Tart Soft-Serve Goodness

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Since discovering Pinkberry in NYC earlier this summer (and learning that while P will be able to eat all the Pinkberry to her hearts' content in Kuwait, and I'm stuck with no Pinkberry whatsoever in Boston), I went on a one-woman-hunt for similar tart frozen yogurt in the greater Boston area. After a month, about one froyo a day and numerous pleadings with my boyfriend to, "please just take me so I can get one more today," I think I've exhausted my efforts. I've been to what I could locate as the four main soft-serve froyo venues near me (all within a MBTA subway ride distance). While Pinkberry resides within me as the creme de la creme, some of these come in awfully close behind.

In order of preference...

1.) Berryline. If I wasn't so obsessed with Pinkberry's aura, decor and atmosphere, I would maybe say that Berryline ranks #1 as the best soft-serve frozen yogurt. Their fruit is always fresh (I recommend the raspberries, strawberries and kiwi), and the workers pile it on. I went there twice today alone (true story). Prices are cheaper than Pinkberry by about a dollar and the soft-serve is creamy and delicious. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook and find their yummy deliciousness in Porter Square, Harvard Square or the Fenway area on Bolyston Street.

2.) Chill. When walking into Chill on Chestnut Hill Ave. in Brighton, I felt the Pinkberry influence. White counters. Bright lights. All radiated a certain sense of cleanliness. Also affordable (a small with two toppings runs just about $4), it's become a weekly staple in girls night dinner dates with my friend K. I still opt for raspberries and strawberries as toppings (I'm a creature of habit), while K opts for rainbow sprinkles (we're really 8 years old at heart). I find Chill's consistency to be a bit more watery than Berryline, but not so much so that it's unenjoyable.

3.) The disappointment of the bunch, U Good on Brookline Ave in Boston, next to the Regal Cinema and on the first floor of the Landmark Center. While their signs taut healthy food and healthy living, I felt awfully cheated (and angry, thereby unhealthy) when the worker piled on about 4 raspberries and 2 bits of strawberry as my "toppings" that have an additional cost. When I bit in, I swear, I tasted cardboard. Tangy and not tart. After days of fantastic froyo, my tastebuds were unfulfilled and disappointed. No good, U Good.

4.) Lastly, I put this only as a warning to others. On some internet pages, Cafe Kiraz in Cambridge is listed as having fantastic soft-serve frozen yogurt. Conveniently placed about, oh, twenty steps from my apartment, I decided to give it a try. When I ask the worker whether the soft-serve frozen yogurt is indeed my heavenly tart frozen yogurt, I get nods and affirming yes's. Negative. No tart soft-serve. Learn from my mistakes. If you want imitation Pinkberry, seek elsewhere.

Apparently in September, lucky me, Red Mango is opening on Huntington Ave. near Symphony Hall in Boston. I can hardly wait. Until then, Berryline employees can anticipate to see me every day, while Chill can be graced with my presence on Thursdays. Delish.


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