Tom's Shoes!

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I heard of Tom's Shoes from (gasp) my Mom and Dad months ago. Then I started seeing "Tom the shoegiver" on AT&T commercials. One morning I saw on Britney Spears's twitter (or whoever ghosts it, can I have that job, by the way?) that she bought a pair of Tom's shoes. Now, I open the PCP inbox and dear reader Meghan (thank you for being so loyal to our blog!) tipped us off to them. Clearly a post is necessary on the charitable trend that is Tom's Shoes.

Like Tom says on his AT&T commercial, "for every pair that is bought, a child in need receives a pair of shoes" (yes, I memorized that line. I do watch that much television). Less expensive than a pair of Blahnik's or Choo's, these fabulous shoes won't cramp your toes, make you trip over Boston cobblestones or make you feel overdressed. Comfy and canvas, these shoes are definitely for the girl (or boy, mommy, daddy, grandma, child, baby...) on the go.

For all you high-end designer fanatics, don't scoff at the idea of vegan, canvas shoes. Everyone needs a lazy Sunday pair of shoes. Consider it the perfect solution. Havaiana's just won't do year-round as the go-to casual flip-flops (believe me, my toes have frozen in snowbanks one too many times). Croc's are maybe the fugliest things ever (don't even try to defend these garden shoes - they are not appropriate for anywhere but the garden). No one can deny that Tom's navy tie-dye loafers are anything but cute. Plus, helping out children in need with a shoe purchase? Talk about no buyers remorse!


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