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On June 13th, Facebook introduced usernames to its users. Despite complaints that the change made Facebook more aligned with Myspace, users snapped up their usernames quickly and swiftly. Over 6 million usernames were claimed by the 15th. Some say that this change is relatively useless, while some are baffled by the "brouhaha" surrounding the change. For Web 2.0-fluent readers and small business owners, it means a better SEO process in setting an online social media presence. For us, clearly it means an easier Facebook stalking process. Assuming people claim their own name as their searchable username that means finding your old college crush or the cute Starbucks barista is as easy as'-name-here (just hope that his name isn't John Smith or anything like that, if so, sorry!).

That being said. We at Pop Culture Paradox jumped on this bandwagon (although admittedly a bit late). Find us. Friend us. Comment on us and send us Facebook love at out official Facebook page at


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