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There is something to be said about a band that can randomly go on tour, not have so much as a new album out within the past seven years and put on one of the most solid concerts that I've seen, in a sold out venue, no less.

No Doubt performed last night at the Comcast Center in Mansfield (not Boston, for the record), Massachusetts. They performed live, amazingly well, with a great setlist. I could rave all post about the performance alone, but I won't. Those are the kind of reviews you can go to for. For me, seeing No Doubt live is a personal experience. I can say to very few bands that they helped get me through my (admittedly at times rocky) adolescence, through just about every breakup (hello, Ex-Girlfriend and Don't Speak and influenced my fashion (does anyone else still lust over the cropped yellow jeweled tank that Gwen rocks in the Don't Speak video?!).

While it wasn't my first time seeing No Doubt live, its been seven years and a few notable changes. Gwen Stefani's solo career opened No Doubt's fanbase hugely. I met new No Doubt fans who saw solo Gwen Stefani on tour. I saw people getting just as excited for Just A Girl now in 2009 like it was 1996 and the Tragic Kingdom tour all over again. Alas, I didn't appreciate the attitude of some (talking to you, mean lady sitting next to me for the second half of the show who scowled at me while I sung along to Different People - sorry if you don't know the lyrics but that's not my problem), but for the most part, convert No Doubt fans are just as good as the old-school-listened-to-Tragic-Kingdom-on-cassette-until-it-wore-out-and-wouldn't-play-anymore breed.

The setlist of No Doubt's 2009 summer tour mixes old (Tragic Kingdom era) with, well, new(ish?) (Rock Steady era). Gwen and the boys throw in their Gossip Girl featured cover of Stand & Deliver for good measure in halfway through the encore, but for the entirety of the almost two-hour show, it's a throwback to the late 1990s. It's easy to forget while watching that it's no longer 1995 (a good thing) but that means Gwen Stefani is no longer 28 or so and is not 40. Forty years old. Holy abs. Don't believe me? Check out the photos that The Phoenix has posted. Two kids and four decades. I can only hope for so much.

Thankfully not a hint of bubblegum pop Gwen Stefani (although I love everything she does, I swear!) can be found during this tour, making myself and my boyfriend happy at the end of the evening. If you're heading to the show (lucky you) take my advice and head to the merch table. Gwen's fashion career brings high-quality concert tees. Fitted, super soft, stylish and not ugly - I plan on pairing my Just A Girl tee with a pair of leggings every lazy Sunday morning.


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