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I strive to have my home match my personality, so it's only appropriate to have my iPhone have a home that matches it's pop nature. As seen above, I choose to house my music while I'm not out and about in an iHome iP9. While pink might seem like the choice for a 12-year-old, I embrace my inner feminine side (and so should everyone, if so desired!). Added bonus feature? A great and reliable alarm clock.

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However, iHome isn't the only choice for iPod/iPhone speakerware. For indulgent speaker seekers, Bose's SoundDock is sleek, loud and thin enough to fit in any windowsill.

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Stylish speakers shouldn't be limited to the bedroom (or kitchen, living room, or wherever your iHome may reside). Shuga Buds have been popular for a few years (best friend A gave me a pair for my 20th birthday). Swarovski crystaled and juicy with color, pairs could once be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Now it (sadly) appears that one can only find pairs of sparkly earbud goodness via their official order form. Also sad? Reminder for iPhone 1st Generation users. No flush headphone jack = no usage of non-Apple earbuds. Time to upgrade!


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