Things we love. Wednesday edition.

Sunnies – Oversized. Wayfarer. Aviator. Sunny days like today usher in sunglass inspiration. Time to pick up a new pair for this season!

Modern Family – Tonight. ABC. 9pm. The best comedy on television. Here’s to hoping that Cam & Mitchell dress Lily up for St. Patrick’s Day (fingers crossed).

Madonna – Because she’s designing a clothing line, inspired by her daughter Lourdes. Love.

Movie screenings – Best friend and I are off to see a screening of She’s Out Of My League. Appropriate movie choice, because it’s our favorite thing to tell boys. Kidding.

And one thing that we definitely don’t love today – the need to double check the authenticity of designer merchandise from a certain retailer. Um, what's the opposite of fabulous?


Things we love. Tuesday edition.

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Diversity on the runways – Fellow designers, take a cue from Diane von Furstenberg.

Froyo – Of the Pinkberry kind. Temperatures in Boston finally rose above freezing, which means dinners of tart frozen yogurt are in the near future.

Alexander McQueen’s final collection – Amazing use of color, geometric shape and design. R.I.P.

Last night’s Gossip Girl – And today’s recap courtesy of


File > new playlist

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Springtime ushers in flowers, blue skies, and new playlists. Enjoy!

Trina & Keri Hilson – Million Dollar Girl

Vita Chambers – Young Money

Jason DeRulo – In My Head

Stokes & Baby Bash – All The Bad Girls

Justin Bieber & Ludacris – Baby

Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug

The White Tie Affair – If I Fall (Demo Version)

Rihanna – Rude Boy

Leighton Meester – Your Love’s A Drug

As always, iTunes (and other legal download sites) are your friend. Happy (legal) downloading!


things we love. gossip girl monday edition.

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The night is here. After three long months without my guilty pleasure, it's back. As an ode to it's return, I dedicate my favorite things to the best. show. ever.

Headbands - They're as appropriate for young professionals as they are for 12-year-olds. A proper way to style hair, keep it down, and controlled. Blair Waldorf wears it best. Always.

Fitted leather jackets - A staple of Serena van der Woodsen's wardrobe. Totally chic with a bit of edge. Best with golden hardware and a heavy dose of attitude.

Veuve Cliquot champagne - For champagne lovers (and stereotypical Upper East Siders), there is no other bubbly.

Cupcakes - Because Gossip Girl makes me think of New York. New York makes me think of Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia makes me need a cupcake, immediately.


Fashion Police - PCP Style.

Oscar Sunday. It's a serious event, the creme de la creme of the award season. Awards aside, Oscar Sunday is when style appears in a big way. Award shows and red carpets bring out real life Cinderellas and infamous fashion moments (anyone else remember Jennifer Lopez's green dress at the 1995 Grammys?).

This year, while there were no Earth-shaking green dress moments (my roommate calls that a cautionary tale for other would-be fashion risk takers), there were certainly hits - and a few misses.

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It's no secret. I love Nicole Richie. Her style evolution from trendy California party girl to chic fashion designer is inspiring. Her Oscar look simply dazzled in a Reem Acra draped dress, perfect eye makeup and brunette hair. Fingers crossed that the dark locks are staying. Blondes may have more fun, but Richie as a brunette oozes class.

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Sandra Bullock showcases the keys to a perfect Oscar outfit. A Marchesa dress with a jaw-droppingly perfect fit and envy-worthy silhouette. A bit of metallic embellishment (but not too much!). Hair, makeup and accessories that compliment - not distract! - from the overall look. Classy and gorgeous.

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If Carrie Bradshaw was a real person, she would absolutely approve of Sarah Jessica Parker's Chanel Couture dress. Parker easily emulated Oscar glam and scored major bonus points with her husband, Matthew Broderick in Tom Ford. Love.

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Rachel McAdams ushers in spring watercolor prints in an Elie Saab Haute Couture gown. With a crisscross sweetheart neckline and long, flowing train, McAdams shines on the red carpet.

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Women like Meryl Streep (and my mother!) ease any fear about aging. In a winter white Chris March dress, Steep looks more graceful and amazing than ever. A plunging neck gives a youthful style, without compromising age-appropriateness. Hollywood starlets, take note.

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The bad news? Everything can't be glamorous and chic on Oscar night. Case in point. Miley Cryus in a Jenny Packman gown. Perfect from the waist down. Cringe-worthy from the waist up. Bustier tops aren't allowed within a 50 mile radius of a red carpet. Or anywhere.

Other hits: Demi Moore in Atelier Versace (does she ever age?), Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan (I'm a sucker for burgundy gowns), and Elizabeth Banks in Versace (no one can do wrong in lavender chiffon).

Other misses: Zoe Saldana in Givenchy (save the poof-train for playing dress up, not the red carpet) and Vera Farmiga in Marchesa (how can she even sit down?).

Still questionable - Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive. Hit or miss? Tell me at popcultureparadox [at]


Things we love. Weekend edition.

Fringe bags - My 2005 obsession becomes spring 2010's ultimate handbag trend. Everyone, break out your best Sienna Miller-esque oversized hobos.

Lip applique dress by Philosophy di Alberta Feretti
- Party dress splurging doesn't solely correlate with proms and formals. Such events are of the past, but breaking out a fun dress stays appropriate. Wear it out to dinner with your best friends. Wear it out for martinis. Wear it with a pair of nude platform pumps and go shopping. Watch jaws drop instantaneously.

Taro chips by Terra - Imagine a whole bag of the best chip in Terra's assorted bag. It's like a canister full of only red gummy bears. A box of only blue popsicles. A bowl of strawberry Skittles. Only, this bag of chips exists. Thank you snack gods.


Tricks of the Trade

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Confession. I'm blessed with good hair. As a young girl, friends oohed and aahed while running their fingers through my thick locks. I quickly realized the benefits of good hair -- volume, texture, control, style. I brag, but before anyone passes judgment on my admitted bragging, I'm willing to give up a few secrets - my ultimate tricks of the trade.

Even with good hair, it's vital to know which products work best. I swear by a handful of products, day in and day out. Cross my heart, my hair isn't nearly as ooh and aah worthy without them.

Silky Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner - Perfect for thick locks. Expect a lather with oomph, a smooth rinse, and a to-die-for scent that converts a shower into a spa session. Plus, the title is just fun to say. SilkySexyHair. Say it three times fast and it becomes a mantra.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique - A must have leave-in nourishing heat protectant for any and all flat iron users. Overheating is a kiss of death for perfect hair, and no one likes split ends. No one.

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste - Comb through hair ends after drying and straightening. This defines like no other, and is the best friend to choppy long layers.

Hair spray - A product that works perfectly regardless of brand. Word to the wise - please use sparingly. Please. This is not the 1980s, and Aqua Net alone never creates an appropriate look.


Things We Love. Friday Edition.

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Ray Ban Wayfarers - Audrey Hepburn loved them. I adore them. Particularly when used to shield welcomed sunshine at 530pm.

OPI for Sephora Opening Night nail polish - More pizazz than black. Equally as chic.

Scrunched ballet flats - So comfy I could be shoeless. Scrumptious.

Homecomings - Particularly when the city is no longer tolerable. Hello north shore of Massachusetts. Did you miss me?


Things We Love. Thursday Edition.

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Bubble umbrellas - Winter in Boston clings on for one more push. Today's forecast? Snow, rain and general yuck. While my weather-inappropriate footwear suffers (my poor mocassins!), my coif doesn't have to. Trusty bubble umbrella, you treat a girl in need oh-so well.

Simplenote iPhone app - Loved and used by bloggers (at least this one) when subways hit no-cell service zones.

Coral nail polish - Last seen: on a coworkers nails. A sure sign that spring is
finally coming.

YSL - Confession: I had hour long daydreams of
platform pumps. Paired with little black dresses. Skinny jeans. Miniskirts. Leggings. Everything in my closet. A sign to give into temptation?


Public Service Announcement

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Spotted. PCP’s all-time favorite guilty pleasure show returns (at long last!) in 4 days.

For those who forget, a quick recap. Serena is in love with Nate (and thankfully not with skeezy congressman-cousin Tripp). Lily and Rufus are on the rocks. Jenny is involved in less-than-appealing dealing of the narcotic kind. Chuck has hallucinations of his dearly departed father. Dan confesses (to himself and the world) that he loves Vanessa (we continue not to care). And Dorota’s expecting (heartwarming!).

Four days. Plenty of time to find a new headband to wear to commemorate the event.


P.S. A SOS of the Gossip Girl kind. A golden star and big (virtual) hug to the reader can point me in the direction of the Catherine Malandrino dress that Serena wears in the above photo. A stylish selfish request from me. Any and all leads can be sent to popcultureparadox [at] Gracias!

I Really, Really, Really Want…

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Posh Spice was always my favorite Spice Girl. Sporty wore too much ADIDAS. Ginger wore too many leotards. Scary only really accessorized her tongue ring (ew). Baby just couldn’t let go of the pigtail look. But Posh in her chic LBD, platform pumps, and blunt bob screamed sophistication. Even at the tender (and fashionably not) age of 10, I knew a good thing when I saw it.

I am no longer 10 (thank goodness). And she isn’t Posh Spice anymore. Victoria Beckham grew from pouting pop star to bonafide envy-worthy fashion designer in mere years. Yes, earlier designs left much to be desired (Dvb denim for Rock & Republic, anyone?). But the growth showcased during New York Fashion Week last month? Simply astonishing.

“I’m really enjoying learning about draping this season,” Beckham told revelers at her fall 2010 show. Learning? Think mastering. An anything-but-frumpy red long sleeved mini-dress pulls off a blanket-style look with an air of class. But, then again, should anyone expect anything but class from a girl formerly known as Posh? Methinks no.


The Ick Factor

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There are many, many trends that I adore. Nautical stripes. Bigger-than-necessary leather totes. Chunky cocktail rings. I write. I shop. I gush. But, I realize that not all trends are filled with fabulousity. Some simply bring on the ick factor.

Case in point? This spring’s venture into army-inspired camouflage. This look is appropriate in scarce instances. A high school powderpuff game. While starring in the sequel to GI Jane. In the woods or in the military -- when, you know, one may actually need to be camouflaged.

I do not want to see camouflage t-shirts strolling down Newbury Street. I do not want to see camouflage shorts as I sail along the Charles River. I absolutely do not want to see camouflage skirts anywhere (yes, including all college girls dressed for theme party greatness). Please stylistas, just say no to this trend and let it fade away into the summer. Embrace flip flops and cozy t-shirts as spring finally ushers in – and leave the camo garb elsewhere. Please, and thank you.


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