that tries to combine high-heels with sneakers was out of the question, so much to our surprise, Sergio and Puma are doing just that.

M.! Why didn't we go to 'the Harvard of hair schools?!'

I don't care what you say Suzy Menkes...I will continue shopping at Zara and getting my quick fashion fix!

- P


Because not even the busiest of work days stops pop culture from infiltrating my life.
The hopefully not next vice president stumbles and whines her way through Katie Couric. What a trainwreck.

"My Dad said his bald spot is 'a solar panel for a love machine.'" - best interview ever.

If only Vegas was closer.

Gosh, I hope not... Because no one likes K-Fed.

Christmas gift for Jamie-Lynn Spears?

Rain Rain Go Away

It's supposed to be a complete washout of a weekend here in Boston. Luckily, I have my trusty Coach rainboots to keep my feet (and skinny jeans) dry on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Rain season (which tends to be year-round, especially as of late in Massachusetts), has been brought in with a load of designer goods, so you can still be fashionable - even if the bottoms of your favorite Seven for all Mankind jeans aren't.

While raincoats never necessarily ring loudly in terms of fashion (think poncho, pleather and ew), trenchcoats do. Perfect for rainy walks to work, this Juicy Couture one is available at Neimans this fall. I have never been partial on the belts that go around the midsection of the coat, they normally find their way in the back of my closet (with all those ugly shirts that I just can't part with). Either way, trenches like this look cute and sophiscated (and very Gossip Girl!) all at the same time!

Also on the rainy day must have list - a posh umbrella. Although, again, Juicy Couture comes through with a good option for young fashionistas, a double layered golf (aka: big ass and won't get you wet at all) umbrella like this one by Burberry gets the job done. Make sure to bring it into your dorm room (or apartment) with you though. We all know if the wrong person saw this propped up against your door, it'd be gone in a heartbeat (and you'd be out a hundred or so bucks).

Finally, I mentioned above my beloved Coach rainboots. There are plenty of rainboot options -- for the love of God, save my heart (and your wallet) and keep the suede Ugg or Tory Burch boots in your closet, away from water's harm. The classic, typical prep pair of rainboots are the Wellingtons (or Wellies). From what I've heard, these are top notch, keep your feet dry to the max kind of boot. Want something a bit more flashy? Juicy Couture's new line of rainboots aim to please even the more drenched of the fashion forward. Just don't forget your leggings or skinny jean -- no one likes the look of poofed pants out of the top of your cutest boot.

Stay dry!

Looking for something to do this rainy weekend?

Another article from our contributing writer, Rae. Keep those posts coming homegirl!

Happy Thursday to all! Only two more days til the weekend! Woohoo!

Live in Boston and have nothing to keep you entertained this evening? Want to take mini-vacation back to the hazy, lazy days of summer? Try checking out local act The VOID Union!

The Boston-based band brings their own unique sound to Jamaican music TONIGHT at Church (69 Kilmarnock St. Boston, MA). Preview some jams from the band’s upcoming album featuring camoes from renowned musicians incluing Chris Rhodes ( The Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Mikie Brown (Steetlight Manifesto), Dan Regan (Reel Big Fish), and many more!

The VOID Union's mission is to always keep music and art the number one priority. After all, in a world consumed with money and corrupt politicians, honest music is one of the timeless truths that continue to make this world spin.

The VOID UNION just wants to make sweet music and keep people on the dance floor all night long. If it’s sweet timeless Jamaican grooves you're looking for, come see the VOID UNION, you are guaranteed to find your foot tapping and your booty shakin’.

Check out the VOID UNION’s myspace (http://www.myspace.com/thevoidunion).

Like what you hear? CHECK THEM OUT TONIGHT!!!

Create playlist

Sometimes you just need a bangin' playlist to get you in the mood!

Santogold - Shove it (Switch Remix) (Thank you GG)
Teyana Taylor - Google me baby (sigh...another GG contribution)
LCD Soundsystem - New York, I love you but you're bringing me down (ok, who sees the pattern?)
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Pitbull ft. Lil Jon - Krazy
Nas ft. Damien Marley - Road to Zion
Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne, The Game - Ain't saying nothing (Remix) (Thanks V!)
Rakim y Ken - Down (Old but so gooood)
Mocean Worker - Tres tres chic (best.song.ever.)
Fredde Le Grand - Put your hands up
Ida Corr - Let me think about it (Fredde Le Grand Remix)
Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne - Let it rock (SO GOOD!)
Jay Z ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I - Swagga (OMFG! Jay + Weezy + M.I.A sample = amazing)
- P

On the interweb...

Sure you might be a fashion guru, but that doesn't mean you don't need the Armani scholarship

Why is it so big? It's about nothing! Charlize Theron doesn't get The Hills

Sad the summer is over? Don't stress...start planning your summer '09 wardrobe!

Why must people insist on stating the obvious? LezLo, Gaiken...and ummm...Bush.

And then, I couldn't help but wonder, how much longer would I be able to keep milking this cash cow? The Guardian imagines 'The Carrie Diaries'

I am pretty sure we haven't examined Obama's cuff links, Biden's tie pin or McCain's freaking shoelaces...so why Palin?!

With the catwalks of London, NY and Milan showing luxe-urchin clothes...it was hard not to think: there is an elegy to the economy in sartorial form.

M.!! D & G does nautical in a big way! Woohoo!


It's Wednesday, Happy Hump Day everyone! Only 48 more hours of workweek suffering before the weekend arrives at the end of my tunnel.

WOOHOO. See you all at Cask 'n Flagon in the coming weeks!

Gawker, my thoughts exactly.

Wait, my Splenda makes me sick? Frown face.

Bromances are so hot right now.

A beating for a bikini? Good thing I live here.

This little girl is my hero.

My first use for it would be a dartboard. Bullseye for Spencer's eye.


Sample Sales From My Cubicle?

Oh dear bejezbus in heaven, here goes my paycheck even quicker.

My fashion hound friend has pointed me in the direction of online sample sales. Although nothing beats forking through racks of clothing (I'm in impulse shopper, I like to get my stuff the moment I purchase it. This explains why I never quite got into the ebay.com craze, although, they do have a good selection of Tory Burch and dVf stuff...) The best that I have found so far? Hautelook.com. It's invite only, so find someone (like me!) that can refer you. Believe me, it's worth it. Look at the screenshot up there - do you see what I see? As in a James Perse sale coming up very very very soon. Look at that countdown ticker for when sales start and end. It's like I'm running a fashion marathon (which definitely makes up for my lack of gym-going). Oh paycheck, how quickly you leave my bank account.

90210: My New (Old?) Obsession

Oh 90210. You are more fickle than a nineteen year old boy - and you know that type of guy you go after when you're nineteen and in college. Bah. Anywho, where was I? Right, 90210. Shame on you! After giving me a childhood of juicy, drama-filled, unplanned pregnancy, drug taking, mugging and cheating childhood television (no wonder I ended up how I did), you fill my veins with happiness when at age twenty-two you are to come back on the air (with Aunt Becky as a mother! Full House and 90210! All wrapped in one! PERFECTION! This really does complete my childhood with my Spice Girls concert last January and New Kids on the Block next weekend). Then I watch your first two episodes (or, okay, episode and a half, it was that bad) and wanted to cry.

Cry more than Naomi did when she found her father having an affair.

Cry more than when Silver makes fun of Annie on her blog.

Cry more than tonight when Annie...

WAIT AN EFFING SECOND. The previews made it look like homegirl was going to get taken advantage of. Instead she was just crying because some jerkoff sixteen year old girl manipulated the guy she likes. Boo freaking hoo. Sick but true, I tuned in tonight for the pure reason that I thought there was going to be some sort of sexual contact - a la REAL 90210 fashion. Remember when Donna was going to lose it? It was the biggest storyline of the 90s! I feel cheated by the writers tonight!

Instead, no sex, but a really good episode. Eff. How dare you give me a good episode and not what I was expecting! DAMNIT. There goes my social life on Tuesday nights. I've gotten sucked in by the CW. Is there a therapy group for trashy television addictions?



Has work tortured your poor soul today? Indulge in some gossip. It always makes me feel better.

Who cares if Grey's Anatomy is so two years ago. Even I'll tune into this episode.

Well this is anti-climatic. Yawn. Next new couple please.

Does this mean she won't be on The Hills anymore?

Speaking of, did you miss The Hills last night? Here's your Gawker recap!

LC might have been MIA on The Hills last night, but her clothes are hot.

This really doesn't reflect well on me.


"Lunch, you know, as in the meal before dating."

Happy Tuesday blogosphere!

Wait. It's Tuesday morning. It means only one thing -- the one thing that makes me get out of bed and into my office on Tuesday mornings. God love the Daily Intel blog and their weekly roundup of Gossip Girl.

Now, I must say. Tres impressed with the upswing that this episode brought my beloved Gossip Girl. Blair's Mean Girl style recruiting tactics were hilariously true to form -- and did anyone else catch her wearing a tiara during the interviews. Blair, you are my hero(ine).

I think V is crazy for not taking the money from Dutchess. It might be unethical money, but it's money nonetheless, and homegirl could use a little upgrade in the wardrobe department. A little Saks? Neimans? Okay, okay, I'll even settle for Bloomingdales or maybe some outlet version of any of the above. Please V - maybe if you start dressing better I'll stop making fun of you in my blog. Speaking of upgrades needed, this new girl/Dan's new interest/Chuck's sneaky project, Amanda, SO NOT ATTRACTIVE. I wonder how it feels knowing that you're the ugly girl on Gossip Girl. That people (including myself and my friend at my apartment) gasped in appallment (is that even a word?) when you appear on screen. I swear, I saw a hint of braces (as I did in the preview), and she looked even worse as her hair was scorched out by her "nairtini" (thank you Daily Intel, I didn't know what to call it before your article). She kind of resembles a bug, no?

Lily returns this episode! Hurray for being old and feeling more for the adult/parent storyline than the kids. She is SO OBVIOUSLY still pining for Rufus (can you really blame her?). I say cue the OneRepublic music and have them kiss in the rain a la this episode. Team Lily! I love her, and her daughter S, now that she's a bitch. Nothing beats a scorned teenage girl post-breakup. Believe me, I would know. Show Dan Humphrey hell, S! Once when I was going through a heinous breakup, I made an ex feel uncomfortable at his own party. It's that kind of attitude that we need to see out of S. Lonely Boy is zilch in the world of elite private schools. I mean, come on, who's going to befriend him now? He lives in Brooklyn, and Little J's an outcast. The coolest one in the Humphrey family is Rufus. Ouch. What a downfall. Anywho, it's nice to see who we all know is the original queen bee back on top. We might not want to see a bee-eff-eff battle between S and B, but it might be necessary in the name of Monday night television drama. Hallijuah.

(EDIT: missed the nair scene? here you go kids.)

Nick, Nora... and Fluffy?

Get excited, it's a groundbreaking day here at Pop Culture Paradox. We have our first contributing writer (does this mean we made it?). Below is a review by Rae Scott (hereby known as R, in true Pop Culture Paradox style - we love initials) for the upcoming Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. I know I'm pumped for it to come out... That Michael Cera brings out the geek-lover in me every time I see him in a movie. Swoon.

Thursday night I was offered the opportunity to attend a pre-screening of the upcoming teen-romance flick Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist a full two weeks before its general release. Having no social life, since all of my friends graduated from UMass, I jumped at the chance and found myself running out to my car five minutes before show time because the super-tight security around the film banned all electronic devices---even cell phones. As I deposited my brand new maroon enV2 in my center console, I huffed and puffed and swore if this movie wasn’t worth it…well, the ticket was free so I guess I had nothing to complain about.

Luckily, the movie lived up to my expectations. While there was nothing groundbreaking about Nick and Norah, the storyline was entertaining and funny. Michael Cera’s stereotypical neurotic and awkward teen persona take center stage in the opening scene as Nick leaves a long, rambling message to Tris, the girl who broke up with him on his “b-day.” Fast forward through the introduction of Nick’s two gay best friends/band mates, and meet Norah (Kat Dennings), Tris’s sort-of friend who steals the mix tapes Nick makes for Tris. And poof! Nick+Norah+indie mix cds=LOVE.

The storyline takes off when Tris, Norah, and Caroline (their alcoholic best friend) head to NYC for a night of music, booze, and searching for Fluffy. Yes, Fluffy, an underground band that leaves clues for their fans about the time and place of their next performance. To kill time, Norah, Tris, and Caroline head to a seedy club to watch Nick’s band perform. An argument with Tris leads Norah to kiss Nick in an attempt to convince Tris the two are dating (without knowing of the Tris-Nick connection). Cue the jealous ex-girlfriend’s overreaction and Norah’s instinct attraction to poor, broken-hearted Nick.

The rest of the movie revolves around Nick & Norah search for Fluffy. Oh, and of course they are veered from their course (and forced to spend more time with each other) when a drunk Caroline, thinking the boys who are driving her home, breaks out of the van and wanders into New York City alone and barely coherent. For a little added entertainment, we learn Norah has a secret that allows her instant access to any club, regardless of how many people are waiting outside. Throw in Norah’s jealous and scheming ex-boyfriend and the night is primed for adventure and conflict.

If you’re looking for a ground breaking movie, you may want to skip on Nick and Norah. But if you’re simply looking for a laugh (and if you love movies that have a constant soundtrack in the background) Nick and Norah is for you. The film is chock full of laughs ( like when SNL’s Adam Sandberg makes a cameo as a homeless gay man who comes on to Nick) and the many storylines help keep things entertaining. Honestly, if I had grown up outside New York City, I would want my life to unfold in exactly the same way—Hollywood stereotypes and all.


It's Monday! Keep awake at your cubicle with these riveting stories.

The Daily Intel finds the nastiest people to blog every week. (And by nasty I mean I wouldn't sleep with them but I will read about their exploits.)

Girl Code 2009. Men, take note.

I missed the Emmy's last night to take out my roommate for his birthday. Good thing Gawker has me covered.

Oh my bejezzzus. I think I died and went to heaven.

Twenty bucks says both are fuming about this.

Ari Gold. I'd do you.

Not to push my political agenda but -- Palin, really?! You're a disgrace to women.


Monday's TV Preview

It's Monday. Which means one thing. My predictions/what previews have given away to me about tonight's Gossip Girl. Thankfully maybe those advertising people at the CW have taken my hint -- only 4 minutes worth of previews are around for tonight's episode. Even still, I feel as though some vital information has been leaked that I could do without knowing before watching.

S and Lonely Boy are dunzo. Which means, in true teen drama show spirit, there's a competition to see who would date first. I wish me and my exes played this game, because I'd always win... seeing that normally there was overlap with boyfriends, which means if this game was an Olympic sport, I'd be on a frickin Wheaties box (take that Michael Phelps).

The apple of Lonely Boy's newly single eye? New girl. Amanda -- who I'll only call A. Which is slightly wrong, seeing that A comes before B and this girl is no Blair. Is it just me, or does she have braces in this preview? What is she? Twelve? She's a walking joke among the Constance Billard (think, Dalton School) campus, and with those frumpy clothes, she could use a makeover a la Tai in Clueless pronto. Downgrade, Lonely Boy. You're like Ryan Phillipe post-Reese Witherspoon. Tsk tsk. The apple of S's eye? Word is that she's having lunch with hockey boys. Another thing S and I have in common (aside from our amazing sense of fashion and love for studded tops).

Vanessa (aka Punky Brewster) stops taking Nate's calls. He whines, which is awfully unattractive for a gigelo. Little J gets ignored by B's minority army in the hallways -- why does the Asian girl never get to talk? I take offense to this. If anything, I would know that trendy Asian girls are so not the silent type.

4 minutes sure gives a lot away (and a lot to talk about). Good improvement Gossip Girl preview makers, but keep trying.



Just because the work week ends doesn't mean the world of pop culture blogging does.

This weekend's tragedy. My thoughts are with both of them and their families. (Not to sound unsympathetic, but does Nicole Richie have a statement issued?)

OH MY FREAKIN GOD - Next Sunday is so close!

I love me some brooding white boys.

I know those are fake tears, Lo Bosworth!

Spotted. Little J kissing who? I saw this storyline coming last season... (SPOILER ALERT)

Ashley Olsen! Hire me instead!

"For me, touching Brian’s dick for two seconds—that’s not part of our sex life. That’s me playing around; you know, you just cup it a little. For a few seconds." - Megan Fox is the classiest bitch ever.


College vs. Real Life

Being a recent college graduate, I was left with the storybook ending of starting my "professional, adult" life -- while still having a boyfriend in college. This poses my life revolving around wearing high waisted skirts, Lacoste polos and Rebecca Beeson tops on Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday I reintroduce myself to Juicy Couture hoodies, flip flops and collegiate tees. I feel the blending of these two styles on any given day. No one at work bats an eye if I stroll into work wearing my twentysomething Hollywood starlet styled aviators, or one of my many graphic tees during casual Fridays (the best thing to occur in offices since paychecks). However, I find my style increasingly more off-color in the college atmosphere.

Case in point. Last night, I pulled out my inappropriate camo mini for an army themed party. Paired with a brown babydoll top, I tossed a black Juicy zip-up over to shield myself from the New England wind. I stroll into the party to find multitudes of amazingly younger looking girls (since when do they allow 16 year olds in college?) all looking like they stepped out of Miley Cyrus' music video for '7 Things.' One girl strolled into the party wearing what looked like a camo sarong, which was really just a piece of scrap fabric. I saw American Eagle (ew) jeans with buttoned over back pockets. I saw so many off-the-shoulder army tees that I thought that Jessica Simpson circa 2000 had come back to western Massachusetts.

Me? My feet were screaming for designer shoes and my legs felt exposed and all I wanted was a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress on. I think this means that I've officially grown up, and I think that should be a good thing, but, rather, it's left me confused. In a few years, when these little girls enter the workforce, will their style evolve too into the more subdued shades of black and designer, or will I be looking at them from my office shaking my head? Regardless, this weekend I am walking amongst Bratz dolls. Any readers in the Amherst area? Feel free to find me, I'm easily recognizable in my conservative and modest Seven for all Mankind jeans. Heaven forbid my legs are covered up on a Saturday night.

India Inc.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week concluded a few days ago in New York.

As usual, I was super-excited to see a few brown faces in the "usual" mix of MJ, 3.1 Phillip Lim, DVF, Zac Posen, Badgley Mischka (and...errr...Project Runway?)

Khan, who did not exactly get the most positive reviews from papers such as the Post (but then again, who really cares what they think?) surprisingly had a few wearable, cutesy, fun dresses...wait, is that what made them so unappealing to the Post?

(Pssst...Eva Langoria is a fan, how bad could he be?! Other clients include Beyonce, Marcia Gay Harden and Princess Aga Khan...In the States, his collection is carried by Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus.)

Sabyasachi is a fairly more well known Indian designer, especially in India (he has even designed for a few Bollywood films)...He seemed to have a more obvious nod to his roots in his collection...(umm, the Post agrees with me on this one...ha!)...He's also known as 'the King of Kitsch'...decide for yourself, I guess!
Ummm...what is with the pseudo-hipster/sexy librarian black frames the models are wearing?
By the way, this is something I kind of stumbled upon when I was online at work (sshh...don't tell!)...I put the interesting/related bits in italics. Enjoy!

From portfolio.com:
Lynn Forester de Rothschild: ...You know India has luxury in its DNA. All you've got to do is look at the maharajas and look at the Taj Mahal. There's no Hermès or Louis Vuitton that's going to tell India anything about luxury. Luxury is a very interesting, undeveloped piece of India. I don't think it will be a big piece for a long time, because of the income level, but I think it's interesting. We do think luxury when we think retail, but we also think more mainstream, aspirational brands and opportunities
Lloyd Grove: And the country obviously has an exploding middle class, so that could be a good market internally-or are you thinking for export as well?
L.R.: I am thinking more about the domestic markets, more about the growth of the domestic market, because 10 million people are entering the middle class every year in India. You know, there are more billionaires in India than anyplace else. Let me put it this way: Every day in India, the entire nation of Great Britain is on the train, one way or another. So the numbers are pretty colossal. Seventy million people in India can afford anything they want. It's a small percent, but that's a reasonable number.
L.G.: That's a pretty healthy market.
L.R.: Two hundred fifty million are middle-class, so you might not go for the Chanel glasses, but you sure could go for an Estée Lauder lipstick or a Starbucks coffee.
- P


It's Friday! What's happening in the world of pop culture?

Banning bloggers? Is this professor nuts?!

...Unfortunately I (and no other woman) is on the list.

Why wasn't I invited? :(

Wait. Who cares about the photos. Kristin Davis has an alleged sex tape? How very un-Charlotte of her.

I am so obsessed with this woman.

This could have easily been me last night. J.Simpson, be my new best friend?

Team LC. I hate skeezy, violent men too.

I don't care! I still heart Bratz! (But I'd never let my hypothetical daughter play with them.)


The night dessert was held hostage...

"Take my number!"
*Blank stare*
"Here, take my number. Friends only. Friends only. Take it. Miss call me, now," he insisted, coming up close behind where I was seated.
"Ummm," I was so surprised I didn't even know how to deal with the situation.

In my current life as a journalist (and I use the term lightly) in K., I often come across the oddest things (Crime stories on illegal dairy rings? I rest my case)...this was just another one of those times.
I was reviewing a trendy new Arabic fusion restaurant that just opened up here...the experience was going well for the most part...good food, massive quantities, dessert included (woohoo), attentive service...we were seated outside, there was a lovely breeze (which would occasionally send the paper napkins flying from one patron's lap onto another one's face...oh well...) but we had an amazing view of the marina and I had excellent company :)
We had tucked into as much as food as we could manage to eat without exploding and were waiting on dessert when...

"Here, take my phone, put your number in," our waiter said, placing his phone on the edge of our table.
"Umm, could you please bring out the dessert? And then we will see," I said, trying desperately to divert his attention from getting my number to just getting my dessert.
"Give me your number," he said, slowly walking away, not even bothering to complete the most basic of the 'hitting-on-a-woman' ritual: getting her number.
"UMMMMMMMMMM!!" (I know I know, but he didn't exactly inspire me to be particularly eloquent)
So, I just sat there, willing for the phone to disappear (maybe if I just stared hard at the leftovers on my plate, it would just go away?)

What is it about two single women that makes it okay for them to be hit on by random skeezy guys. Our waiter had been perfectly polite before this, no sketchiness…that I detected anyway…and then suddenly he felt the need to exchange numbers? (Gotta give it to him though, it was a ballsy move, I guess)…still, why can’t women just walk around, chill out, relax and just BE without being hit on for no reason. It is not like we did ANYTHING to invite the attention either… we were dressed fairly conservatively (not that that should have anything to do with it….I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want, but that’s a whole different post/rant!)…we were not particularly giggly or flirty…sure, we were being polite and courteous to the staff, smiling, saying thank you etc…could that somehow have been twisted into some kind of “OMG! SHE WANTS ME” message in this guy’s head?
Whatever it was…it definitely left me with a bad taste in the mouth…and while the experience overall had been fairly decent, this incredibly uncomfortable experience has me wanting to stay away from the resto, if only to avoid the sketchball waiter.

Needless to say, he did NOT get my number or a tip.

My One Night Stand With Stoli Blakberi

I’ve hit the age where I’m too old to go out on work nights. But when my friend presented an online link to the invite only Stoli Blakberi launch in Boston last night, I couldn’t resist. Walking in, I realized that not only am I not too old to go out on work nights, but alas, I’ve hit the point where I’m either the oldest at a college bar, or the youngest at a lounge for young professionals. In my new Velvet jeweled minidress (I couldn’t resist a reason to wear my new frock), I squeezed inbetween men in suits and girls in other minidresses to the free (!!!) bar until 10pm.

Three drinks and one shot consumed. For the record, Stoli Blakberi tastes like a hybrid of Stoli Raspberi and Stoli Blueberi. As a straight shot, not so good. I’ve learned throughout my time that a shot of vodka is a shot of vodka. And it’s never that delicious. I try to think of cupcakes as I take the shot. Cookies. Red colored Skittles. Yummy things. But that never really helps. Next time. No shots.

Out of the drink menu for the night, I would suggest the Blak Tea. Not too bad, tastes better than that Nestea crap. I also had the Blakberi Smash – which was basically a vodka soda with some ground up blackberries. If you’re going to go for the new Stoli though (or, I guess any Stoli for that matter), play it safe and go with every college girls’ favorite of Stoli and Sprite. As it could be expected, the bar ran out of just about everything except Stoli (go figure), and so me and my group turned to the trusty standby to get us through the night.

A nice, unexpected surprise? The lovely promo people from Hit & Run out of Los Angeles making custom made t-shirts and tanks (from American Apparel) for everyone there. Also nice? The free Stoli USB drives (in the shape of a Stoli Blakberi bottle!) that everyone got upon arrival. Swag is an amazing thing people, even if the price I pay is sipping on Get Clean detox tea this morning at work.



Midday news roundup (and a reason to procrastinate my project that I'm working on for work):

Often imitated. Never duplicated.

Like I care, they're both really hot.

See! Boston's fashionable too!

Could it be the downfall of Vogue? Say it ain't so! What will Anna Wintour do for work?

Ohmygod. Stop the presses. Newsflash. Sex sells. Yawn. (Sidenote: My boyfriend definitely did a RA bulletin board that was exactly like this. Gawker, you are so 2007.)

Yeah, because every 22-year-old's house looks like this.

When will a Lego representation be made of me? Lucky Amy Winehouse.


On the interweb...

BREAKING NEWS: Screw Wall St, the real trouble is brewing on MTV's THE HILLS!!!

"...we are protesting Scientology. It is evil. Scientology kills people. It follows you home at night. It is perverted," a demonstrator insisted..."

Bad news M., Topshop has pushed back its US opening...AGAIN.

No thanks, I would rather not clog up my arteries and die

18 Shameless Reality Stars...don't you want to know if SPEIDI make the list?

This is old, but still insane...ummm...which candidate running for president is elitist and just not like "us"...?

Love means never having to say you're sorry...

Love Story star Ryan O'Neal and his son were both arrested after methamphetamine was found in O'Neal's bedroom during a "routine probation search" of his Malibu home.
Seems to be a family thing. Tatum O'Neal (his daughter, ahem, and Oscar-winning actress) was arrested for trying to buy crack cocaine from a street dealer earlier this year...which she then claimed was part of "research" for a movie role. Umm...yeah, right.
This makes me sad because I just re-watched Love Story on DVD the other night (Don't judge me...and anyway, I like the book better!...also, I love seeing the snowy scenes filmed in Cambridge/Boston, MA)

This is my fav. scene:

Jennifer Cavalieri: You look stupid and rich.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well, what if I'm smart and poor?
Jennifer: I'm smart and poor.
Oliver: Well, what makes you so smart?
Jennifer: I wouldn't go out for coffee with you that's what.
Oliver: Well what if I wasn't even gonna ask you to go out for coffee with me?
Jennifer: Well that's what makes you stupid.

Ok, I have to admit, it is hard not to gag throughout the movie...the lines ("Love means never having to say you're sorry," said TWICE no less haha) are incredibly cliched and cheesy...Ali McGraw, makes it worth it though. She had a huge impact on 70's fashion and is STILL given mentions in Teen Vogue ...Oh yeah, and speaking of "preppy classics" this one is for you M. (FYI, picking up bankers might have been the thing to do in the 90's...not so much any more!)

- P

Sweater Season

You know that moment when it becomes sweater season. Here in New England, it's that one changeover night where you realize that it's time for you (or your male roommate, in my case) to take out the AC from the window. That next morning, there's a slight cold breeze as you walk to work, and knowing so thanks to weather.com, you grab your black pashmina as you walk out the door. For me, I start thinking of fun colored tights to buy to create a perfect, unusual of Boston, Gossip Girl look with preppy blazers. Typically when this day comes, I also start having an abnormal craving for apple crisp (but only made by my mom), and apple cider. Bonus points if someone can supply me a cider donut from Goodale Orchards too.

This year, this transition happened this week. I'm looking at my closet, somewhat longingly at all of the Abercrombie tanks (and there are a lot of them, as a prior employee) and think of layering, instead of throwing them over my favorite bikini top. I'm keeping bundled up in my down comforter at night, keeping my electric bill down with no more air conditioning, and wondering what will take place of my beloved flip flops as footwear. Today's choice?

Also happening now? My in depth look in my closet and realizing, no matter how many I have, it's new sweater season.When I was little, I loved buying (or getting) new sweaters. When I was six years old, my godmother/aunt gave me my first GAP sweater. A heavier, navy blue, cable knit sweater. An introduction to prepdom. This, the same woman who introduced me to United Colors of Bennetton a few years later, and circa 1998, Abercombie & Fitch, gave me my love of sweaters. I cycled out my year old Little Mermaid sweater (don't laugh, you know you had one too), and started early with cable knit, pullover, cardigan, and whatever else style. I even rocked the sweater wrap dresses in middle school. Another probable fashion choice that makes me cringe.

This year, I'm back to my private school history and loving thecardigans that I see everywhere. The longer, the better. My favorite sweaters right now? Tory Burch. Blame the Gossip Girl influence, or the huge section devoted to her at Saks, but everything I see is like gold. I particularly love the two above, although not both in white. What makes Tory Burch sweaters so great are the accented buttons. They add a bit of life to the sweater (and, I suppose, that added hint of luxury wear). Bonus points to the design team for not making the sweaters feel too Mister Rogers.


End-of-Workday Newsflash Roundup

Who needs CNN when you have us?
I kid, I kid. Here's a pop culture roundup from today's news and noteworthy day.

Bad news for college guys everywhere. Better stick to Red Bull and vodkas, boys.

Good thing if I'm ever a VP candidate, all they'd find in my hacked email are Facebook.com notifications.

Note-passing your pregnancy news? Really Jamie-Lynn Spears?

LiLo hearts Barack. He's just not that into her.

I always knew Paris was smarter than she looked.

Eating disorders are so original 90210. Eat something girls.

What happened to separation of church and state? Does this mean I'm going to hell? Damnit.


Alert: Closet Addition!

I just received this by the ever-so-friendly FedEx man at work today. On sale at Neiman Marcus (here, in case you want to look like me) for cheapo. Things like this make my days brighter (What was that about overspending again?). I plan to pair it with a pair of sheer leggings, throw on some flats and go to the New Kids on the Block concert in two weeks with my beloved momma. That's right, I know you're jealous. Why would you be jealous? Because they still cause scenes like this, and maybe my new Velvet Jeweled Minidress (above) will get the attention of Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Dannie or Donnie (or more importantly, Donnie's brother Mark Wahlberg). Mmmmm. My seven year old dream come true.

In other news, I just stumbled across this article and this video this afternoon. Love her or hate her (I love her, for the record), you have to feel bad for the girl. Is this really the best time for Mommy Dearest Lynne Spears to be writing a tell-all novel? I don't feel the need to re-read the past two years in tabloids in a confined, ghostwritten "memoir." Plus, reports ring true in the fact that dear Brit-Brit only shaved her head not too long ago, and was in rehab in a shorter time than it takes to get over breakups (it's been 7 months, for the record, and I would argue that a solid breakup takes about a year or so). Let's hope for a solid comeback, more silver Versace dresses, and no more bra and panty hookerware. My fingers are crossed, although the more I think of it, the more I'm happy that my parents weren't show parents. Normalcy can be a good thing (surprise, surprise!).


On the interweb...

The emphasis is on LAIDoff (M warns: Craigslist links NSFW!!!)

FT agrees...there is a connection between fashion and democracy!

Please note, Christian Louboutin MAY NOT be refered to as 'Loub'

My new fav. website to visit

What does one wear to a fashion party at No 10 Downing Street? And other such important questions answered...

- P

Midday Newsflash!

Holy blogosphere. Too many stories for today's indulgence.

Tabloid Cover Wednesday! (Here for images & Here for commentary)

See, Republicians don't care about Canada either. Granted, if these kids end up in the White House, I'll be moving there.

Oh no. Competition for my beloved iPhone? Say it ain't so!

I don't blame you Hil.

Something tells me my mother wouldn't have let me read this when I was twelve.

Maybe there's a little divo in all of us.

Still no match for Fenway Park... or Jacoby Ellsbury for that matter.

I see much of myself in Serena Van Der Woodsen in this promo.

Every morning it's the same. Is it a MBTA subway car or can of sardines. You choose.


Why I'm Happy To Be A Liberal

I was going to hold off on my daily postings until the workday truly starts, but I stumbled onto the blog over at fashionintelligentsia and almost died of happiness.

Can we please direct our attention over to Barack Obama's official online store and look, just for a moment, of all of the great designer pieces. I dont know what I want more. As pictured above we have a tee by Juicy Couture, a tote by Marc Jacobs and another tote by Diane Von Furstenburg. Maybe I'll just splurge on all three when the next paycheck rolls around -- just disregard that silly little article that I posted yesterday.

(P. says: You know I had to comment on Obama's "Runway to Change"...gotta point this out...nautical+classic white tee+nod to the past with old-fashioned pin+leftist politics = gets my vote...Ha! Talk about fashion and democracy coming together, literally.)

Also on my shopping list that the lovely bloggers at fashionintelligentsia pointed out to my impulse buying needs? This super pretty Kate Moss for Topshop heart cardigan which will go perfectly with all of my high waisted skirts for work this fall. So pretty, so fantastic, and the US Topshop store is finally up and running!



Tuesday's riveting blogworthy news stories:

Um. Who doesn't Google before the first date?

I'm never using a credit card at any store ever again.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend would never wear this stuff. But hey, a girl can dream.

Michele Obama blogs just like us normal people!

I so wish I was famous enough to have a fake Facebook made.

"I once secretly had my tongue pierced." - Stephanie Pratt

Well this just explains the reason why almost every man I've met sucks.


Why the eff is her name Lady GaGa?

Current iTunes obsessions

  • Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better
  • Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around me

  • NKOTB - Big Girl Now

  • Lady GaGa's debut album The Fame.

I'll admit. I was completely apprehensive before giving Lady GaGa a second chance. I was obsessed with 'Just Dance,' if only because Akon was in it and I love anything that Akon sings in (it's a standard M music rule). I listened to her leaked demos of some of the songs on the album and was severely unimpressed. Finally, I gave her album a random listening to, and I have to say, it's good. Real good. She does electropop as good as Imani Coppola (don't know her? take a listen.) circa 1999. She's kind of quirky though, in the way that kind of freaks me out. After taking a peek at her wikipedia page it freaks me out even more that she's younger than me. Here I am wasting away in corporate America, drinking too much coffee and blogging to look productive and this chick is younger than me and writing songs for Britney Spears' new album. Some girls have all the luck.

Jealousy aside. No questions asked, this girl is good. I'll let her fashion choices slide -- she gets styled by Whitney Port afterall! And LC fixes her zippers! She does Gwen Stefani style music better than Stefani herself - ironic with GaGa's real name: (Stefani Germanotta). Hrm. No wonder she changed her name.

M's picks off the album: Paparazzi, Lovegame, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), Poker Face.

Download. Listen. Love.

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