D is for Design

The only thing that links the following few things together is design...fun, fantastic and innovative design. Enjoy!

tea= time by erez bar am

(photo by sasha filt, image courtesy shenkar academy of engineering and design via http://www.designboom.com)

Students at Tel Aviv's Shenkar Academy of Engineering and Design studied everyday coffee and tea drinking rituals and developed pieces based on their observations. The image above is entitled tea = time and is designed to encourage the tea drinker to slow down and savor the experience...the cup is low and broad and comes with sugar capsules that dissolve slowly.
Check out the other excellent designs here.

comet coffee table by skate study house

(Image courtesy http://skatestudyhouse.com/html/store.html)

Now you can have all the sk8erboi moments you want (yes M, I mean you). Skate Study House, a collaboration between designers Pierre Andre Senizergues and Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, basically takes the waste products from skateboard manufacturing and turns them into furniture and other functional things. Skate Study House combines skateboard culture, California lifestyle in an eco-friendly manner as they use recycled/2nd hand products.
You've got to check out their website to see more of their designs.

klocka clock by bvd for askul

(Image courtesy bvd.se)

Talk about the MOST appropriate clock for 9-to-5ers. Hehe. Swedish firm BVD's new Klocka clock for Askul has the 3 most important times highlighted for office-goers...9 am arrival, noon for a leisurely lunch and 5 to rush out the door. Don't you just want to buy it and hang it inside your office/somewhere in your cubicle?

glue cinderella by kartell by .normaluisa

(Images courtesy coolhunting.com)
If you ever grew up wanting to be a Disney princess (and let's face it, who didn't) then it's pretty much guaranteed that you will lust after these fantastic plastic flats. Whimsically titled "Glue Cinderella," this collection from Italian design pioneer Kartell is produced using "injection-moulding technology that allows the creation of two-tone shoes combining transparent and opaque effects." Err, right. Whatever. They're fun to look at, are waterproof and could kick Croc's ass any day of the week.

bubble necklace by marina and susanna sent

(Image courtesy momastore.org)

Ahh...bubbles! Soapy suds in the bath or blowing bubbles in the park, bubbles always make me happy, so I was thrilled to come across this piece. Designed by Italian sisters Marina and Susanna Sent and made from Murano glass beads, this piece is designed to resemble a cluster of bubbles. Gorgeous.

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