Dr Khaled Al Najdi at Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait

Kuwaiti artist Dr. Khaled Al Najdi's solo exhibition entitled 'Digital Reflections of Kuwaiti Heritage' opened today at the Dar Al Funoon art gallery in Kuwait.
An art professor at a local university here, Dr. Al Najdi's strong background in digital design is highly evident in his pieces. The incredibly stylized images you see are all apparently hand drawn and then worked on laboriously on the computer...pretty amazing stuff.
The enlarged picture is entitled "Wedding Dancers" and shows two traditionally clad women celebrating and the background shows a Sadu rug and Arabic coffee pot.
The rest of the exhibition shows the people on the peripheries of Kuwaiti society and that includes traditional bakers, falconers, boat builders and herdsmen. He captures the most obviously mundane of situations and slaps them on the canvas for us to see...and makes us drink in the images of everyday we so often ignore from the comfort of our air conditioned villas and luxury cars.
The exhibition will run until June 7. For more information, call 00965 2243 3138

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