Mexican & Magnolia

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Best friend A thought that Dos Caminos at 825 3rd Avenue was the M friendly restaurant for our Saturday night dinner out. She's not my best friend for nothing. Upon walking in, I not only was completely impressed by the decor (wraparound booths! ambiance lighting!) but eyed the huge cast-iron pots at the center of each table. Guacamole bowls, I soon learned. And not just any guacamole, but the best guacamole I have ever consumed in my twenty-something years. Freshly mixed for each customer, it comes mild, medium or hot - and whichever way, delicious.

In true M form, I ordered a traditional margarita (appropriately called, "El Camino"). Strong but tasty. No complaints. No complaints about my three-cheese fondue either. Fabulous, delicious and filling - and not expensive! $30 for an NYC meal is nothing to scoff at. Our waiter was amazing and fun. He let us eat and didn't constantly ask us if we needed anything else, but came back with refills and new chips without request. Big thumbs up. Dos Caminos, plan on my return on my next NYC adventure.

Lastly, no NYC trip is complete without a few Magnolia cupcakes. I ventured away from my normal vanilla only choice onto their fabulously delicious caramel offering. If only Amtrak allowed more room, I would have brought at least 20 back to Boston with me.


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