I know, it's been awhile since a newsflash occurred. How did you all ever survive without your daily dose of pop culture?


Wait a goddamned second. Facebook employees are given Jack Spade bags upon hire?! Someone give my HR department this idea. Please?

Crying because she's a sorority girl in trouble? Crying because she totally fell off the ugly tree? Who knows, and who really cares

Caroline Kennedy. The most popular girl on the block right now. (You know you're popular when people start talking shizz about your marriage.) I'm sure her last name doesn't hurt on the popularity scale too.

And where would this person be in 6 days when I need champagne to celebrate my impending birthday?

Old news. But still brings the LOL every single effing time I watch it

No Vera Wang at Bryant Park this year? You must be kidding me.

Question. If I disappeared off of Facebook, would screenshots of my former profile show up on

Is the recession driving those over at the New York Times to the bottle? With the launch of this blog, I'd have to think yes (don't wory NYT'ers. You're not alone. Me and my best friend Yellowtail will always hang out with you for a glass or twenty.)

Listen, as long as she doesn't shave her head again, we're all good.

Mean, prep school girls. Haven't changed a bit since 2000.

In a week and a half, the items on this list are so last year.

Should I be offended that P sent me this article with me in mind? Lush? Yes? Oh well.

Happy reading! If you're in the northeast like me, get ready for the blizzard coming tomorrow. I for one am wishing I had bought a new pair of boots...


Don't worry, P and I are still alive.

I know everyone, it's been a bit of a crazy week around Pop Culture Paradox. Our jobs and personal lives are stressed to the max trying to cram everything necessary in before the holiday break (Yay, I get three whole days off. Hallelujah.). I figured it was necessary to awake from the dead (and depths of reports that I have in front of me) and remind everyone that we're here, don't you worry.

A big thank you goes out to a friend of one of my nearest and dearest, L. I dont' know who you are, but I LOVED getting an im that says: ****** (11:52:52 PM): i just caught up on about a month's worth of pop culture paradox. tell her to keep on truckin' and if I checked regularly would LOVE for her to post more! haha. i'm obsessed

Really, whoever you are, thank you! It makes me feel that much happier about this little baby of a blog that P and I maintain. Keep being obsessed. Obsession can be a good thing, and we love it.

A holiday gift to you (Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa... Happy Solstice?) for this afternoon. I know you all love them so (and you're just lazy for not poking around the great music blogs on blogger).

File > Create New Playlist
Katy Perry - Hot & Cold (Rock Mix)
Metro Station - Seventeen Forever
Britney Spears - Unusual You
Lil Wayne - Comfortable
Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts
Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Is Getting Thinner
The Academy Is... - About A Girl
The Cab - Bounce

Download (legally! please! love iTunes and love us!). Listen. Love.

It might be December, but in my mind it's March

If you're from the Boston area, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you should very well know that Red Sox 2009 tickets start going on sale tomorrow morning at 10am. Consider this post your wake up call. Set your alarms, (I know I will) and log onto Good luck beating me there, because you know I'll be sitting in bed on my laptop at 7am starting to hit 'buy' in hopes I can nab my tickets early.
What I'm eyeing? Sox Pax. Opening Day Pack to be precise. If I'm not there on April 6th at 2:05pm to see the opening day game against TampaFuckingBay, well... scratch that, because I'll be there. Until then, good luck buying tickets and I'll see you at Cask'n Flagon soon enough!

An Open Letter to the Boston Area Guys That Ride the Green E Line Subway from the Prudential to Park Street Every Night At or Around 5:03pm

Dear Boston Area Guys That Ride the Green E Line Subway from the Prudential to Park Street Every Night At or Around 5:03pm (in particular, you, the one in the black North Face nylon jacket that looks worn from your sophomore year of college. It's time to upgrade, btw):

I don't know what has gotten into you. Have you all seen that scene in Billy Madison (heart Adam Sandler, my Jewish boy crush), when he gets dared to 'bump' into the hot teachers' boob on the school bus? No, you haven't? Well, you should probably On Demand that movie right about now. Anyway, I just had that happen to me, only standing, on a subway. Not cute.

All I ask for after a long, stressful day (or rather, for right now, make that week) of work, dealing with my personal life and trying to piece everything together, is some me time. For me, that time is during my commute home. Prudential to Park Street. Park Street to Kendall. Main Street to Plymouth Street. I listen to Lil Wayne on my iPhone, zone out, and occasionally glance at my reflection in the subway's window.

In no way does this me time include being bumped into you, North Face jacket man. And no, your little apologetic and flirtatious smile doesn't help. And no, you looking at me for the rest of the subway ride doesn't help. Creeper. You violated my personal space, and in the mood I'm in, that was so way unwelcomed.

I mean really, where are your manners men?


P.S. I know dear readers, after a week away on vacay, and then a week to get myself back together, there's been a shortage of posts. Be patient, we'll be back to normal in no time (I hope). For now, just relax, I know I am with my glass of riesling and PF Changs leftovers. :)

Brown girl love!

I just came across Mindy Kaling's (from The Office, also known as the best show ever) blog ... and it is all kinds of awesome! It is called "things i bought that i love." Read it and love it!

Oh Madge...

Can you do this?

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