H20 - Nature's Best Gift

(image courtesy of http://www.apartmenttherapy.com)

With the summer here (in spirit at least, I pray for the day it will surpass 70 degrees again in Boston), I am reminded by my mother to keep hydrated. My liquid diet of iced lattes, caffeinated iced tea, and the not-so-occasional glass of red wine, sangria or Petron margarita, while all tasty, fail me in the hydration department (and aren’t really work appropriate anyway).

In this month’s In Style, cover girl Rebecca Romijn says to keep cool and healthy, she pops a few cucumber slices into her ice water. Inspired, I tried this with best friend A in NYC. I am now hooked. At all times in my fridge is a large pitcher of homemade cucumber, lemon and lime infused water. So much cheaper than buying it bottled, I feel refreshed and healthy. Plus, the skin pluses for drinking so much cucumber water? I believe it.


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