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A quick weekend post to say a huge thank you to our readers! 10,000 hits are more than P and I ever imagined. In fact, we still believe that the only readers we have are our mothers and best friends. Apparently we're just modest. We're excited and thrilled. Thank you!



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At the age of 23, I finally hand myself over to the shoe gods. I always misunderstood shoe obsessions. I blamed my small feet, impatience with finding the perfect shoe, and the pain of walking through jagged brick-lined roads in Boston in heels. In college, instead of sky-high Louboutins, I opted for wintertime Uggs and summertime Havaiana flip flops with every outfit. Yes, every outfit, including dresses, formals, and dates. Major fashion disaster.

Today? Reformed. That's what I am. I find myself planning entire outfits around new pairs of shoes. I wear heels and feel confident. There's just something about a new shoe that feels good. It ranks with new car smell and the first use of a new designer handbag. I alternate through leather booties, suede riding boots and studded flats. I have shoegasms at the sight of skyscraper heels (a la Lady GaGa in Alexander McQueen). I find myself lusting and longing for new heels. Blue suede with red soles and Swarovski-encrusted. Designer shoes are like art, and so perfectly formed. Bank account, my apologies, but I think my obsession is here for good.


Tis The Season

Holiday Party!
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The holidays make me happy. Eggnog. Mistletoe. Presents wrapped in elegant gold wrapping paper with big red velvet bows. Few things dampen the holiday spirit, and I choose to ignore them.

Yesterday, PCP reader L asked the ever-daunting question that arrives with every holiday season. The dilemma? Attending a significant other's company holiday fiesta. Such events cause fashion meltdowns, stress and the need for an intoxicatingly therapeutic blow out at the salon.

My advice on the topic? Go big or go home. Few events (save the red carpet walks, award ceremonies, prom and wedding) create such opportunity for fashion do's. I wasted too many on weak, half-done, "I don't feel like getting all dressed up, who am I impressing anyway?" excuses on outfits. Learn from my don'ts, and please treat your credit card for a run at the boutiques.

What is appropriate. Little black dresses. Opaque black tights. A splash of holiday color with bangles, headbands or cocktail rings (please, not all three). Bows are a do, and a gasp-inducing wool peacoat is a non-option. What else is there to wear over a party outfit?

Shoes make or break a holiday outfit. Spread the Christmas cheer with some Louboutin red or a classic nude Manolo. 2009 has been a long year, and if Santa isn't going to leave a pair under the tree, treating oneself is the path to holiday sanity. The resolution to save more and spend less starts January 1st.


Caught In A Bad Romance

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It's no secret that I have a Lady GaGa obsession. I made Just Dance my unofficial summer-after-college anthem. I stood (and okay, was pushed around by overly-excited Bostonians) front row at the House of Blues for her first Boston-area show. I admire her style (hello bubble dress!) and adore her love for Andy Warhol (anyone who didn't get that her small videos at her last tour were a homage to Warhol's The Factory clearly needs to pick up a contemporary art history book).

There's a certain pop music formula that leads to success. A solid beat (as found in Alejandro), a catchy hook (as found in Monster) and some controversial lyrics (references to JonBenet Ramsey and Princess Diana in Dance In The Dark). Even untalented songwriters have this concept down like arithmetic. But Gaga isn't Britney and she goes further with The Fame Monster. She appears completely self-aware within the compass of eight new songs. All amazing. Speechless is a heartbreaking ballad about her father. Alejandro channels 1990s-era Ace of Base. Beyonce plays backup to the new pop queen in Telephone. Dance In The Dark? Consider it the anthem for my mid-twenties.

Best of all about GaGa's work, her music molds together. One song leads into the next seamlessly. Her pop opera this winter? Sure to be the best concert around.


Luxe indulgences

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Champagne is one of my favorite treats and splurges. Moet. Veuve Clicquot. The inexpensive bottle of Martini & Rossi. My Andre filled college days. The drink screams of luxe celebration. Plus I love the taste, and how the bubbles look floating through my Tiffany & Co champagne flutes.

This weekend, while shopping with my close friend T, I found a new indulgence. Hotel Chocolat on Newbury Street in Boston. Upon walking in we were greeted with a sample of their signature milk chocolate, which can turn even the most non-chocolate prone individuals (such as myself) into chocolate lovers. Stacked along the walls are fruit filled truffles. Solid bricks of milk, dark, and white chocolate. Chocolate lollipops and nutty truffles. While browsing the store, I found the holy grail of chocolates.

White chocolate champagne truffles. Color me obsessed. Smooth white chocolate with a champagne soaked ganache. I bought and I ate. Few things in life bring such happiness than the first bite of one of these truffles. My next buy? The pink champagne truffles. Life is about indulging.


Shameless Self Promotion

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Simple concept. Join through my invite link ( by December 24th. Get a $10 credit. It's the equivalent of free shipping - or further justification that you just need that cashmere sweater.

Happy shopping!

Earmuffs Are The New Hat

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Hats. Who needs them? They flatten down blow outs, give unwanted static electricity, and are never ever flattering. Today while shopping at Neiman Marcus, I discovered a love for earmuffs.

Simple concept. A headband that keeps ears warm. No ruined hair. No static-induced flyaway hairs. Could I ask for more?

My personal favorites that I chose today? Light brown rabbit fur earmuffs by Surell and the classic garnet Burberry plaid. Consider my ears covered as the winter rolls into Boston. Crisp air, bring it on.


Ruffle Frenzy

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I consider myself a simple girl with lavish tastes. I love a flashy, trendy handbag. Or a really gorgeously printed coat. I love big, chunky cocktail rings and skyscraper high heels. But I love the basics more. Soft white tees. Black stretchy turtlenecks. Dark blue jeans. Black jersey dresses. Basics that spotlight every-person wearability. To me, it's the perfect artist's palette.

My love for basics once geared me away from ruffles. My old mindset? Frills = distracting and unflattering. I eat my words. The reason for my shift in ruffle morals? This burgundy sheen tiered skirt. Flattering. Slimming. Form-fitting. And in the perfect holiday season hue. Paired with a black turtleneck, tights and heels? Only the perfect outfit to juggle my iPhone and glass of eggnog at the season's first party. Ho ho hot (okay that was cheesy, forgive me).


T-Shirt Heaven

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Halloween wasn't the only reason to celebrate in Boston last weekend. At last, another luxe store claims Boston as a home. Vince, a personal fashion favorite, finally opened it's doors to the public at Copley Plaza on October 30th.

Lushious cashmeres. Preppy solids. Luxuriously soft Pima cotton tees. Staples of any former prep school graduate's wardrobe. The best part about Vince? The quality, wear, fit and feel of each and every item remains unmatched. Consider it a step up from those Forever 21 tees.


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