My Closet = Filled By Diane von Furstenberg

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I am a true city girl. From the designer wardrobe to the inner core that loves taxi rides, skyscrapers and nighttime skyline, I scream city life. It's no surprise that my original post-college plan included a move to NYC (not just a city, but the city), working for a media consulting firm and going to sample sales every weekend. But alas, priorities got rearranged, and while I see that everything worked out for my benefit, when I'm in NYC, I take to it like a fish to water. So, my first NYC sample sale excursion was no different.

The twice-a-year Diane von Furstenberg sample sale occurred this week on 5th avenue. Best friend A attended the past two sales, and always found tons of goodies, even on the last day. This summer's was no exception. $250 spent (yes, only about 2/3rds or so of the price of a wrap dress at Saks) and I'm bringing three tops, two dressy tanks, two skirts, two sweaters and an Andy Warhol collection bikini. My favorite buy, hands down, were the $50 spent on a Vezzano sweater in black. All cashmere, it screams Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys. I can hardly wait for chilly fall days when I can pair it with a black trouser and heels on Newbury Street.

Inspired to go to the next DVF sample sale in NYC? Here are a few tips.

The next one is in December.

Want wrap dresses? Go there before the last day, as they're the first items to sell out.

Get there early. A and I showed up a hour early, were the second and third people in line, and were able to have a smooth shopping adventure.

As always, wear comfortable shoes. Don't bring a bag, as checking bags is mandatory. No one needs a detour before being able to rummage through.

Dressing rooms are communal, and normally a crazy circus of women tearing on and off dresses and tops. Don't be shy because, yes, you do need to try everything on.

Don't feel as though you must buy something. A weeded through everything in her size, found a dress and a skirt that are perfect, spent under $100 and has not a drop of buyers remorse.

Happy shopping!


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