Well, You See, I Like My Sketchers... But I LOVE My Prada Backpack

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I recently found this video list of things that Paris Hilton likes and loves on Jezebel.com. Here at Pop Culture Paradox, we take our list making very seriously. Plus, Paris Hilton inspired us to do something other than have a few martinis, and that doesn't happen often. So, without futher adieu, here is the Pop Culture Paradox list of likes and loves.

  • Snow-cones and other summertime non-dairy concoctions, as seen in this Jezebel.com image
  • VitaminWater10 (All the flavor, 1/5th of the calories!)
  • Facebook's "Living Social" top 5 lists (It's like my life is a neverending loop of 'High Fidelity')
  • Sailboats (And anything else that epitomizes New England)
  • Sharpie markers (No one can tell me that they're not useful)
  • Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese (Try the alfredo flavor in the green box! Yum!)

  • iPhones (My clear obsession)
  • Discount designer shopping (Case in point, my new job with Rue La La - need an invite to be a member? Join here!)
  • Delicious Mexican food from Anna's Taqueria in Boston, MA (I recommend the quesadilla with EVERYTHING on it)
  • NYMag's Daily Intel and The Cut (An every morning must-read!)

And just for fun, what do we hate here at Pop Culture Paradox?

Why I Love My Red Sox

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I have been asked a'many times as to why I love the Boston Red Sox. As a girly girl fashionista, that keeps up with her celebrity gossip, those who initially meet me group me into the dreaded " Pink Hat Fan" category. College guys I dated questioned how I could love reading Vogue every month and lusted over Jimmy Choos in issues of Harper's Bazaar, while juggling MLB Gameday on my laptop. Impossible, everyone seems to think.

No, no no. Not impossible. Don't get me wrong. I have a vast collection of (what I consider to be) stylish Red Sox hats in multitudes of colors. I indulge in buying player t-shirts from my local Olympia Sports. But, I know what an ERA is and what a RBI is. I know current and past rosters. I loved the Red Sox before they became the popular, winning Red Sox team of today. I sat, 10 months old, in a Red Sox onesie in 1986 as the ball rolled through Buckner's legs in the World Series (we have all since forgiven him). My Dad recalls when him, my mother, and their friends all huddled around the television in our old Gloucester, MA house, champagne in hand, only to be letdown again. My father stood upset and unsettled in 1986, but never let his devotion wain. Let's just say I was bred to be a die-hard fan.

Another person who was devoted? My grandmother. My Grammie. She lived all seventy-something years before she passed when I was in middle school. She loved the Red Sox. Year in and year out. She wore her blue and red (not pink!) hat proudly, and insisted, like the rest of Red Sox Nation before 2004 that, "this is the year." Grammie never got to see the year that her team finally won. Her entire life she watched, rooted for and loved a team that never win. That's real loyalty there. Imagine staying with a guy for seven decades that never allowed you to celebrate. That's how Grammie and the Red Sox lived their life together.

The Red Sox mean a whole lot more than a few World Series wins and Green Monster seats to me. I recently stumbled across this article in the Boston Globe where Julianna Baggott wrote, "'Red Sox fans have steel-lined hearts - completely recession-proof.'" While I'm unsure if the Red Sox helped myself and my family prepare for today's economic downturn, I am sure of a few things. Being a Red Sox fan taught me how to bond with my family, regardless of adolescent tantrums and meaningless arguments. Being a Red Sox fan taught me the personification of determination. Being a Red Sox fan taught me to admire and be loyal, regardless of status. I'd be lying if I said that somehow, being a Red Sox fan somehow didn't shape me into the confident person I am today.

I'd also be lying if I said being a Red Sox fan didn't teach me to be the slightest bit superstitious. But, that's a whole other story...


Fashion Roundup!

(image courtesy of: http://www.goldenislandsc.com/)

According to Women's Wear Daily and NYMag's The Cut, our ever-favorite cheap teenage girl jewelry store is in trouble (but where isn't in this economy?). I lament at this news because where else can I possibly run in, purchase cheap nail polish that smells like perfume (no lie, I had a CK Be scented top coat circa 1999) and headbands with feathers all over them? Or best yet, where can an underage girl purchase a flask (sarcasm intended) anymore? Sigh. Worst.news.ever!


Pop Culture Paradox's outfit of the day award goes to Lauren Conrad as she leaves Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding (early!). Love the blue dress - the belted waist gives it a bit of a feel of this dress by Theory. Major points on her Louboutins (how high are those heels?!) and matching Chanel tote. Triple points for supposedly leaving after the ceremony, before the bouquet toss even happened.


Just Call Him The Road Runner

(image courtesy of: http://blog.oregonlive.com)

I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Fenway Park last night for the final installment of the three-game series against the New York Yankees last night. Ultimately resulting in a sweep over the Yankees (I don't know when I've ever seen that before), the highlight of the game was the moment in the bottom of the 5th inning when Jacoby Ellsbury (my alternate boyfriend - sorry J), stole home plate. Yes. Home plate. While I'm sure that the replay will be Sportscentered all week long, catch it here to watch over and over again. Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Words of Wisdom From Lady GaGa

"Lady Gaga has been shouting at her teacup. The 'Poker Face' singer, who is regularly photographed with the cup, is furious her cherished crockery is receiving more attention than she is. She said in a radio interview: 'My teacup is so famous. I yelled at her today I said, 'You're stealing my thunder go to bed!' You know now it's a gimmick and it's just my teacup. That's my teacup that I like to take everywhere it makes me feel at home. It's become a celebrity.' The 23-year-old star - who refuses to drink from any other cup - says the china set helps her cope with bouts of homesickness." - photo and quote courtesy of ONTD.

Mine and P's take?

P: Carrying around that teacup must be pretty annoying for Lady GaGa, no? Idk, it seems pretty inconvenient. What kind of statement is she trying to make?

M: I KNOW. If there's liquid in there, how does it not spill out all the time? How does she not have tea all over her dresses and shirts? And it's HUGE, it's gotta be heavy.

M: Part of me thinks she's nuts, part of me totally gets her, and part of me thinks she's totally awesome. If i were famous I'd totally carry around like my teddy bear, just because. So maybe that's like Lady GaGa and her teacup.



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After a brief hiatus (the Monday holiday and the workweek in general kind of threw us off), the W.O.D. is back. Love it and use it in a sentence today!

W.O.D.: Malapropos -- Unseasonable; unsuitable; inappropriate.
Example: Ew. Did you see that she wore a Yankees jersey to the Red Sox game last night? How malapropos.

Q.O.D.: "The little ones were crawling into a strange glowing ooze from a broken canister nearby. I gathered them up in an old coffee can and when I awoke the next morning, I received a shock. For they had doubled in size. I, too, was growing. Particularly in intellect. I was amazed by how intelligent they seemed, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next: one of them spoke." - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (don't judge, it's in honor of this Daily Intel post!)

What's In A Bag?

What's In My Purse?
(image courtesy of [and made by me!] at Polyvore.com)

I am a strong believer that a lot (if not everything) can be told about a girl by what she carries in her bag. Case in point? My handbag. Aside from the massive amount of stuff I carry with me (and the inevitable shoulder and back problems that ensue), everything that needs to be said about me can just be said by my handbag's contents. See for yourself!


The Casual Friday Dilemma

Casual Friday
(image courtesy of [and made by me!] at polyvore.com)

Casual Fridays are hailed at offices as a wonderful convocation into the weekend. While I love Casual Friday just as much as the next twenty-something stuck in corporate America, I feel the need to set a few guidelines for those choosing to follow suit. In the above image I have created a Polyvore set (my new obsession) with a representation of the Casual Friday outfit I am wearing today (right now! as I type this!).

Firstly, Casual Friday should be called denim Friday. Casual Friday is not meant to be interpreted as pajama Friday, Juicy Couture tracksuit Friday or scrubby college clothes from the early 2000's Friday. Basically, everyone's goal on a Casual Friday is to wear normal work appropriate attire, only with denim as a pant. Today, I chose a pair of pencil cut Habitual jeans. Paired with a pair of brown ballet flats, a C&C California basic white tee and a preppy blazer (I'm wearing one by Pink by Victoria's Secret, the above shown is by Ralph Lauren), it creates a perfect work (and age) appropriate look. For added style, throw on a pair of aviators (I chose a large pair by Free People) during your walk to the subway.

Still confused as to what is Casual Friday appropriate? Keep the t-shirts by Junk Food (although so comfortable), Juicy Couture velour pants and flip-flops (yes, even if they're leather and cost a fortune) at home. That part of your wardrobe is what Saturday and Sundays are for!


Look Who's Coming To Town...

While all the locals know, for those not in the greater Boston area, newsflash for this weekend. Along with the fantastic heat wave (85 degrees on Sunday afternoon people! Break out the flip flops and shorts!) come the Yankees. 7:10pm tomorrow night, 4:10pm Saturday afternoon and 8:05pm on Sunday night respectively. Catch the games on NESN, Fox and ESPN if you can't nab tickets. Don't feel like watching them all by your lonesome? Head over to watch it on the big screens at the House of Blues Boston directly across the street from Fenway Park on Landsdowne Street, on the projector screens at Cask'n Flagon on the corner of Landsdowne, or (if you can fit in the mouse hole sized bar), the Bleacher Bar - which looks directly out onto the Fenway Park outfield.

With the broad audience that this blog generates, it occurs to me that some readers might not (*gasp*) know the history of this age-old rivalry. Have no fear, we have trusty Wikipedia. Still confused? Just take a walk down Yawkey Way on Saturday afternoon and I'm pretty sure even the densest of baseball wannabe fans can grasp the story behind the rivalry.



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There are many things that I love about Boston and New England. I love the beach. I love the collegiate backdrop. I love the leaves getting crinkly and changing color after the first week of September. I love shopping on Newbury Street. One thing I don't love? My city (or rather, entire area)'s complete lack of the best fast food restaurant around.

I first tasted Sonic during Spring Break of my senior year of college. My boyfriend and I road tripped down south, and at the sight of the first Sonic, I was in love. Love. Love. Love. Their burger on texas toast (with a huge onion ring in the middle!). Their slushies that are half price during their 'Happy Hour.' Cherry Limeade. Strawberry. Watermelon. Delicious. From then on, Sonic was my Spring Break guilty pleasure. Designated specially for my vacation meals. With the complete lack of Sonic in the Massachusetts (or Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont) area, I am Sonic deprived for the rest of the year.

Or rather, was Sonic deprived.

News broke yesterday in the Salem Evening News on the North Shore of Massachusetts, that yes, a Sonic restaurant is slated to open as early as August 2009 on Route 1 in Peabody, MA. Peabody, for all of you readers who don't actually know me, is the town directly next to my hometown of Danvers. Now, with every possible trip home to visit Mom and Dad, there's a Cherry Limeade slush and tater tots enticing me to see the parents and be a better daughter.


California Style Everywhere

(image courtesy of: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/)

So while LC's actual clothing line is on hold for a few seasons, Ms. Conrad is in the works of creating an 'affordable' line for Kohls. Great news for recessionistas everywhere. Maybe someone clued her in that no one is in the right economic state to spend over $100.00 on a jersey dress. Good move LC. Good move.


My fav new blog - Al Othman Blog

Recommended reading if you are in the Middle East and HIGHLY recommended reading if you are not :) Al Othman is a super swanky and super fun high end boutique in Kuwait...and they recently started a blog a few months ago...Its truly a fun read and has quickly found its way among my daily blog checks. Have a read and let me know what you think...


(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org/)

W.O.D.: Contrive - To plan with ingenuity; devise; invent

Example: The writers have contrived a plan to raise money from the support of its readers.

For those in Boston (or rather all of Massachuestts) - have a fantastic long weekend and Marathon Monday! :)


YouTube Memories!

(photo courtesy of last.fm)

While forking through YouTube in light of the below post, I suddenly remembered mine and P's obsession a little over a year ago with Brad Doggett. Younger than us (thereby making us feel kind of like failures, but hey, who cares), we found his YouTube page during our senior year of college and his a-maz-ing cover of Sweetest Girl by Wyclef Jean. Well, tonight I log into his YouTube page (excuse me, channel), and what do I find but -- gasp -- Lil Wayne covers. What did I do to deserve this reward? Amazing, simply amazing. Check out the cover of Lil Wayne's Mrs. Officer. It's music to my little emo heart (and ears!). Also new since my last YouTube check for him, a self-titled EP on iTunes. Impressive.

Now that you're obsessed too like P and I - Tweet him like I did... honestly did everyone get Twitter before me? I feel so behind the 8-ball.


P.S. Brad, if for any reason you're reading this. Will you hook a girl up with a mp3 of your Wyclef and Lil' Wayne covers? I don't know how much longer I can take not having this stuff on my iPhone!

'Mr. Photographer, I Think I'm Ready For My Closeup Tonight, Make Sure You Catch Me From My Good Side'

(image courtesy of: http://coverlandia.blogspot.com)

While looking for new music to replenish my iPhone with, I found this 'Rock Remix' of Kill The Lights by our ever-favorite Britney Spears. I've always been one to love mashups (Anyone remember Jay Z and Linkin' Park? Yeah, that was on repeat for six months of my life). This remix is no different. This remixer slowed the song down, added in some fantastic drums and guitar. I'm obsessed - I maybe might just like this more than the original version... Maybe.

EDIT: The remixer is named Kevin Figueiredo. Pop Culture Paradox reader L pointed me in the direction of his other remixes and I, for one am blown away. Find him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/the401kevin and on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/the401drummer
. I'm impressed - and I don't say that all too often.


Joseph Chahfe at Sultan Gallery, Kuwait

Kuwait's Sultan Gallery is currently hosting Lebanese-Canadian artist Joseph Chahfe in a solo exhibition. I went to the opening and had the opportunity to chat at length with the artist. To say he was amazing would be severely understating it. He went on and on about how his life was incomplete about painting - and how he did it each and everyday...the most surprising thing for me, and I even asked him about it, was how he managed to have so much enthusiasm and passion for something in his life...I suppose that is the one thing I find severely lacking in our generation - nobody these days seems to have that kind of energy to devote to anything in their lives, whether it is a relationship, a career or a “hobby.”
Something about Chahfe's enthusiasm both excited and depressed me...I suppose it made me wonder whether this kind of passion comes with age or with pure devotion to one particular activity/person in your life...I think I am a fairly passionate about certain things in life - but is it possible that I'm passionate about too many things and that way the passion spreads out and rather than being directed fully at one thing and excelling at it, I kind of end up exhausting myself and not doing to well or not devoting enough time and energy to any one particular thing...? Does that make sense? Do you ever feel that way?


(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org/)

W.O.D.: Lackadaisical - Lacking spirit or liveliness; showing lack of interest; languid; listless.
Example: M & P are never lackadaisical when it comes to the world of fashion, celebrity gossip and pop culture.

Q.O.D: "Part of the erosion of newspapers is about new media, but part of it is newspapers' own fault. I think the public has felt let down by The New York Times and others for not asking the tough questions, whether about the Iraq war or the subprime issue. The job of the fourth estate is to stand outside the vested interests and say, 'Wait a minute, this isn't viable.'" - Ben Affleck

(Quote courtesy of one of my new favorite blogs: Loaded Gun Boston - props to your fabulous blending of Hollywood and Boston!)


Nautical Love, 2009 Style

(photo courtesy of topshop.com)

While cruising through my daily fashion websites, I stumbled across this adorable blue and white sailor-ish sundress by Topshop. It's no secret that I adore nautical themed clothing and long for the warm summer days when it's finally weather appropriate for nautical attire. Hopefully with the coming of summer (only a few months away!) and Topshop's arrival to the United States (hurray!) this little dress can be added to my after-work cocktail friendly section of my closet.


Forever 21 Ripping Off Designers???

(image courtesy of wwd.com)

Say it isn't so! But it wouldn't be the first time. Gwen Stefani slapped the popular, trend-setting (and cheap!) retail chain with a lawsuit in 2007. Anthropologie followed suit that December. Now, Trovata's lawsuit is going to trial against Forever 21. According to Women's Wear Daily, "Under current law, only original prints or graphics on clothes can be copyrighted — as they are considered artwork — and Trovata’s suit focuses on Forever 21’s copying of its unique button placements, decorative stitching, fabric patterns and other details." Oh no, do we all need to find a new store to find twin shirts to our Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf's lusts?


The Best Years Of Our Lives

(photo courtesy of mtv.com)

No lie. I think I can vouch for P and I when I say that we are nostalgic for our college years. Afterall, it's when we met. We could cut class, watch Vh1 marathons of America's Next Top Model, order from our favorite Wings restaurant, and go out for drinks whenever we want (regardless of what night it was). Our schedules could be based around our needs - meaning sleep. No classes before 11am were always preferable. I mastered the ability to have four day weekends. We wrote papers in the library and made it fun. We only had to pay for the bare necessities (meaning food, clothing and various drinks - and of course by that I mean every flavor of Vitaminwater possible). Speaking of which, is it just me or are college campuses the guinea pigs for new flavors? I swear I bought the "Formula 50" flavor before it was approved by any FDA regulation.

But I digress...

Now that P and I are working women, joining the ranks of young professionals (for nearly a year now!), we have little time for such relaxation that college gave us. Sure, we don't miss the all-nighters, research papers and final exams (damn those bubble sheets!). But we do miss the former priorities. Dating. TV watching. Going to the occasional party.

Thanks to MTV, we can vicariously live this life again. College Life premiered last night - conveniently after The Hills. I am convinced that my life freshman (or sophomore, junior and senior year) would give more of a storyline (cheating boyfriends! breakups! roommates! trying to overcome dining hall food!), MTV has done well. By giving four college freshmen handheld cameras, we meet Jordan, Alex, Andrea and Kevin. Somehow I can relate a little bit to each one. Jordan deals with his racial identity on his college campus. Alex struggles with commitment issues. Andrea juggles an ex-boyfriend and Kevin parties too hard.

Come to think of it, maybe we shouldn't miss college as much as we do.


Sidenote: Did anyone else catch Kevin's friend wearing a UMass Lacrosse t-shirt? Is there a UMass connection to College Life? If so, this is even more amazing. Info needed from anyone who has it!

Recessionistas Unite!

(image courtesy of: http://blogs.louloumagazine.com)

It's no secret that I love a deal. While the economy is less than fabulous, the deals that it brings are miraculous to my bargain hunting self. There always is a silver lining, isn't there?

Some bargains to note in the Boston area. Yesterday during my lunch hour I made a mad dash to Filene's Basement (the mecca of all things designer and cheap) on Boylston Street in Boston, MA, to scour through their racks. Lo and behold, I found Coach platform mules (these, to be exact) for $27.00. Yes. You read that right. Coach shoes that retail for $207.00 for $27.00. Twenty-seven dollars. Also on the table, more boots (full and ankle) for 70% off with an additional 30% off. If you're lucky like me, you can then use a 20% coupon on top of it. Even if you don't like them - can you say gift for your mother, sister, aunt, boss, etc. Nothing beats looking like you spent a lot when you got a deal.

Also a deal at the Boylston Street location. Kenneth Lane strawberry necklaces for under $20. That right, the $113.00 necklace you (and I) have been lusting over on shopbop.com and shopkitson.com for months - on sale! Makes me happy I waited. I made it the focal piece of my outfit today. Paired with a Theory short-sleeved turtleneck top and wide leg black trousers, I've received a-many compliments.

This past weekend while on my mini-shopping spree with my mom, K and her mother, I found more cheap goodies at the Filenes Basement in the Northshore Mall than I could carry. The best deal of the weekend? C&C California tops (like what LC used to wear all the time during her Laguna Beach days) for under $10. I paid $3.50 for a gorgeous turquoise C&C tank. Also an amazing deal? The Velvet exclusively for Barney's Co-Op top that I got for $3.50. Original price? $158.00. Sweet.

Finally today, I wandered around the Prudential in Boston during my lunch hour, sipping my Teavana iced tea (today's choice? Ginger Peach Apricot and Strawberry Slender) and found a new store where my beloved Mango once stood. Introducing Item. Basically a 344 outlet (which for all of you twenty-somethings that boycotted 344 since the closing of Jasmine Sola, means a store that's the equivalent to the former Jasmine Sola outlet on Commonwealth Avenue). With this post, I officially lift my boycott on 344, as I found cocktail dresses for a mere $19.00 and C&C California tanks (apparently the deal of the week everywhere) for $10.00. Tops by Splendid were priced at a reasonable $19.00 and $29.00 and sunglasses were $10.00. At those prices, anyone can afford to stock up!

While we can find plenty of fashion deals, where is one to get a drink (or a night out with the boyfriend, friends, whoever) for cheap? K just tipped me off to Roggies. Located on Chestnut Hill Avenue, just outside of Cleveland Circle, Roggies serves draft beer for $1.00. A dollar! Also a find? The Avenue, a hole-in-the-wall bar on Commonwealth Avenue with drafts for $1.50 (with a $5.00 cover charge). Even in a recession we can still go out for drinks. Thank gosh!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org/)

W.O.D.: Immoderate - exceeding just, usual, or suitable bounds
Example: The writers of thes blog wrte with immoderate ingenuity with little information.

Q.O.D.: "Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!" - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Lindsay <3's eHarmony!

(photo courtesy of: www.gossipcheck.com)

This was just too good to not post. Lindsay Lohan loves eHarmony, and in turn, we love Lindsay Lohan. Watch and giggle. Heaven knows I did.



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org/)

W.O.D.: Sagacious - Of keen penetration and judgment; discerning and judicious; knowing; shrewd; wise.

Example: The writers of Pop Culture Paradox exhibit sagaciuous scholarship in writing their blog.

Q.O.D.: "It's kind of my secret desire, when I'm, like, 55, to become a QVC girl, selling domestic vacuums." - Lady GaGa

Snuggie... The Best Invention Ever

(photo courtesy of: http://www.grumpygroom.com)

Always one to buy into a fad (but not normally infomercials), I, M, am a proud owner of a Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves! My mother gave it to me as a gift this weekend and I could not be more pleased. I immediately ripped open the box, and shoved my arms into the fleece (or faux fleece? It does feel a bit airplane blanket-esque) sleeves. I opened up my May 2009 issue of Marie Claire, started texting on my iPhone and opened a bottle of VitaminWater10 (lemonade flavor, of course) -- all without needing to have my arms being cold. Hallelujah. This invention is ingenious, will be brought to every cold Red Sox game with me, and its' infomercial is priceless.

From an advertising perspective, I can't help but be a bit mystified as to how the Snuggie became such a cult phenomenon. I mean, look at the photo above. Even Matt Lauer loves his Snuggie. Is it because the infomercial is so cheesy? Because the Snuggie kind of looks like an oversized bathrobe? Maybe because it's such a simple idea that I wonder why I didn't think of it? Either way, I love my Snuggie -- anyone can bet on the fact that I'll be curled up in it tonight while I watch The Hills. While it's not quite comparable with snuggling with someone, it's an alright substitute.


Presidential Puppy!

(photo courtesy of nytimes.com)

I know this news makes P and I jump for joy. The Obamas are finally owners of a puppy! According to the New York Times, "the Obamas have chosen a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog — a gift from Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and his wife, Victoria, to Malia and Sasha Obama." A new puppy with a Kennedy connection? Sounds like perfection to me!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org)

W.O.D.: Abrogate -- To annul or abolish by an authoritative act
Example: The wirters of this blog will never (or at least not admit to) abrogating the unspoken rule of wearing white heels before Memorial Day.

Happy Easter/Passover/whatever springtime holiday you may celebrate!


Youk's beard speaks!

(image courtesy of: http://www.outincenterfield.com & twitter.com)

Hey Red Sox fans. I know, you're still reeling from the two losses in a row to Tampa Bay. I am too. Heartbreaking. Regardless, this will bring a big smile to your face. Kevin Youkilis's beard now has a Twitter page. I'm addicted to it. Currently the status reads as, "I love it when there is cold pizza left in my whiskers for breakfast in the morning." Um. Ew.


<3 The OC!

(image courtesy of: www.sidereel.com)

While cruising the interwebs this morning, I found this 'Where Are They Now?' listing for The O.C's cast members. In honor of mine and A's weekend marathons, my love for Seth Cohen and Benjamin McKenzie's new show on NBC, here is the list. I still heart Ryan and Marissa!!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org)

W.O.D.: Abjure - to renounce or give up under oath; forswear

Example: I abjure my allegince to all other blogs on the internet and give my full devotion to Pop Culture Paradox.

The Jean Gods Have Spoken

(photo courtesy of: www.notempire.com)

Hallejuah. I'm unsure how long these have existed, but I'm almost sure that they're new since I scour Saks for new purchases almost everyday. The jean gods have spoken for us short (excuse me, petite) girls and have made Seven for all Mankind petite length jeans. I could not be more excited. This means no more painstaking hemming that I'm positive leads to carpel tunnel. No more trying on jeans trying to figure out how they would look minus six inches. No more! At long last!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org)

W.O.D.: Transmogrify - To change into a different shape or to transform, often with bizarre or humorous effect.

Example: This blog will one day transmogrify into a living breathing creature with outstanding curiosity.

Q.O.D.: "I'm a f--king 22-year-old girl who's in love," she says. "I felt like I was in Mean Girls, but worse: Mean Girls was a movie." - Lindsay Lohan via US Weekly via ONTD

Oh Yes Dice-K, Of Course I'll Marry You!

(image courtesy of me, my Canon Powershot and my Paint program)

Allow me to give my complete belated live blogging (via notes taken on my iPhone application) of my Opening Day 2009 experience here in Boston yesterday. Enjoy.

7:27am: 1st sighting of another person in Red Sox gear heading to work while walking through Cambridge. I get giddy at the fact that Opening Day will actually happen.

7:36am: 1st listen of 'Love That Dirty Water' by The Standells. If you don't know why, then obviously you've never been to Boston (or seen Fever Pitch). For shame.

7:41am: 1st strange look from random girl on the T for my outfit. Beckett t-shirt with a Juicy Couture navy blue long sleeved shirt. Jeans. Green BoSox hat. Red Sox Crocs. Big whoop. She was in a suit, professional? Yes. But there's no need to stare. Rudeness.

1:30pm: Co-worker asking me why I'm still at work. I'm wondering the same at the exact same moment, actually.

1:45pm: Another co-worker sees my feet and asks, 'Are you wearing Red Sox Crocs?!' I begrudgingly say yes, and silently vow to myself to never wear these ugly excuses for shoes out in public ever again.

2:00pm: Out of work! Hallejuah! Walk the 10 minutes to Fenway to meet up with my boyfriend in front of the Kenmore T station.

2:17pm: Quick McDonalds pit stop. I can never say no to a french fry (or fifty).

2:40pm: Walking down Yawkey Way and find an amazing balloon guy that makes a balloon Wally the Green Monster!!!!I turn into a five-year-old and decide that I must have one. While it's being made, I find myself staring at the life-sized Red Sox balloon player standing next to me and the balloon artist. I'm tempted to grab it and run to my apartment and put it in the corner of my room, but resist the temptation.

2:50pm: Walking down Yawkey Way... with my Wally the Green Monster positioned on my head. My boyfriend pretends not to know me (I don't blame him).

3:00pm: In the park and walking around the Grandstand SRO area to snipe a good location to see the festivities. We have bleacher seats, but I have a gut instinct about standing in the Grandstand.

3:20pm: Send my boyfriend off for a round of Sam Adams Summer Ale. I impatiently stand, holding my balloon Wally the Green Monster.

3:25pm: Two women stop and gawk at my balloon Wally. Reinforces the fact that I'm standing there, holding it like an idiot.

3:30pm: Suddenly see a row of Boston police officers lining up by the door directly to my right. Attempt to call my boyfriend because I know something's gonna happen. He doesn't hear it, oh well.

3:35pm: More police officers and security. I start to inch over closer.

3:45pm: The red door to my right opens and a line of white jerseys come walking out. It takes me (and everyone around me) 2.5 seconds to realize that we're staring at Dice-K, Smoltz and Papelbon walking out towards us. I squeal and run over.

3:45:30pm: Standing next to Dice-K. He sees me and smiles. I almost faint. Can a smile be a marriage proposal? Yes? Then, yes I will Dice-K. YES!

3:50pm: Almost forget that Papelbon is standing right next to me too. I contemplate jumping on him like a crazed fangirl, but resist. He looks very much in the game zone. Almost pitbull like. Frightening much? Meanwhile the guys standing next to me are having a full on conversation with Smoltz about playing in the outfield. Cannot.believe.this.is.happening.

3:51pm: Players go on the field. I squeal some more and go back to where I stood before. Boyfriend finds me, Sam Summer Ale in hand. Says he couldn't get through since they (obviously) blocked foot traffic, but he stood right near where Lester, Masterson and Wakefield walked in. Ridiculous.

3:53pm: First pitch with Jim Rice and Ted Kennedy. Won't lie, almost tear up. Poor Teddy Kennedy really isn't looking so good. :(

4:00pm: Jets fly over. So loud. My poor eardrums.

4:08pm: Beckett strikes out the first batter he faces of the season. A good sign for the rest of the year?

4:10pm: Making my way around Fenway Park to get to my bleacher seats. My feet get tired quickly in Crocs. While parting the seas of people waiting for beer, one of my balloon Wally's eyes pop. I almost want to cry.

4:14pm: Pedroia hits a homerun at his first at bat of the season! Definitely a good sign for the rest of the year. The homerun elicits chants of, "MVP! MVP! MVP" from all of Fenway Park. All I can think of is Pedroia's MLP 09 commercials (my personal favorite is this one). During this thought, I realize how cute Pedroia is. Maybe I need to hold off on giving Dice-K a definitive yes to his proposal...

4:25pm: I realize that bleacher seats aren't actually bad, as long are you're within rows 1-20. Sweet view of the bullpen and great atmosphere with other Red Sox fans who have the mentality of hockey parents. Awesome.

5:00pm: 1st Fenway Frank of the season. Best dinner I could ask for.

5:15pm: Double fisting hot chocolate and Legal's clam chowder in an attempt to stay warm.

5:50pm: Varitek hits a single homerun! I can't remember the last time I've seen him hit like that! Hallelujah. I knew it was good for him to sign back on for this season.

6:00pm: My hands are officially cold. Freezing. I forgot how cold Fenway Park gets in April. I remember to bring gloves, a scarf and maybe a blanket for game 2 of the series. I try to think of warm thoughts - like August Red Sox games where it's so hot that I can't stand melting.

6:38pm: Sweet Caroline plays. There's cameras around and I get a text from my friend in upstate New York that says, "I see you." Creepy? Was I on TV? Did anyone else see me singing along to Neil Diamond? I knew I should have put makeup on at Sephora before I left! Damnit!

6:35pm: Papelbon runs onto the field with Dropkick Murphy's blaring out of the speakers at Fenway. Everyone in the entire arena stands and starts clapping and dancing.

6:44pm: Red Sox win! Love That Dirty Water starts playing. I feel so at home as I walk out of Fenway. Yay for Spring!!!

8:30pm: Get back to my apartment after grabbing food at B.Good on Newbury Street. Immediately pull out my Lester t-shirt and jeans and put them in my bag for tonight's game 2. Yes, I am going to two games back to back. Don't judge me because I know you're just jealous.


My Sole (or Soul) is Red

(image courtesy of www.giltgroupe.com)

NEWSFLASH. Starting tomorrow, Christian Louboutin's are on sale (for up to 75% off!) at giltgroupe.com. The site in invite only (ooo exclusivity) but lucky you readers, I am a member. Want in on beautiful, red soled shoes? Comment on this post with your email address (or click here for an invite) and expect an invite in your inbox shortly!

Happy shopping!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org)

Daily dose of vocabulary - use it to impress your mother, father, teacher, professor, mentor, co-worker, boss...

W.O.D.: Fanfaronade - 1. Swaggering; empty boasting; blustering manner or behavior; ostentatious display; 2. Fanfare.

Example: This blog attracts such a fanfaronade that the writers have to drink massive amounts of coffee to keep up with its readers (over 1000 hits since 3/10! THANK YOU READERS!!!).

Q.O.D.: "He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, 'Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.'" - Michelle Obama via NYT


Bows, Bows, Bows!

(image courtesy of mrs-o.org)

While cruising the interwebs, I stumbled across the Mrs. O blog and shared the link with P. It is no secret of our love for America's First Lady (and President). My mom had Jackie Kennedy at my age, we were both graced with the style of Princess Diana, and now I have Michelle Obama in all of her style glory. My favorite look right now? Big bows. Obama rocked one in Prague on Saturday afternoon, giving me the confidence to finally invest in such a top. While the fabric allows for the top to maintain a crisp, clean look - the bow gives a flair of fun (and a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe) the the overall outfit.

While Mrs. O wears the new Moschino Bow Blouse from their spring 2009 collection, you and I can look (almost) as good as her in inexpensive options! My favorite? Norma Kamali for Walmart (yes, I said Walmart) sleeveless button-down bow shirt in white. At $15.00 a shirt, you can afford to wear white and not be scared of spilling your glass of Merlot, that pizza sauce from Unos, or that scoop of chocolate Ben and Jerry's on you. Talk about being a true recessionista.

Have some (or more than some) money leftover and feeling so good from spending so little on a trendy top? Splurge at Harrods (or Harrods online for us in the US) on more bow-trendy pieces, like this satin, pearl studded, bow clutch by Moschino Cheap & Chic to keep your ID, iPhone and cash safe (and cute!) on a martini night out with the girls.


The Hills Are Alive (with drama)

(image courtesy of: http://www.nydailynews.com & rollingstone.com)

Everyone's (especially mine and P's) favorite guilty pleasure, The Hills made it's return to MTV's Monday nights - and hallejuah that it's back so I don't have to suffer through episodes of The City anymore. While it might be LC's last season (tear!), the show is still as good as ever. In the hour of The Hills drama last night, viewers saw basically everything that was in the season 5 trailer. Spencer being a skeeze (typical) and hitting on a bartender (classy)! Spencer getting into a barfight! Heidi showing up at LC's birthday party! Heidi running home to Colorado! Now that I think of it, other than LC just being there in a few scenes, she's basically written out of major storylines. Regardless, her red lipstick looked fantastic on last night's show.

Next week brings The Hills at it's normal 10pm timeslot and MTV's new show, College Life at 10:30pm. A throwback to freshman year of college? Count me in, I always love to reminsce.


Confessions of a Broken Heart

(image courtesy of: http://hollywooddame.com)

I swear. I leave work a hour early yesterday to head home in the pouring Boston rain (thank gosh they did postpone that Red Sox home-opener) and the blogosphere takes that as a sign to blow up, without my knowledge, with the Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson breakup. Yes, you read that right. Breakup. Don't say you didn't see this coming.

According to People Magazine, Ronson split with Lohan (heartbreaking!). Lohan went crazy ex-girlfriend (we all have our not-so-shining moments), and tried to get into the 'I Heart Ronson' party this weekend in Los Angeles. The day after the unsuccessful party crash, Lohan was out and about in LA where paparazzos claim, "Lindsay kept hiding her face in her hands … One second she would scream that we were scaring her and the next she started rambling about how much she loves Samantha." Oh dear.

The story gets better though (far juicier than any of my breakups - although P might disagree). LiLo claims that Ronson cheated on her, via Twitter. That's right, Twitter is the new breakup tool. Take note. Ronson then shoots back with this image (again, via Twitter). Classy girls. Real classy.

LiLo. Consider this an open letter from Pop Culture Paradox to you. Breakups suck. They really do, and this isn't your first one. We all remember Wilmer Valderama (it's okay, we all make childhood dating mistakes). We all act irrationally when a breakup happens. Sometimes you try to crash an ex's party (been there, done that). Sometimes you turn to not-so-great substances (don't bother. Ew). Sometimes you feel the need to lash out. My best advice? Stick by your friends and family, eat some greasy food (I suggest Sonic, since it's delicious), and have some retail therapy (because we call could use a new pair of Louboutins). Stand strong, because at the very least, your ex isn't the best (or even a good) DJ, and you were the pretty one in the relationship afterall - and that should allow you to sleep a bit easier.


Starburst Fave-REDs

(image courtesy of: kaboodle.com)

A silver lining to the cloud of a postponed Opening Day, while gazing at my Pandora page, I saw an ad for Starburst FaveReds flavors. I don't know who left me off the memo for this product, but seriously, it's my candy dream come true! Ever since I was little, I would buy packs of Starburst candies only to pick out the pink and reds, eat them, and toss the orange and (ew) yellows. I sense a new movie theater snack coming to my purse as soon as possible. Yum!



(image courtesy of: http://www.fcpsteach.org)

W.O.D.: Exuberant -- extremely good; overflowing; plentiful
Example: This blog has the most exuberant information than any other blog on the web.

Q.O.D: "They're here. Every April, they're here. At 1:05 or at 7:05, there is a game. And if it gets rained out, guess what? They make it up to you. Does anyone else in your life do that? The Red Sox don't get divorced. This is a real family. This is the family that's here for you." -Fever Pitch



(photo courtesy of mlb.com)

So what if it's 1am and I have yet to go to bed before a half-day of work tomorrow? I feel like a child on Christmas Eve (which also happens to be my birthday, so imagine the kind of excitement I'm explaining). It is officially the best day to be a Bostonian (or a honorary Bostonian, I don't judge). It's OPENING DAY at Fenway Park!!! Yes, there is rain in the forecast, and rumors of the game (possibly) pushed till Tuesday, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. For me, I rest assured that tomorrow will be the day. Or at least I can only hope so much.

I will be wearing a red, Beckett (as he is the starting pitcher tomorrow), with dark denim jeans, Red Sox crocs (don't judge me, they are the only pair I own, I promise), a green Red Sox sweatshirt and my favorite Red Sox cap with a navy blue and red Ralph Lauren bag (much like this one).

Cross your fingers for no rainout (how would I explain another afternoon off to my boss?), lots of Sam Adams Summer Ale and Fenway Franks. A and I will be at Fenway and a full report tomorrow night will be posted!


Livin' the JUICY life

(Image courtesy nordstrom.com )

You have NEVER seen anything like this...the ultimate JUICY COUTURE birthday party...if we were still back at school, M & I would've jumped at this idea for yet another joint b'day celebration! Plus the combination of Juicy Couture and cupcakes is pretty unbeatable!

NYC Goes Crazy For Topshop!

(photo courtesy of: http://www.nitrolicious.com)

My BFF, A, located in NYC (Don't get me started on the distance. Five hours on the Mass Pike might as well be an ocean between us!), reported to me (along with the NY Mag) last night via phone that the line for Topshop is, "around the corner." She stated that the Kate Moss for Topshop line wasn't worth the wait, and who are we kidding, our bank accounts can't cushion more than a few items anyway. Apparently, everyone else in NYC can afford to though. Is there a money tree somewhere and is keeping it a secret?!

As I've said before, I love the Kate Moss for Topshop line. P with her non-US roots, always had envy-worthy clothing and accessories from Topshop. I think of it as what my mother always tells me. I want what I can't have (Apparently I run into the same situation with clothes as I do with men). Regardless, Kate Moss her royal modelness was present in NYC herself to do the honors of opening Topshop in a goregous emerald green dress and (what looks to be) a royally gorgeous tan. While she normally looks robotic (no offense Ms. Moss) or too out of it from her questionable activities, the Topshop opening was a reason for celebration for even the stiffest of models! Look at her, she even dances with shopping joy (around the 1:08 mark)!!!


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