Who hearts Joshua Jackson?

'Fringe' promotional poster via http://www.fringebloggers.com/

I was never a Dawson's fan, therefore my love for Joshua Jackson is relatively newfound...
I recently discovered him on JJ Abrams' new show Fringe (which is awesome, thoroughly underrated and must be watched immediately - more on that in another post though)...Apart from being supremely cute, he is also Canadian which makes him 110% more desirable to me! :)
Anyway, I just read on UMass alum, friend and NY Pop Examiner Monica Gleberman's blog that he was part of a Canadian virtual scavenger hunt of sorts...To help celebrate the launch of Canada’s first Android-powered smartphones – the HTC Dream and HTC Magic — Canadian television star Joshua Jackson will tour secret locations in Toronto throughout the day next Monday, June 1 to meet with fans and offer chances to win Rogers prizes to anyone who locates him. You can follow Joshua’s tour around the city here, as he posts clues to his whereabouts with live blog updates and photos. Then use Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Google Latitude™ to find his location so you can meet him in person!

This is definitely one of the cooler marketing strategies I have heard of in a while. Thanks for sharing Miss Gleberman! :)

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