Live-Blogging Love

I have gone through countless episodes of MTV's True Life and an episode of Paris Hilton's My New BFF in anxious anticipation for this documentary. First up, a hour of a "live" (aka, pre-taped where Brit-Brit might have snubbed her fans) countdown of Britney's best MTV moments. I'm so anxious to get this ball rolling, that the live blogging starts now...

8:59pm: Oooh. It's starting. Black and white medley of some of Brit's best video moments. I'm glued to my television with my extra butter Orville Redenbacher popcorn -- although, maybe Cheetos might be a more appropriate snack choice...

9pm: She's on screen! Holy boobies.

9:02pm: Me Against The Music. Maybe the start of her downfall mentally. But gosh, I love this song. Holy 90s clothing though. Are those brown pleather pants she's wearing? Ouch. Did we all really think that was cool? (The answer is yes.)

9:06pm: Who is this woman that's her 'friend?' Why don't I remember this "Total Britney Live" show that was on whenever this was? Aw. Brit's in happy tears. I miss good 'ol Britney back before the crazy.


9:13pm: Commercial break - and there's a Fantasy by Britney Spears commercial. For one, I own this perfume and I love love love it (even if it made my then-boyfriend almost gag from it's scent when I first got it for Christmas 2006). For two, I haven't seen a Britney Spears perfume ad in how long? Coincidence? I think not.

9:16pm: Holy jesus. Britney Spears dolls. I forgot about those. No wonder she went crazy. If there was a doll made of me circa age 16, I think I'd go nutty at some point...

9:16pm: Britney Spears & NSync at the 1999 VMAs. BEST PERFORMANCE EVER. I have this downloaded off of MxTube on my iPhone. I won't lie. Still one of my favies. Look at Justin Timberlake's hair. Rock that White boy 'fro. I wonder how awkward it is for her to see performances with her ex... I would imagine just as awkward as it'd be for me. Which means very.

9:19pm: OMG. I LOVED MTV'S DIARY SHOW. Oh my gosh. Where did all of MTV's good shows go? Why did they leave with my youthfulness? Anyway, I'm trying to do the math right now, but how old was Britney when this Diary was filmed? 20? Definitely no older than 21? Right? She looks so much older.

9:26pm: So cute at her reminiscing about the I'm A Slave For You VMA performance with the snake. I remember seeing this performance and deciding there and then that I wanted abs like hers. Maybe I can get more in shape and be her circa this performance for Halloween. Thoughts?

9:31pm: I thought this was such a good idea. Her little mini-surprise nightclub tour. I love seeing how nervous she is in these clips. It's kind of sad and relieving at the same time. Oh lord, I remember watching this and seeing those badass tattoo sleeves she wore and I just thought, WTF, WHY? Ick.

9:38pm: Oh! The Oops...I Did It Again VMA performance. I loved the jeweled outfit she rocked. I remember my mother being so appalled. I remember when the VMAs were good like this. Every year I tune into the VMAs, hoping that they'll magically become amazing again like these shows were. Brit. NSync. BSB. Oh, my childhood.

9:42pm: How are we already at the #2 moment? And how is it this years VMAs? I'm still shocked at her 'sweeping' the 2008 VMAs. What a publicity stunt. Piece of Me wasnt' even a good video.

9:44pm: Jesus. Another Britney Spears perfume ad. This one for Curious. I remember when my Mom got me Curious as a gift when I really wanted Fantasy. I never liked how Curious smelled kind of like an old lady.

9:46pm: Britney Spears perfume commercial #3 for the hour.

9:49pm: Number one moment. The Madonna kiss. Wow. Didn't see that one coming, now did we. I love how the kiss was such a huge deal that the fact that Christina Aguilera was in the performance too is completely overlooked. This performance sums up my high school career. I was so obsessed with it. Big LOL at Snoop Dogg giving the thumbs up in the audience when XTina belted out "Like a virgin."

9:52pm: I wonder if they'll show Justin's awkward reaction to the Brit/Madonna kiss...

9:53pm: Oh they did. How really awkward.

Okay. Coming up next - she introduces her own documentary. I wonder how this will be edited since everywhere online said how her manager basically just shooed her offstage at the end of the taping. Hrm. Anyway, watch the documentary. I want to give it undivided attention, so the live-blogging stops here (sorry to disappoint).

Have a great week everyone - I'll be back blogging after my vacation!


Britmas Continues!

Don't forget! Tonight's the premiere of Brit-Brit's documentary on MTV at 10pm/EST. I'll be tuning in and live blogging during its' entirety :)

Here's a few links to keep y'all filled with Ms. Spears during the day today.

Her new Rolling Stone article

Her performance in France this past week and here at the Bambi Awards! (UPDATED: here at the X Factor tonight as well!)

Photos and possible tour dates?

The making of her new album. Remember to buy it on Tuesday!


Am I the last to know?

LinkSATC part deux. It's official! Well, kinda...although rumors have been circulating since the first movie was released in May, SJPs comments to MTV sound pretty legit! While we all wait for more is a list to forward to santa asap!

"It looks like a high school kid got bored in class and drew on their Uggs"

Now readers, I was all ready for my muchly needed break from work/blogging/whatever but this post on ONTD required immediate attention.

The titled commentary is thanks to my friend K. And I have to agree. Why would anyone wear their Uggs willingly like this? It looks like a shoe version of the Doodle Bear I owned circa 1990.

I won't even bother posting the pics for sheer uglyness. Click on the ONTD link if you dare. Ew.


On why it is unacceptable to wear sweats to a job interview...

So I can't actually believe that I am writing this...but after seeing a young woman walk in for an interview with our newspaper...IN A JUICY SWEATSUIT (it wasn't even one of the cute ones)...I really just felt the need to state the obvious...please don't wear freakin sweats to an interivew...I don't care even if you are applying for the post of a gym instructor...WEAR PROPER INTERVIEW ATTIRE! We aren't even living in the 80s anymore where you would've had to don manly pantsuits with ginormo shoulder a time when chic pencil skirts, cute frilly blouses and ladylike clutches are all the rage...there is really NO excuse not to dress well for an interview. Ladies (and gentlemen) get with it!

Pre-Thanksgiving Newsflash!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I apologize for the spacing on this post. Blogger is acting a bit funkky this morning...

Um. Who cares? It's so 1992. We don't like grunge anymore and we don't give a shizz.

Oops. OK!made a huge typo.

Going without the latest Seven for all Mankinds to buy Christmas gifts? Cry me a river lady and join the club.

President Obama and his Crackberry addiction has got to go before January.

Most awkward list ever. Thanks Gawker.

Get your tabloids in with your turkey this week.

Enjoy. I'm going away for the next week and will most likely not be posting (I know, sad). The blogging will be left to P. Happy Thanksgiving, and everyone, try not to spend too much on Black Friday.


Ayyame: Not the Arabic food your mama made you

The latest addition to Kuwait’s food scene is Ayyame, an Arabic-fusion restaurant. Ayyame really puts a deft, sophisticated spin on Middle Eastern food with their extensive selection of mezze (meh-ZAY). If you aren't familiar with mezze, think hors d'oeuvres or tapas - lots of small plates to be eaten before a meal (or even as a meal!)
The restaurant's interiors are gorgeous (as you can see in the pictures...lots of floral details are mirrored in the interiors, the menu, the napkins and even the plates.) To get the full Ayyame experience, I would recommend calling ahead and making a reservation (of course, assuming you don’t mind dining in a perpetual shisha/hookah-induced haze)...there is plenty of outdoor seating too. We were seated outside and while it was nice to look over at the marina and enjoy the weather, the breeze inevitably cooled our food down quite a bit and sent many a napkins flying out of our laps and onto the faces of other patrons...whoops!
The service was personable and attentive (if a bit sketchy at one point...but that was the only thing that soured the experience at the end).
The great thing about Ayyame is that it combines good food, good prices and a great atmosphere. We had enormous quantities of food and tons of leftovers for a very reasonable price.


It's Tuesday! Which means for most of us, there's only a day or two inbetween us and our turkey bliss. Get excited.

My child will be part of this list one day.

"Facebook ruined my relationship." - There is a certain ring of truth to this...

Gawker's take on this whole Speidi nonsense.

I cannot look at ice cream the same way ever again.

The morning after (no, not that morning after. Get your heads out of the gutter!). I bet Speidi's feeling this way...'s weekly (and oh so classy) sex diary. Enjoy.


"I'm an actor. I got into this business so I didn't have to work."

Okay, okay. I choose, many times, to overlook and not publicly declare my love for the HBO show that is Entourage. Why? Because it's a blatant guy show. And I don't mean that in the best of terms. I mean it's what Sex and the City was and is to women. Us girls get Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. The guys get Vince, Ari Gold, Turtle, Drama and E. However, after watching the season 5 finale on demand last night after work, I am compelled to write, without hesitation, my complete fixation and love for this show (and Ari Gold). However, there are a few points that need to be pointed out and/or fixed. HBO execs, take out your leather bound notepads now.

1.) Why are the episodes, at most, 24 or so minutes long? How can you tell a sufficient story in 24 minutes? Although it pulls it off well, at the end of every episode, I'm left with this, "oh, that's it?" feeling. That's not the best feeling to have. It's a feeling that one would get after only being able to eat half of a cupcake, and not all of it. The cake but no frosting. And while we're on this, it's not just the episodes that are short, but how is the season finale already over and done with? What am I supposed to do on Sunday nights now? Come on! Fulfill my need, please?

2.) Please tell me other people heard that this Turtle/Jamie Lynn Siegler storyline isn't a complete joke. Page Six saw them (in real life! in the flesh!) making out at some club. Awkward. I feel awfully sketchy about real life playing out plot lines.

3.) Oh Ari Gold. You are my dream man. You have almost all of the typical traits that I look for in a man. You're a complete dbag. You're Jewish. And you're arrogant. And you have good style. Swoon.

For you guys that haven't watched season 5 yet (or any for that matter) - shame on you. Seasons on DVD tend to be on sale at Best Buy frequently. Pick them up for $20 or $25 a pop and enjoy.



Hell has frozen over.
Let's just hope that they don't reproduce anytime soon.

US Weekly scans available at ONTD. Ugh.



Happy Monday! Only three painless days until the holiday weekend. Get excited about turkey and stuffing and potatoes while reading these tasty links.

Anna Wintour's daughter worried about landing a post-graduation job? Something tells me she shouldn't really worry...

Girl Power in Saudi Arabia!

Buyout Sex: The not so classy side to layoffs?

Twenty bucks says that Lindsay Lohan is already a fan of tobacco tea bags.

I said it before and agrees. Kanye West needs to stop singing. Please.

Growing up normal in the White House? Newsweek investigates. While Time and WSJ focus more on the girls at Sidwell Friends.

Please don't take away my fashion ads! This stupid economy ruins everything.


AMA Performance Roundup

Apparently, according to the gossip blogs this morning, the American Music Awards was on television last night. Did anyone even know it was on? Did anyone even really care? Regardless, I didn't know (and, okay, didn't care that much - all that really matters in the music world are the Grammy's to me for award shows), and was sitting in a car en route back to eastern MA yesterday evening. Did you miss it too? Lucky for you and me, all (I think?) of the performances are available on YouTube.

Check out the links below (thank you YouTube, ONTD & DailyMotion):

Mariah Carey - I Fall In Love
Taylor Swift - White Horse
Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall
Beyonce - Single Ladies
JoBros - Tonight
P!nk & Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Leona Lewis - Better In Time
Christina Aguilera - Medley
P!nk - Sober
Rihanna - Rehab
Alicia Keys - Superwoman

EDITORS NOTE: after watching most of these - if you watch one and only one, have it be the P!nk performance of Sober. I've never been a huge huge fan of hers, but she blows this song out of the water. Also, can someone please tell Xtina that the red lipcolor just doesn't work anymore? Please? Someone? Anyone? Oh and with P's notifying me of NKOTB's performance on the AMA's - everyone, please take a moment out of your day to swoon over Donnie W. with me. K? K.

Happy watching!

Weekend Newsflash!

Happy Sunday Night! Enjoy these links before your dreaded (but shortened! at least in the US!) workweek starts up.

Tis the season for canceled or scaled back holiday parties. As long as no one takes away my open bar and amaretto sours...

The economy is the grinch this year. First you take away holiday parties and joy, then you take away SANTA!?

You know by Friday we're all going to be sick of our families (and turkey and stuffing... actually, scratch that, I'll never get enough stuffing). Here's Gawker's way to survive.



My necessary luxury? A really good bottle of Riesling wine.


Public vs. Private?

Newsflash! Word got out on Friday that the Obamas have chosen the prestigeous Sidewell Friends School for their daughters Sasha and Malia to attend come January. While some feel that the Obamas should attend public schools in DC for whatever reasons, I, personally feel the Obamas side of this situation. As a child bred in private schools (Kindergarten-12th grade, the first public school I set foot in was my first day of college at UMass Amherst), I have always (and probably will always) be an advocate for a private school atmosphere. The smaller class sizes, the closeness to teachers, the community that's built. It all sounds very cheesy, but I swear that it's true. Also true, however, the pricetag that a private school holds. Sidwell clocks in at about $29,000 per student for the academic year (the girls' current school, the Chicago Lab School, clocks in at a little under 20k/year -- note, most New England area prep schools clock in at about 30k-ish).

Elitest much? Yes. But, do we, and should we, expect much more from families that can afford the private school tuition? With the advantages that private schooling gives to students -- I can attest to a great work ethic, creative thinking, and an emphasis to detail -- why wouldn't the Obamas want the best for their girls?

Damn you public transportation.

Let me state, for the record. I am not a morning person. If it were up to me, the workday would start and noon and end at 8pm. I like, love, enjoy, cherish my sleep. I requre a full 10 hours to feel my absolute best - and that rarely ever happens.

I hate waking up in the morning. I hate rolling out of bed after 5 snoozes (as it was the case) on my iPhone alarm. I hate stumbling to my bathroom, groggily brushing my teeth, washing my face, and being so tired that I can't even muster up energy to put on a layer of Make Up For Ever foundation. Even worse, I hate morning after morning, sleeping too late to make coffee before I walk out the door, leaving my morning commute caffeine-less. Even worse is mornings like this morning, where my commute takes a whopping two hours.

For those who don't know me, I live in Cambridge. About 25 minutes of walking and subway riding from the middle of downtown Boston. 25 minutes is a manageable commute. I love my commute actually. I read the Metro. I listen to the new Britney Spears album on my iPhone. I look at my reflection in the window of the red line and green line subways. I occasionally have a cigarette before I hop on the subway (no caffiene means I need some sort of savior to get my day started). And that was my commute today until I felt an unnecessarily and unusually forceful jolt.

My green line train died. Disabled. Whatever you want to call it. It wasn't moving anywhere, anytime soon. I'm packed onto a train, tighter than a can of sardines, and I realize that I'm going to be late for work. And not just late, really late. As in, I probably shouldn't take a lunch break kind of late. To top it off, as MBTA workers tried to revive my dead subway car, it jolted forward six inches, and then richoeted back. Ouch. That was a heel that juat poked my UGG boot. Ouch, that was a elbow to my head. Thank you everyone. I know you're angry Bostonians (after all, remember Ben Affleck's quote, "The Boston accent is more of an attitude than an accent. Underneath everything you say has to be the attitude of: You're an asshole, I know better than you, fuck you."), and I am too, but can we not cause physical injury while I'm trying to just stand and sit there. Claustophobic. Trying to not jump out of the window.

Obviously, I eventually made it to my office, at 9:30am. But MBTA, why do me wrong like this? I've been a loyal T rider since I was thirteen (even younger, if you count all those trips into the city with Mom and Dad). Red line. Blue line. Green line. Every color of the rainbow line. You've never died on me before, and now that you have, you've caused me such agony this morning. I pay you 60 bucks a month out of my paycheck for my T pass to get me wherever I need to go. Can you not let me down like this again? Pretty please? Because although I do need to get around somehow, I can think of other ways to spend sixty bucks every four weeks.


When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trick just like a circus

Merry Britmas 2008!
(thanks ONTD for the ever catchy phrase)

Britney Britney Britney. The girl is everywhere this morning. All over my gossip blogs on the interwebs. There's no other major news (oh, A.Simps finally popped out a baby boy, named Bronx, in other news). Everyone's gone Britney crazy. Let's hope that this ends with a nice #1 record, and not a pile of hair on a barber shop's floor.

"I'm not a cool chick anymore," or so she thinks. More sneak peek quotes from the documentary here and a more full roundup here.

Anyone in these areas should hit up these Virgin Megastore release parties!

Take a first look at the television promo for Circus.

But oh noes. Did she snub her fans in Hollywood at her screening yesterday? Another accusation here.

Making her comeback? Yes. Still loving Starbucks? Yes. Some things never change.

But what if this album doesn't catapult her back to the top of the pop music pyramid? EW has some ideas.

New photoshoot photos leaked this morning!

Enjoy and Merry Britmas!

File >> New Playlist

Yes. This afternoon I realized that there is, indeed, a life beyond Brit's new album. Lo and behold, there's a treasure chest of new music on my iPhone for my listening consumption. Check out my current picks, download (legally or however you wish. It's all your prerogative.), and enjoy -- just don't let your headphones continuously fall out of your ears, much like how mine did my entire commute home today.

Britney (no last name needed) - Kill The Lights, Amnesia, Quicksand, Circus
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Hilary Duff - Holiday
John Mayer & Ben Harper - Waiting On The World To Change (2008 Election Edition)
Kanye West - Heartless
The Dream - Let Me See The Booty
P!nk - Sober
Chris Cornell - Scream
DJ Khaled - Out Here Grindin'


Fendi's gone nautical!

Ladies and gents. I present to you, Fendi's Tri-Color Forever Boston (I shizz you not) Bag from their 2009 resort collection. It's like everything I could ask for in a handbag. Nautical colors. A homage to my city. If only I was in the market for a small bag, and not a big one. SIGH.

Want to buy it? Of course you do. Find it here on eLuxury.


It's Thursday! Count down the hours till the weekend with me and these links.

Well, this just seems mean of the NYTimes.

I've listened, NYMag, and I don't agree. Bring back The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation. Come on Kanye, throw me a bone here.

But the Storm can't match the iPhone's stylish simplicity. Apple for the win.

While we can all bask in the wonderful that is Britney Spears's Circus, I stumbled across this, and can't help but remember to please hope that she can keep it together this time.

Irony! At it's finest.

Uh, I dont even watch this stupid show, but this Gawker roundup made me burst out laughing (sorry co-workers if my fit of giggles disrupted your work).

Tom Cruise probably bribed someone with to get K.Holmes this gig.


It's like I checked into rehab, and baby you're my disease

Uh, hi. Yum. Please tell me you all have checked out the new Rihanna video for Rehab featuring my most favorite celebrity crush, J. Timberlake. The song is great - one of my favorites off of Good Girl Gone Bad since it came out. It's quality breakup (and maybe makeup and hook-back-up -- or maybe that was only in my case) music back in 2007. Regardless. We have Mr. Timberlake taking a (clothed, unforch) shower in the desert. In a hot black beater. We have him rolling around on a car with Rihanna -- which I don't mind, because I just superimpose my face on her body in my mind. It's a hot video. Mainly because he's hot. But I'll stop gushing. But watch the video - it turns up the temperature in my cubicle at least.

Sidenote: My mom claims that I have a celeb crush on Justin Timberlake because he has an uncanny resemblance to my boyfriend. Coincidence? Is my family making this resemblance in my mind? Did I score the ultimate jackpot of a boyfriend? Will my children be absolutely gorgeous and boy band stars one day? Please, refer to my Facebook (if you're friends with me that is. Heh. Heh. Heh. Sorry to everyone else), and give me your two cents.



Happy Wednesday morning! Here are your muchly anticipated newslinks for this am.

Britmas come early everyone! Check out the promos here, here and here for the November 30th documentary.

Call girls have feelings too. (NYP article here.)

Not a good time for the media industry. Buh-bye employees and holiday parties everywhere.

Michelle Obama in dVf on inauguration day? It has my vote.

Oh thank goodness. I can sleep at night. The Hills is back for a fifth season.

"I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack."

I would appreciate this if it wasn't 20 degrees outside in Boston right now.


You can take away my dignity but you can't take away my takeout!

No! I will not just give up my takeout orders because you say so! What kind of world is this for non-culinary inclined individuals? Make my own lo mein you say?! Because it's more energy efficient?! Yeah, okay, freakshow - because I clearly have the secret MSG that my favorite take out place adds in to make it extra yummy, and I clearly have a wok in my kitchen (Sarcasm. I hardly own a frying pan - thanks to the boyfriend for picking that up for me...) and a stomach that can handle me trying to cook lo mein over and over before finally getting it right and eating it. I don't think so.

I promise my takeout habits are not ruining the Earth. And if anything, I consider myself on a takeout diet. If you think the environment is hurting from my food orders now, then you should have seen me and P and our friends in college. Chinese food Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. McDonalds delivery (yes, there was a company that delivered delicious Big Macs and milkshakes to my dorm door!) on Tuesdays. Brunch leftovers in apparently Earth-unfriendly plastic to go containers on Sunday afternoons. Here and there we'd order in the occasional burrito from Amherst's favorite Mexican joint, or maybe pizza from the only place that it's really worth getting pizza from. That's write,, I would eat take out almost every frickin day in college and I do not feel guilty about doing so. Oh, and did I mention the countless (sometimes 3x a day) Starbucks drinks in (GASP!) disposable cups that I'd drink? Tall. Grande. Venti. Hot. Cold. Iced. Canned. Whatever. Just call me Britney Spears.

The Earth's layers (and my tummy) love me and my takeout. They told me so. Forget lecturing me Now excuse me, where is my iPhone? I need to order some Thai for lunch...


"I had often fantasized about running into my ex and his wife. But in those fantasies, I was running over them with a truck."

One of my closest friends from high school, K (that's right, we go way back), were gmail chatting online today during a lull at work. We have drawn to the conclusion that somehow, somewhere, exes everywhere are like Big Brother. Lurking on you until you have your life somewhat stabilized, happy, fulfilled, and poof. There they are, blowing up in your face, telling you they still love you, wanting you back, etc. Common sense says that jealousy (and sometimes a picture posted on the internet or a relationship status change) is the reasonable and logical explanation for this. After all, if they broke up with us, why would they come crawling back? They made it clear that they don't love anymore. They need to be alone. They need space. They need, they need, they need -- without any regard for what we need. Afterall, if they really ever cared in the first place, or had some dramatic revelation where a lightbulb went off and they decided they care once and for all, I don't think the trigger would be seeing our beautiful faces next to another dude. I could be wrong though. It hasn't been the first time. I guess the question is of sincerity or jealousy. And does jealousy ever bring sincerity out of a person?

Anyway, what we need. We, most likely, need space. Time. And that means space and time apart from you, jealous man. I would be inclined to say that friends with exes never really work - at least for me, that is. Especially with the ones that you would most like to stay friends with. Those are always the ones that you know, deep down, you, once upon a time long long ago, cared about the most. Maybe even loved the most. Loved in a way that you can only really love when you've never really been hurt before. I would have to argue that it's love in a way that no one every really loves again. That crazy, unrestricted, ohmygod i love you i love you i love you and you'll never hurt me because i've never been hurt kind of way. It's like Carrie and Big a la Sex and the City. Only, life isn't a movie or a really great tv show, and Big doesn't just call your best friend and show up in Paris and save you from an annoying (and boring, and old) Russian artist.

Does anyone really ever end up with their Big in real life? Maybe there just aren't any real Prince Charmings and you just settle for the hand you've been given. You find new people, and you love them - but never like that Prince Charming slips the shoe onto Cinderella kind of way. Maybe that's why Carrie ended up with Big. It gives hope -- but when you realize it's just not real, the false hope is just disappointing. And it's disappointing to know that it'll always sting a little bit. Or a lot a bit. Just look at this week's NYTimes Modern Love column. Holding on isn't always the best thing, and sometimes no response is just the perfect response.



Happy Tuesday! The workweek is going unbelievably slow, isn't it? Good luck reading these articles to pass your time...

It was Thanksgiving last night in the land of Gossip Girl - which means turkey, surprise visits from Dads everywhere and Lily's anti-climatic secret. Check out the roundups here and here.

It wasn't a holiday on The Hills, but we all loved seeing Heidi get yelled at. Roundups here and here.

From across the ocean from P: check out the Kuwait fashion roundup!

Michael Jackson: in debt, just like us!

H.Dawg in D.C. Huzzah.

God love the Kennedys. <3.

On everyone's to-not-buy Christmas list...

Everyone's vice: plastic bags. The environment is just lucky they always break while walking back to my apartment, otherwise I'd still be hooked on them too.

Why did not a single president's daughter go to any of the private schools I attended? I'd love to attend one of the Obama's potluck dinners.

The Ritz is to New York as ____ is to Miami?

"His e-mail message was casual enough, but no one sends a note to an ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day unless he’s dissatisfied with his current relationship." -- isn't that the truth lady.


Circus: Track by Track Analysis

Let's face it. This analysis is far more important than of almost anything else I can write. With the depressing stories on the newsfront: CitiGroup cutting 50,000 (yes you read that right) jobs, the American economy 'already in a recession,' and 'value-based' holiday shopping (sorry Neiman Marcus, I wanted your Lego sculpture for $60,000.00 this year too. There's always 2009.), and the growing feeling of buyers remorse, there are very few things that can make Americans excited and happy.

Thankfully Britney Spears's new album is on its' way. And thankfully for me, I got my giddy hands on a copy last night. I won't say how. Sorry. A girl's gotta have some secrets that can be shared with only the closest of best friends. Regardless, forget the depressing economic analysis, and enjoy the mind-numbing analysis of Circus. It's been on repeat on my iPhone all morning long (the whole album). So that's gotta say something...

First things first, logistics. Check out the track list.
1.) Womanizer
2.) Circus
3.) Out From Under
4.) Kill The Lights
5.) Shattered Glass
6.) If You Seek Amy
7.) Unusual You
8.) Blur
9.) Mmm Papi
10.) Mannequin
11.) Lace & Leather
12.) My Baby
13.) Radar

Bonus Tracks:
-Rock Me In
-Trouble (iTunes bonus)
-Quicksand (iTunes bonus)

(Sidenote: I can't give a description of the last two, as being iTunes tracks, they won't be available until the US and international iTunes release on December 2nd.)

Womanizer: Boy don't try to front, I know just what you are.
So we've all heard this one over and over and over. 20/20. MTV. KISS108FM. All I see in my mind when I hear Britney's melodious voice is her naked thighs in that music video sauna. Although for a 15 year old boy, this image would be fantastic, for a twenty-something girl, no thanks. I'm good. P and I have already given our two cents about this song anyway. I still love it. P doesn't like how the word 'womanizer' rolls off of Brit-Brit's tongue. To each his (or her!) own.

Circus: When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trick just like a circus.
Britney's next single (apparently the video has already been shot) is one of the best on Circus. Like old school Britney style, it sounds straight off of In The Zone or Blackout (minus the crazy). The beat is infectious - I want to start dancing in my cubicle. I can only hope that this starts getting played at bars and lounges soon. One can only imagine how this song could get me going, post a few martinis -- can someone point me in the direction of a danceable bartop?

Out From Under: I don’t wanna dream about all the things that never were.
One of the 5 songs that we got a taste of on the promo cd that leaked last week. The minute clip or so really doesn't do this (or any of the other 4) songs justice. Britney's ballads are normally either stellar (i.e. Everytime) or horrible (i.e. Dear Diary). This falls within the stellar. It's heartbreaking and really beautiful sounding at the same time. Probably a good one to reminisce about an ex/crush/whoever about. Yes, call me a sap, it's okay.

Kill The Lights: Is that money in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
Think Stronger v.2.0. As Danja declares in the hip-hoppy intro, "Your very own pop princess, now queen of pop." I wonder how Madonna feels about this declaration of her clear dethroning - although it's probably been long done by now. While this was leaked by Jive on purpose as a buzz track last week, the sound has definitely grown on me with each listen that I give it.

Shattered Glass
: You're gonna see me in your dreams tonight. My voice is gonna haunt you all the time.
The moment I opened this song on my iTunes, I immediately thought of late 80s/early 90s pop. Slightly reminiscent of old school Madonna and Ace of Base (my guilty pleasure), the chorus is simple and catchy. Also fantastic, the throwback to Everytime lyrics. Haunting in your dreams, blah blah blah. The one falter of the song? Must Britney say 'glass' the way she does? Give it a listen, see if it makes you cringe a bit too.

If You Seek Amy: Love me, hate me, say what you want about me. But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy.
I've already written a fair amount about this song after the promo leak, but I cannot lie, this is one of my new favorite songs. It's already been made into my iPhone ringtone, and even my boyfriend's jaw dropped when he heard it playing in my room this weekend. "Is she saying what I think she's saying?!" That's the common response to the song - (still don't get it? Say 'if you seek amy' 10 times fast). I've read blurbs wanting this to be released as a single, and although it'd be popular, I'm thinking the metaphor might not go over so well with radio station airplay. Boo.

Unusual You: Didn’t anyone tell you, you’re supposed to, break my heart? I expect you do, so why haven’t you?
By far, the best ballad(ish?) song of the album. It sounds a bit like And Then We Kiss, an unreleased song from the In The Zone era. It's slightly more upbeat than a full ballad, but incredibly haunting and sad. Seems like Ms. Spears has the same trouble with men that every twenty-something girl does. You're not alone Britney!

Blur: Can't remember what I did last night, everything, everything is still a blur.
One of the tracks that I'm completely undecided on. Running parallel with Early Mornin' from In The Zone (which also took me about a zillion listens and a remix version to have me decide I liked it), Britney seems a bit too old for me to want songs about her drinking so much that she forgets what she did the night before. She has two babies at home, shouldn't she be home tending to them? Not sure if she's sending the proper message about being competent with this one...

Mmm Papi: I can really get far, don't break my heart. Let's make out.
Okay, this song had me hooked until about 40 seconds in when Brit-Brit just wails out, "oooo Papi love you." I'm sorry, I can't handle her voice saying 'Papi' for one. For two, why would you call a guy 'Papi' and not feel totally awkward about it (and have some sort of father complex). It's not a completely horrendous song, but it falls low on the Circus totem pole. It's one of the few (only?) songs that she co-wrote herself. Surprised? No, not really.

Mannequin: Got my heart set, do anything that I want so thank you. I like it and I do what I like, and if do what I like, then you’ll like it.
What is with all these pop princesses all about being 'bossy' (yes, I'm talking to you Lindsay Lohan) and knowing what you want. We get it, you know what you want, and you'll get it. But Britney, you say this, and you wanted Kevin Federline and you went for it (remember, you proposed to yourself?!), and look at where it got you? I don't know if you should always go with what you want... But I digress. Mannequin, not a horrible song, is upbeat, perfect for a good workout, but not the 'blockbuster' single that bloggers originally hyped it up to be a few months ago after hearing a clip leaked from a dance rehearsal.

Lace & Leather: Cotton candy kiss, can't wait for my sugar rush.
I'd have to say, by far this song has the most Blackout-ish sound to it. A little electronica-ish sounding, I can probably see this as a potential song - or at least I can hope, because I think a remixed version of this song would be 100000 times better. When the track listing for Circus got initially released, there was a murmur assuming that this song would be oh-so racy. Sorry everyone to burst your bubble, but you can get your head out of the gutter. Nothing too scandalous here. If you want more scandal, push 'back' on your iPod to track 6.

My Baby: With no words at all, so tiny and small.
Okay, it only natural that there's some sort of song for her kids, but does it have to put me to sleep? I would choose, Someday (I Will Understand) over this track as a loving song to her little ones any day. Unfortunate but true, this would be the song to hit skip over. I mean, take one listen to it, how many times does she have to say 'tiny' in one song? I get it Brit. Your kids are small -- tiny even. But ehhhhh, let's grab you a thesaurus next time.

Radar: Intoxicate me, I'm a lush. Stop, you're making me blush - people are looking at us.
I was just as surprised as anyone else when I saw a Blackout track appear on the Circus listing. New remix? New tempo? New something? That's what I assumed at least. But no, with the exception of a new 2 second intro (which kind of sounds like a 'wooooooosh'), it's the same track. Same lyrics. Same everything. I already have a Facebook album already titled with lyrics from this song - from March. How 2007 of you Britney. First recycling songs, next thing I know you're going to be seen wearing your old graphic tanks. Sigh.

Rock Me In: Hold me tight, don't let go. Take me in your arms and bring me close.
For the record, I do not know how these bonus tracks became bonus tracks and didn't make the cut for the main album. Brit's voice sounds a bit like it does in Do Something in this song. The song as a whole? Upbeat. A bit trippy. Infectious. Fantastic.

Phonography: And everybody's got freaky tendencies, here we won't admit it 'cause we all got needs.
Oh Britney. So edgy. Trying to have 'phonography' sound like 'pornography.' You're so badass. Apparently phonography is all about, following commands and "buttons coming loose." Or something like that. So apparently Britney likes phone sex, and likes to sing about it. She certainly has taken a page out of Madonna's book. Although I wonder if Madonna would ever say, "talk that sexy talk to me." Something tells me no...

Amnesia: I get amnesia when I'm standing next to you.
By far, my favorite bonus track (maybe song) of the album. The melody of the song screams classic pop music. It's catchy and upbeat - and oh my god gets stuck in your head so easily. It's very early Britney style (think something that would have been on Oops... I Did It Again). Maybe not a sophisticated style for Britney, but I love it - and that's what matters right?

After scrolling through the producer list for the album, it appears that Lady GaGa's track only made the iTunes bonus for the international version. Oh, I can hardly wait till December 2nd to hear it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I got the iTunes bonus tracks + an unreleased track tonight. Here's the lowdown on them...

Quicksand: Gotta keep on breathing, baby even we're sinking.
Fifty seconds into Quicksand, and it's full on Lady GaGa a la Eh, Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say. The resemblance is so clear. Which means I absolutely love it. It's a techno pop ballad. How this didn't make it onto the main album is beyond me -- or actually, rather, maybe it's because there's enough people being called Lady GaGa impersonators already. Ahem Christina Aguilera. Lucky for those iTunes shoppers, they won't miss out.

Trouble: Then again I, I think I wanna lose control. Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of trouble.
Another pretty quality bonus track. It's not a spectacular track, and a bit repetitive. Regardless, it's a good, upbeat song to get ready to go out to. I have a feeling, much like Womanizer, P and others might not love how the word 'Trouble' rolls of of Ms. Spears' tongue.

Rock Boy: Play me like a guitar and get into action.
I'm not fully sure what the deal is with this track. My best bet is that it's an unreleased track (I read somewhere that she recorded something like 40 songs for this record). Anyway, she, without a doubt, sounds like Ashlee Simpson in the intro -- you know how A.Simps always tends to say "uh!" or "uh huh!" at the beginning of every song? Yeah, Brit is doing it too. Despite that, this song is listenable -- there's something missing to it though that I can't put my finger on... Anyone with the track have suggestions?

Happy listening (if you can track the album down too)!


Happy Monday! It's been awhile since you were graced with the gifts of celeb obsessed links. Enjoy!

Originals better than sequels? Tell these execs behind these 44 sequels in the works (Scream 4 anyone?).

Well, those Gosselin kids have room to play now.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Britney Spears's Circus yet on iTunes? Because apparently everyone else has. Well, if you have, you can look forward to these quality photos, all thanks to her management's marketing scheme.


Yeesh. I thought I wrote a lot when inspired.

Note to self. Do not use Facebook messaging as a way to dig for sources.

I want to be invited to a Obama sleepover at the White House.

Even I will not stoop to such levels during this recession. Ew. Spam.

Free Viagra in Mexico. Somewhere, Bob Dole is cheering.

Don't just blame Serena Van Der Woodsen for the sexualization of today's girls. Blame Snow White too.


....but BROOKLYN POOR GIRL V WOULD/SHOULD NEVER BE HOOKING UP WITH SMITH JARROD. What would Samantha Jones say about all of this?!

My heart just broke. Thanks ONTD for ruining my Monday morning.


R.I.P. Total Request Live

Remember simpler times in all of our lives? Before there were obligations like work, graduating, figuring out your life. When the most important thing on our minds were which boy liked us in the 6th grade, and when I'd finally get kissed for the first time. Yeah, I remember those times. And I also remember the perfection of TRL on MTV. Every afternoon. After school. 4pm. During the summer when I'd have nothing to do but walk to the candy store that's 5 minutes down the street from my parent's place to get Slush Puppies and blue raspberry flavored Tootsie Rolls, TRL would air at 3pm. Meaning I would get my daily vote (obviously for whatever Britney video was out at the moment, or you know, any *NSync video, since Justin Timberlake was always swoon-worthy, even with that unfortunate horrible white boy 'fro phase he went through...) into 1800-DIAL-MTV by 2pm. Hurrah. 1998-2002 was a great era for MTV.

Well, sadly, like the rest of my childhood, TRL has also died. I can no longer take solace in watching screaming teenage girls declare their love for Justin Timberlake or gay guys in love with Britney Spears. Some, including myself, might argue that the show died when Carson Daly left to host his horrible late night show. No other host was quite as adorably cute as Carson. Swoon. Plus, then the hosts started to only play about .357 seconds of a video, which was just annoying. Anyway, for those who missed the "Total Finale Live" last night, here's some online clips to satisfy your pop music fix. Enjoy and long live 1999.

BSB performing 'I Want It That Way'
, courtesy of Dailymotion.
Travis Barker's interview, courtesy of YouTube.
The #1 most influential video (according to TRL), courtesy of ONTD.
Beyonce's performance, courtesy of Dailymotion.


Can't we all just get along?

Talk about drama. Aniston-Jolie-Pitt drama. It all began with this interview and snowballed into this and this . People just love a good ol'fashioned wannabe cat fight. If you read the entire and original interview, the bit about Jolie-Pitt's relationship is so insignificant...of course gossip rags harped on that one tiny detail of the interview and wrote up articles based on only a few quotes...but I guess that is just the nature of the business, huh...Must be, because this definitely did not make too many headlines...Oh hollywood...

Obama goes breakfast

Current bidding price on ebay: 202.50
Oh hell, i'd buy it if i had the money laying around.


All of the boys and all of the girl are begging to if you seek Amy.

While I was going to write a long, in-depth analysis on bromances (and how my boyfriend is so in one right now with a friend), my thoughts got sidetracked by this:




listen, listen, listen to it. i'm more excited than an 8th grader.

if you dont want to take 8 whole minutes out of your life - do yourself a favor and fast forward to around the 5 minute mark. Brit's muchly awaited "If You Seek Amy" has leaked as a clip... I didn't really hear what she was *trying* to say until she says the phrase nice and fast in the chorus. Now i get it....


Bargains Galore!

I went to visit my parents this past weekend on the North Shore. While my visit was well intentioned, it certainly had ulterior motives -- namely, laundry and the new Nordstrom Rack that just opened up in my hometown. As a bargain fiend (with few expendable funds), I thought the Rack would be the perfect place to indulge a bit after my weeks of hard work - and frugally spent paychecks.

While I attempted to push though the (literal) mob of people inside the Rack, I found amazing designer sunglasses for under 100 bucks. Think Dior. Lagerfeld. Juicy. Gucci. Betsey Johnson. Burberry earmuffs for 50 bucks. I snagged the brown Tulle coat I wanted last year for 35 bucks (much easier on the pocket than the ridiculously marked up price at Jasmine Sola last year) and a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins for 30 bucks. Thank gosh, a new bargain haven.

Me and A, one of my best friends, have been bargain hunting fiends for awhile now. Bored on a Tuesday night? Go to TJMaxx or Marshalls. Have only $20 left in our checking account and really need to buy something because otherwise we might implode? Go to Filenes Basement. It's our calling. We love designers but hate (or can't afford on entry level salaries) the pricetag. For us, it's how we've been doing our best shopping for ages, but for others, we're nothing other than the new breed of shoppers. Recessionistas.

Great, now that the NYTimes has given attention to such bargain hunting, clearly more people will be trying to grab the $29 Theory blazer that I eye on the salesrack. The economic downturn sucks even more for me.


There is really only one thing that can be said..."Serena still has not gotten Blair's memo that tights are not pants!"

- P

SJP whispers sweet nothings...

Have you heard? SJP will be the voice for a first ever audio guide to accompany a Costume Institute exhibition at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
She has reportedly recorded a guide to "Costume: The Art of Dress," which will be available to visitors from Nov. 25!

- P

On the interweb...Obama-mania continues!

Days after the elections, the Obamas are still THE hottest topic
of discussion and analysis on the world wide web!

NY Mag wants to know, do you practice Obamaism?

What kind of First Lady will Michelle be?

Have you thrown in your RSVP for Obama's inauguration?

And now for the hard question: "Can ‘The Daily Show’ Survive the Barack Obama Presidency?"

"Many older blacks see the Obama victory as the culmination of years of struggle. Many younger blacks are more introspective; they see Mr. Obama's election as a signal for some blacks to stop making excuses about their lack of success."

Bush meets Obama...plenty of awkward moments & super-cheesy smiles for photo ops ensue! (Plus the Obamas reportedly get a 90 minute tour of the new house!)

Meet the newest Generation O

Wow M., looks like we weren't the only seems like everyone has an opinion on the next presidential puppy!

Post Election Newsflash

Anna Wintour is really just like us everyone. Voting in SoHo. Do you think she was a McCain or Obama fan?

Anyway, other election news happened other than our newly elected Commander-In-Chief. California is thisclose to having Prop. 8 pass - which takes away marriage rights to tons of gay couples. This is supposed to be a day of progress and change, but it seems not for everyone in California. Just another reason why Massachusetts > California. FYI, lame ballot initiatives are passing in other states too.

Here in MA, look what's up with the ballot question results?

Michelle Obama wore a piece from Narciso Rodriguez's Spring 2009 last night. How'd she get her paws on that already?

So, Obama's president. What does this mean - VF answers.

I'm sure Michelle is up for it.

Check out what some of America's columnists have to say this morning.

Happy Reading!

(P says: Oh, what a good looking family!! I want to be in the middle of an Obama family group hug...Any thoughts on what this presidential puppy might look like? M & I agree that it will be some impossibly cute lab or equally awesome puppy to complement the Obamas!)

SIDENOTE: Looks like P and I aren't the only ones pondering the puppy question.

In pictures...

A few reactions from around the world...

And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world - our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.
To those who would tear the world down - we will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security - we support you.
And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.
For that is the true genius of America - that America can change. Our union can be perfected. And what we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh congratulated the US president-elect on his "extraordinary" triumph and said that ties would grow even stronger. He said Obama's extraordinary journey to the White House would “inspire” people around the world. India’s main opposition party BJP also welcomed Obama's victory, as did separatist leaders in Indian-administered Kashmir. They said they hoped that Obama would live up to a pre-election pledge to resolve the long-running regional dispute.

Pakistan's PM also congratulated Mr Obama, saying he hoped the Democrat would promote "peace and stability".

"With the world in turmoil and doubt, the American people, faithful to the values that have always defined America's identity, have expressed with force their faith in progress and the future. At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in France, in Europe and beyond," said French President Nicolas Sarkozy

"I applaud the American people for their great decision and I hope that this new administration in the United States of America, and the fact of the massive show of concern for human beings and lack of interest in race and color while electing the president, will go a long way in bringing the same values to the rest of world sooner or later," said Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Edit by M: Look at more worldwide responses here, courtesy of the New York Times and here from the NY Daily Intel. Apparently Europe is impressed and jealous of America. What's up now.

Election Edition

“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, tonight is your answer. It’s a long time coming, but because of what we did on this day, at this defining moment, change has come to America." - Barack Obama

It is a good good time to be a democrat in America. Obama's victory last night brought some major (and majorly needed) change. Over and over, CNN kept saying last night, how amazing it is that the same country that elected W. eight years ago, elected Barack Obama last night. While I can go on and on about how this election is one for the history books, and what this means in terms of race relations and progress and civil rights, I won't. That's what the NYTimes is for. While it is amazing and wonderful that we just elected a person of color for our president, I disagree with the Times as they say this morning, "Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls." We elected a new president. It's a great symbol of change -- racially and ideologically -- from what we have had for the past (almost) decade. However. This by no means that the racial barrier that our nation has ridden deep within its' veins has fallen. I think of the two white supremacists that plotted his assassination already. The articles this morning saying to expect more threats. I think of the mistreatment of minorities in a post-Katrina world in New Orleans. I think of the blatant racism and smear tactics that stemmed out of the McCain campaign - those who claimed Obama was a terrorist and un-American. No, no. The racial barrier has not fallen.

The mere fact that McCain supporters during his concession speech repeatedly booed Obamas' name as it was spoken speaks for itself. Considering all of the preaching that has been done about being a 'good American' and putting 'Country First,' it seems awfully un-American and unpatriotic to, you know, boo the President-Elect. Just an FYI.

On a lighter note, did anyone else see what Jill Biden wore last night? That lime green mess? I asked P via instant message if she thought Michelle Obama purposely told her she looked good in that. It's all about how you look in comparision to the person next to you. Just ask Paris Hilton.

I for one, am relieved that this election is over with and satisfied with the outcome. Change is here -- and I don't need to move to Canada anymore - :)

In case you missed any of the election night shannagians, here's some links to recap you, so you can join in on the water cooler conversation too.

Oprah is just like us (or me at least) - getting teary eyed as Obama clinches the race.

A small, Gawker recap of Obama's speech -- and the transcript via YahooNews.

High(low?)lights of McCains concession speech.

A puppy for the first daughters!


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