Music to my ears: Amir Farid at Radisson SAS, Kuwait

(Image courtesy Amir Farid's official website)

I attended a special piano recital featuring the young Iranian-Australian pianist Amir Faird at the Radisson SAS hotel, Kuwait the other night and had a fabulous time. (Nothing like an event put on by the Kuwait Chamber Philharmonia to make you wanna put on a cute little dress and heels and act all posh and grown up for a few hours...)
The pianist was magnificent! I wish I had thought of recording him play so I could share it with you guys...something about his naughty schoolboy smile and infectious enthusiasm drew me in so I didn't spend the evening just passively listening to him but rather responding to his little improvisations and interpretations. Check out this fantastic youtube vid of him practicing for another recital to get an idea of what I mean...
Farid litereally fell into a trancelike state while playing the piano...and when you are that involved with something you are are bound to do it well. He had the entire audience transfixed on him and his piano playing alone.
Even during the interval where everyone filed out of the gorgeous Hashemi for canapes and conversation, people were just focused on going back inside and getting on with the show.
My absolutely favorite part of the recital was Farid's rendition of Ravel's Jeux d'eau ....As the title suggests, this piece is supposedly inspired by the sound of cascading water/waterfalls and is composed by an Impressionist. It conjured up images of raindrops, waterfalls, fountains and even snow flurries (don't ask...thats just what some musical interludes reminded me of). Hear another pianist play the piece.

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