Ten Below Zero

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It’s officially the dead of winter in the Northeast. Mid-January hits sans an ounce of holiday-induced warmth. Spring feels infinities (or at least a few calendar page turns) away. Before we all find ourselves overly comfortable in the rut that is the dead of winter – and wearing the same cashmere sweater everyday (guilty as charged) – let’s be reminded of how style is possible even at ten below zero degrees.

Coats. The eternal winter staple and fashion statement. Opt for a heavyweight A-line coat in a classic black, navy, or brown. Find one with buttons that pop or military-inspired hardware. Instant chic.

Earmuffs. Fur (faux or real – although I find real fur keeps ears warmer). Burberry plaid. Soild or cable-knit behind-the-neck 180s. They all keep ears warm, and hat hair at bay.

Berets. My best friend finds them ridiculous. I think they're filled with Parisian sophistication. Channel in a bit of European panache - I always complete the look with a meal of brie, a baguette and a nonfat latte.

Gloves. Heavily cashmere-lined. Paired with a manicure. There’s no other way to keep hands warm (other than by cupping a steaming hot Starbucks travel mug).

Hosiery. Thin tights are no friend to legs on freezing cold days. Nina Garcia writes in The Style Strategy to own at least one opaque pair of black tights. I took her advice and multiplied it by 25. Splurge on a thick pair of Wolford cashmere silk tights. Nothing keeps legs, knees, and toes warmer when paired with a pencil skirt.

Sweaters. Cashmere. Bonus, they’re on sale now. I found some thick 100% cashmere sweaters for under $50 last weekend. Buy them before I do!

Accessories. Nothing perks up a cashmere sweater like a chunky cocktail ring or braided cuff bracelet. Experiment and be creative with jewelry, headbands, and handbags. It’s an easy way to pop color into an otherwise subdued dark-tone winter wardrobe.

Style is half about how an outfit is worn. Beat the winter rut with a positive outlook. Just think, March 1st -- and springtime getaways -- are only 44 days away.


Public Service Announcement

By now everyone has read the news and watched Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN to see the devastation in Haiti. Consider this a daily reminder to text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross relief efforts. Donations will be tacked onto your next cell phone bill. There isn’t an excuse not to donate - $10 is less than a coffee and two croissants at Starbucks or a sandwich and San Pellegrino from your favorite deli. Believe me, it’s worth bagging meals for a few days.


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