People In Boston...

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Do not know how to dress.

I know, this is a generalization. A blanket observation. An untrue one at that, since I am a Bostonian and I know how to dress. Quite possibly it is that Bostonians don't know how to appreciate fashion. Specifically, unappreciative towards those who are fashionable. Case in point.

My outfit today. Black Theory sleeveless top with a decorative side neck bow tie. Black footless tights (aka thin leggings, or tights with no feet, however you choose to describe them). Olive green and black Mary Jane heels (they are tall, granted, maybe about a 3.5" heel). And this Forever 21 skirt (which I love about 100x more in person than on the website).

Situation. Grabbing a 2:30pm coffee with co-workers because it's a dreary Monday and none of us can quite focus (plus, we don't really need an excuse for an afternoon coffee, other than we want one, so we went to get one). Walking out of Borders, a man (not skeezy looking) says that my outfit looks nice. Gee, thanks. Compliments. I love compliments like I love Skittles, so that's cool. Then we cross the street to get into my office building. Out of the elevator stumbles a middle-aged woman with stonewashed (ew) jeans that looks straight out of a 1980s music video. Cute for a themed party? Yes. Cute for the office? No. Appropriate for Stacy and Clinton on What Not To Wear? Yes. But I don't judge. She, however, takes no hesitation in judging me. Eying - and then scowling at my outfit! I'm sorry if I'm channelling my inner Lauren Conrad and look cute at work today. I'm sorry if I decided to not pick up the first ratty pair of jeans I saw in my room. I'm sorry if I work in a fashion-based industry where I like to look like a million bucks. Actually, I'm not sorry. Just frustrated. Do all fashionistas encounter this? Is it just me? Is my makeup smudged and I'm unaware? Answers? Anyone?


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