I Love Almost Everything From My Childhood...

(image courtesy of http://www.azique.co.uk)

I have many fond memories of my childhood. I loved my purple bike with the pink basket and koala bear patch on the front. I loved my beloved teddy bear, Honey Bear. I loved watching Sesame Street and Care Bears. I loved Sanrio products, especially Spottie Dottie (and a big shoutout to my aunt, who I heard reads my beloved blog, who gave me my first Sanrio stationary kit). From my childhood, mostly though, I loved wearing scrunchies.

Scrunchies. Pink. Purple. Turquoise. Magenta. Black. White. Yellow. Polka dotted. Striped. Glitter and bedazzled. I L-O-L-O-V-E-D scrunchies.

When I was eight. Rumor on the interwebs is that American Apparel is trying to bring back the scrunchie. I will not be jumping on this trend and reverting back to the 1980s. Some things, like ex-boyfriends and bad drinks, are worth keeping in the past, don't you think?


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