Coded Messages

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While I made my rounds on the weekend party circuit, my friend (and loyal PCP reader) Mandy and I firsthand witnessed could-be hookups and girl code hand-in-hand. The scenario always is the same. Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Boy shameless hits on girl. Girl reciprocates. Boy seems clueless to girl's obvious signs of interest.

It occurred to me that everyone knows guy code (all too much, if you ask me), but girl code seems to be this hidden secret that no one speaks of or flaunts around. Maybe it's because as females, we're a bit more inept to subtlety. Maybe it's because as females, we don't care if there's a code or not. Maybe it's because we all have moments where we're bitches and break the code anyway so if we pretend there isn't one, then we're never in the wrong.

It feels a bit Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (gag), but I stumbled upon The Girl Code by Diane Farr during my online search for 'girl code' terminology. As a twenty-something, post-college girl, I (and my friends) have had a fair share of flirting, dating, hooking up, breaking up and all that fun stuff. It may seem a bit Sex and The City but somehow the common thread in each relationships' bumps, endings or false starts concludes with, "He just doesn't get it!" Boys, take note. Open your eyes. We really aren't that complicated. We promise!


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