Pinkberry. My New Obsession.

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Frozen yogurt (or froyo, as we all lovingly call it), used to be a mystery to me. Why buy something that tastes like a less sweet, fake Louis Vuitton version of ice cream? And why can't froyo taste like yogurt? I never could quite wrap my head around it. Until now.

Introduce Pinkberry. Smooth like soft serve, tastes like cold original yogurt. Currently in LA and NYC -- and soon to be Kuwait (lucky you P!), I was a Pinkberry virgin until my weekend's excursion to NYC. I am now obsessed, and long for Pinkberry in my own city. Boston is lacking in the froyo department, and it's a shame. My Pinkberry pick? Original with raspberries and strawberries. However, there are topping combinations for everyone's liking. From Cap'n Crunch to Coco Pebbles to kiwi and berries. Feeling adventurous? Try the pomegranate flavor! I love with every ounce of my junk food's heart. The best part? An original small only has 150 calories and if you're in the NYC area, enjoy Swirls on Wheels. The best delivery since Dominos.

Enjoy, and have an extra bite for me!


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