Let's play a game....

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For all of you Lil Wayne fans (or non-fans) out there, word on the street is that his new single, 'Prom Queen' has leaked all over the interwebs. Normally a good piece of news, but much to my ears' dismay, Lil Wayne has apparently decided to become a rock star. Listen for yourself and see how long you can last. I made it 1:40 into the song before I had to turn it off.


One Step Closer...

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...to having our beloved captain and catcher back in the red and white uniform.
I have my fingers crossed. I know you do too.


Happy Monday morning blogosphere! Here's what you missed while you were sleeping the weekend away...

Real World: Cancun. Just sounds like a bad idea, doesn't it?

Details about the Gossip Girl/Lily Van Der Woodsen spinoff? Yay or nay?

Another awards show (the SAG's) was on last night. Yawn. Like anyone cares after the Golden Globes and before the Oscars.

The high(low?)light of the show? Angelina Jolie's heinously awkward red carpet interview (why roll your eyes when you're talking about Brad!?)

Bad news for Paris Hiltons "BFF?" Time to find a replacement?

I just pray that my favorite BBC show doesn't get ruined in the US.

All the women who independent... a film throwback to my 9th grade memories.

Oh snap. Which toy company is already on Michelle Obama's youknowwhat-list?

Even the royals know that it's not official until it's on Facebook. A word of warning though -- sad stories of Facebook relationship status consequences. My advice? Keep your relationship status like mine: "In an Open Relationship with S -- (best friend)." Of course.

Playing House?

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Quick all of you blog readers. A little pop quiz:
You find out that one of your exes (fairly recent, nonetheless, with a lot of history behind it) is basically married. What do you do?

A.) Get mad, angry, break a few Tiffany's wine glasses and then sulk and eat a lot of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (I'd recommend the 'One Sweet Whirled' flavor)

B.) Get sad, feel nostalgic, and watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and wish that you were Holly Golightly (and wondering where in hell is your Paul Varjack).

C.) Feel completely thrown off balance and hope that they all fall off of a cliff. Or the Tobin Bridge. And wonder why you aren't the one that gets to write 'Mr. and Mrs.' since you're the one that put up with all of his childish behavior anyway (P.S. It's totally true, you deserve to, not that skank).


D.) Get even. Look hot. Know your current boyfriend is hotter, and tell the world to suck it.

My opinion? All of the above. Breakups are a bitch and exes should be sent to another planet - preferably Pluto -- that is the smallest planet? Yes? Because we all know that where there's a small planet, there's surely small... well you know what I mean.

Which brings me to the point of my relationship based blog post. As a twenty-something that recently graduated college, there is a boom in couples that I know (some well, some not so well, some that I would rather not know at all) that are suddenly 'shacking up together' (to use my conservative father's terminology). Some couples have been together for years - and I understand the need for your own place. Some couples have been together for about a year - and that's okay, I guess, as long as you know the reprecussions. And if you dont, FYI, breakups are a lot more difficult to do when your name is signed on the dotted line next to your forever and ever (or until a better one rolls around)'s. Some couples have been together for a matter or months. For all of you that fall into this catagory. I have no words.
P and I strongly believe in the one year curse of relationships during this time of our lives. It's proven true for us and all of our friends. One year hits, and so does the drama. The questioning of whether it's worth it. Or we meet someone cuter, funnier, smarter, more intellectual and we relapse into sixteen-year-old girl mode. Acting like this is normally temporary, and should be if the person is, you know, the one. If the person is not the one, well, you know how that story goes -- and it involves crying, saying 'it's not you, it's me,' wondering if you'll ever be alone, and a whole ton of listening to 'Screaming Infidelities' by Dashboard Confessional. It's okay, I've been there. It happens.
This all being said, consider this a warning - a public service announcement of sorts. If you've been with your other half for less than twelve months, rethink before signing on the lease. We've all seen the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda has Steve sleeping on her couch for a month because he has nowhere else to go. There's no satisfying rebound in this universe with your ex sleeping a wall's distance away. If it's too late and you've already gone ahead, moved in, bought Kate Spade flatware, make sushi on Wednesdays together, and pretend you're married, well good luck to you. No, actually, not good luck to you, because chances are I know you and maybe dated you and think you're stupid for doing so. I dont' care if we were together when we were 15, 18, 20 or now. Do. Not. Care. I'll be there when it crashes and burns -- not for support necessarily, but simply to say, 'I told you so.' I always did love saying that anyway.

You Know You Love Me

In the midst of my young, post-college professional life, I have little time to indulge in guilty pleasures. One time that I allow myself is Monday's at 8pm. One of my bestests (ironically enough, we'll call her S), comes over to my New England apartment while we gorge on junk food and drink overpriced champagne (my current bottle of choice? Veuve Clicquot.) while watching B, S, D, C, Lily, Rufus, and whoever else happens to be on the Gossip Girl that evening. We forget how mortifying high school really was, and kind of miss it. I, a prep school graduate, tend to lean on the side of regret as I realize that I should have fully embraced private high school. Oh how everything is so clear in hindsight.
This weekly tradition, however, has been let down by the CW. First a month-long hiatus (completely skipping over the holidays!). And now what looks like a gap week inbetween episodes. What's a girl to do, left malnourished of trashy, gossipy drama?
My answer? Read the books. I caught onto this bandwagon a bit too late, as I was too busy ignoring my true vein interests and trying to look like an intellect circa 2004 and was buying books like 'A Million Little Pieces' (and okay, I won't lie, all of the 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' series). Plus, prep school was a little too close to the realm of my actual life to fully indulge and enjoy books about prep school. Regardless, now with my stuffy New England prep school years just about five years behind me, I can indulge. And I do. Don't even try to tell yourself that these books are geared towards twelve-year-olds (just hide your face in your Pashmina like I do as you need to head over to the young adult section as your local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers), because the action that Serena, Blair and Nate get in the books is just about comparable to (or sadly, more than) any action that my group of twenty-something's get on a regular basis. Another plus to reading these books in your twenties? You can bust through one a day -- no lie. It's like reading an extended episode of the show, which is wonderful and a curse all at the same time. I'm now just starting the prequel (that just came out in paperback) with the rest of the series read and under my belt. What am I supposed to read next? Any suggestions? Do they write a 'Gossip Girl' for adults that I'm unaware of?


Happy Thursday Morning! Enjoy today's news!

No one can tear President Obama (tee hee hee I still love it when I can type that) away from his Blackberry.

You know what mid-week means.... tabloid covers!

I wish everyone took so much interest when I get sick.

Caroline Kennedy, it's okay. Like my mom always said to me, family comes first.

H.Clinton = Secretary of State (finally!)

Oscar nominations are in!

Apparently Vanity Fair thinks Obama likes pomagrantes?

SATC take two. It's official.



Don't lie to me. You were a No Doubt freak too. You wore the bindi on your forehead because Gwen rocked it so well. You sang 'Just A Girl' around your house, while it blasted out of your Sony Walkman (as in cassette player. Yes. It was that long ago.). You wanted to dye your hair pink like Gwen did, but your stuffy, New England bred mother wouldn't let you because she said you'd get kicked out of your snooty private school. Despite this, you still tried to dye it with watermelon Kool-Aid (bad idea, by the way, the smell attracts mosquitos like whoa -- not that I would know or anything. All hypothetical here.)...
Anyway, get pumped and bust out the copies of 'Tragic Kingdom' and 'Rock Steady' because of this. Can someone please cue up 'Don't Speak.' Thanks.

Fashion, put it all on me.

(image courtesy of Nylonmag.com)

I have been anxiously awaiting for months now to see what Alexander McQueen will pull out of his back pocket for his MCQ line for Target that's due to hit shelves (and my closet) in March. Nylon nabbed the first look at the designs, and I feel rather iffy.
The iffy feeling can be explained not at the fault of McQueen. I dislike the lighting in these Nylon photos. It's cold in Boston and snowing and I can't bear to look at short sleeves or bikinis. I don't like the American Apparel feel of the models.
What I do like, however is the blue sweater dress and black blazer. Thanks Target for supplying my recession wardrobe needs.

Inauguration Hangover

(image courtesy of Reuters)
It's Inauguration hangover today, complete with fashion roundups and musical performances. I for one know that I should have skipped out of snowy Boston and gotten to DC. Why did no one alert me that the Inaugural "Neighborhood" Ball was open to the public last night? No one told me that Maroon 5 was performing. Oh right, and Alicia Keys. And that the Obama's first dance as the first couple would be to Beyonce. Next time I need to be included on such a memo. Rumor has it though that the Obamas got through with their party hopping early last night. Why would that be? Too many glasses of champagne? Too many snooty donors? Did the party end when Maroon 5 put down the guitar?

Anyway, I for one can vouch that I spent all day yesterday watching all the DC festivities on ABC News. And as the day went on, I found myself growing more and more fond of Michelle Obama's fashion choice. Although the yellow/gold color was a bit questionable to me at first, it ended up looking splendidly on her as she and Barack walked down the DC streets. Something tells me that all of a sudden everyone will know of Isabel Toledo's collection, since the first lady sporting your designs is the best PR ever. Evidence of this? An email from Barneys New York this morning in my inbox sending me to this link. Told you so.

But just between you and me - the best fashion of the day goes to the first daughters, who apparently shop at J.Crew just like me (and every other New England prep school alum). Kudos girls.

More political news with Ted Kennedy escorted out of the lunchon yesterday afternoon after reports of seizuring. As a Bostonian, the Kennedy's are my royality, and Pop Culture Paradox sends loads of well-wishes to the Senator.


Red Sox Offseason Checklist

Securing Papelbon for at least this season without going into arbitration? Check.

Signing Youkilis for four more seasons (eliciting cheers of 'YOOOOOOOK!' all over the city of Boston)? Check.

Meeting with Jason Varitek and getting text message verification that he wants to be back in the Hub for this season. Check. (Can we please stop being cheapos and just resign him already?)
A not so subtle note to John Henry and Theo (I-dont-care-if-you-have-a-wife-and-kid-you're-still-hot) Epstein: There's 77 days left before Opening Day. 35 days until the first Spring Training game against BC. Let's get this roster good to go. Okay? Okay.

Buttercup was always MY favorite

While cruising the interwebs this afternoon at work (shhh. don't tell anyone), I came across this post on ONTD. Am I the only mid-twenty-something that remembers how fantastically wonderful The Powerpuff Girls were? My best friends from middle school and I even designated who's personalities matched up with who. I, of course, was Buttercup. The fiesty brunette. Some things never change.
The DVD box set of the entire series goes on sale today (1/20). Go grab it, make a Shirley Temple, eat some Skittles and pretend you're 12 again. It's okay, I won't tell a soul.


Pop Culture Paradox loves PRESIDENT Obama


TabloidCoverWednesday -- haven't you missed it so? (Jezebel's overview here)

But without Steve Jobs, who will possibly invent a new gadget that I'll need to run out and buy?!

Oh WSJ. Prep school jerks everywhere will still pop their collar. I promise you that much.

I SO bet Lily Van Der Woodsen listened to Madonna and wore neon pink leggings. Viva la 80s.

Carrie Bradshaw <3's Britney Spears.

Oh my good god in heaven. Please no one tell my boyfriend about this, because I'd rather not see him lose a leg.

A warning for underage boys everywhere.

Lady GaGa... covering Heidi Montag? WTF?


Varitek, don't break my heart like this...

While reading this article on Boston.com this morning, my heart sank just a little bit. We are under a month away from spring training in Florida. And only 82 days (yes, I just counted in my trusty Coach day planner) away from Opening Day at Fenway Park. Jason Varitek is starting to make me bite my nails. Just a little bit. And we all know that bitten, black nail polished nails are not a good look for anyone. Laugh all you want, but seriously, Varitek is (I refuse to say was, yet) the Red Sox captain. The C. He didn't bat so hot last season, and he's getting older, but for Red Sox fans my age, he's like a Red Sox staple. He didn't bail on us like Damon did for pinstripes and a clean shave. He was with the team in 2004 - one of the few that remain. He's scruffy and the definition of a 'Boston Guy' if I've ever seen one. There doesn't seem to be a market for him anywhere else (otherwise his status as a free agent wouldn't be so prominent still in the Globe) and I can say that he's valued here. We can't enter this 2009 season with three catchers, none of which holds substantial MLB experience.
As if I didn't already dislike Scott Boras (Varitek's agent) after this Texiera debacle, now he could take away the love I have for wearing my green Varitek Red Sox tee. Don't make me hate you more. Please?

My Life Would Suck Without You

I have been a deliquient blogger. I know, and I'm sorry. But you know what they say. Holidays bring the crazy - meaning parties, family issues, gift giving, and hardly no time to breathe. P and I have hardly even talked, and that's saying something because even though we're divided by an ocean or two, we talk everyday - normally. Anyway, then post-holiday, the new year came around, and the new year brought almost breakups, and a severe lack of incentive to write. Anywho I AM BACK, and finally there's something worth writing about.
Here you go loverfaces. Kelly Clarkson's new single. If the YouTube link is dead, sorry, just search it in the box bc it'll be everywhere by the end of the day. I (and my prep school best friend, A) ARE OBSESSED with it (not to mention that I feel a certain emotional link to the lyrics. Maybe K.Clarks and I have similar love life issues). Welcome back, KClarks. Pop music has severely missed you. Let's stay with the 'Since You've Been Gone' era and not slip into that 'My December' era of music that we can just forgive and forget about. K? K.

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