Match Made In Heaven

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My friend S asks me how I get word of so many deals in the city. While my research and sources are secrets, I'm willing to share information. Today's bargain Boston event? Match Burgers & Martinis on the corner of Mass Ave & Newbury Street in the Back Bay. Thursday nights from 5-10pm. $5 entrees for women. Yes, $5 entrees. Be prepared to wait for a table or make a reservation in advance - Boston fashionistas are slowly hearing about this event and not saying no, with good reason. Take a peek at their menu and you'll see their normal mini burgers around $5-$7 each normally, but Match Thursdays mean $5 entrees. Filet mignon. Lobster pasta dishes. Grilled rosemary chicken. Delicious. S and I each ordered the filet mignon (for $5, as if anyone can say no) and washed it down with fabulous cocktails. At $12 each, the signature martinis are steep, but when the food is so cheap, allowing one is doable. My favorite pick: their Pop Culture martini. It's no surprise that I chose it by name alone. Rimmed with strawberry Pop Rocks, the super sweet martini tastes like candy with coconut Bacardi and various juices. I love.


The Perfect Tote

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Spotted: A Kate Spade “Coal” bag on my walk to work this morning. Black and white with the front saying "downtown" with surrounding NYC subway line numeral symbols. I'm obsessed.

I received my first Kate Spade “Coal” bag 2.5 years ago. A part of my 21st birthday gift, my then-boyfriend listened to my gift requests and took note of the Kate spade website page left open on his laptop screen when I left for classes, meals and outings. I still use the bag today (thanks to P's judgment and her saving it from being a breakup victim en route to the trash or bonfire). Tried and true, it’s the ultimate handbag, one of my must-haves. Small enough to use everyday. Space enough to squish in a day planner, beach towel, flip flops, notebook, issues of vogue and necessary keys and iPhone. Given todays’ sighting, I might need to start expanding my collection asap!


Signature Scent

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My friend J.D. lamented the loss of her Dolce & Gabbana perfume this weekend. A casualty in the 4th of July weekend, its whereabouts are unknown after a BBQ and one too many glasses of summer ale. I first didn't grasp the severity of the situation (didn’t I see three other sprays in her room?!) until I realized the importance of a woman's signature scent.

Everyone remembers the scene in 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' when Andie's crazy friend's boyfriend of a nanosecond comes crawling back. He realized he missed her when the scent of her perfume wore off his pillow. Although cheesy (and okay, cute, because I doubt any guy would ever say that), it’s true. Scents link memories past to the present. My mother wears Anice Anice - and the mere name brings me back as a five year old watching her apply her perfume in the small, blue bathroom adjacent to her and my father's bedroom. I sat, hoping to steal a smear of her Cover Girl foundation - nevermind the fact that we're two completely different skin tones. The scent of cucumber melon from Bath & Body Works takes me to high school era joyrides (and covering up the scent of teenage rebellion). Juicy Couture's signature perfume sends me to my 4th floor dorm room, eating take out, drinking wine and watching Sex & The City or The Hills with P and our friend and T.

As I fully emerge (and ok, finally accept) myself as a full fledged adult, career-working, no-longer-a-child woman, I think its time for a true signature scent for myself. My almost final decision? Delices de Cartier by Cartier.


Who Doesn't Need A New Necklace?

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Color me excited. August 31st. Pencil, circle or highlight your day planners and save your pennies. Anna Sheffield’s line for Target debuts. In this recession, who can afford whole new outfits (without racking up your Amex bill)? Tis the year for accessorizing on a budget. Sheffield’s sterling silver and rose gold-plated chains, bracelets and necklaces are perfect centerpieces for any blazer, sweater or tunic. Pieces range from $20-$80. Can't. Hardly. Wait.


Obsession Alert

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Ahhh. It's the best time of the month. New magazine week. While flipping through the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, I find larger than life images of beautiful, gorgeous, opulent Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co bracelets. Silver. Gold. Black. Obsessed.


Required Shopping

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Nina Garcia is quickly filling my bookcase shelves. On a whim of luck, I found "The One Hundred" on sale at Urban Outfitters in the Fanueil Hall Marketplace. I devoured the book in a day and a half and feel inspired by Garcia's list of must-haves for every fashionable woman. I agree with many of her picks and have a few of my own. As Garcia writes, "It is important for everyone who reads this book to know that I have adapted and edited each item on this list to suit my style, my body, my personality. I should hope you will do the same." That being said, here are just a few of my personal must haves for every fashionista.

-Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap.
A must have for every New England girl. I've owned one for as long as I've been alive. A fashion statement in itself, it shows your regional allegiance, pride for Boston, and the belief that, yes, the Yankees suck. It also doubles as a great cover for the days you sleep through your alarm and lose precious hair straightening minutes. Available in a myriad of colors, but let's face it, the only one that matters is the ever-classic red and blue. Whatever you do, don’t be accused of being a pink hat fan!

No I'm not talking about a five dollar at Claires kind of tiara. A real tiara, a la Princess Diana. Not recommended for everyday office wear (but who am i to judge?), Everyone can channel their inner princess on their birthday, holiday or any day while lounging in a silk robe. Swarovski makes some great options.

Specifically, jeans. I’m positive that my jean obsession started with my no-jeans-allowed prep school dress code. Much like relationships, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone – or in this case, not allowed. Garcia writes as a fun fact that the average person owns 8.3 pairs of jeans. I counted. I own 40. That are currently clean in my closet. So, let’s say 50 when taking dirty laundry into thought. It’s a lot of denim, but I have no buyers remorse. Skinny leg. Bootcut. Wide leg. Destroyed. Boyfriend fit. Dark wash. Light wash. A lot of options becomes a lot of shopping. One note with jeans: it’s great to discount shop, but I never suggest doing so with denim. Quality denim feels great, fits great and, most importantly, doesn’t stretch out. A co-worker of mine had an unfortunate jean find last week at Urban Outfitters where the denim just didn’t sit well and stretched out after one day. Forever 21 jeans are also infamous to stretch after one wear. Keep the bargains for tops, and try on pairs by Seven for all Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, J Brand, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. Your legs will thank you.

-Lip gloss.
The one cosmetic necessity for every woman. I don’t care if it’s Cherry Chapstick, Chanel, Stila or anything inbetween. Lips get chapped and uncomfortable. Lips are a visual focal point during conversation. Make them look as good as the rest of you!

-Black turtleneck.
A la Audrey Hepburn. One in cashmere is a winter necessity. It screams classic, classy and professional. Always flattering and slimming, it somehow always hugs in the right places. Consider it a new best friend.



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Walter Cronkite passed away this evening at the age of 92. As a former journalism student with a B.A. in journalism, Cronkite was a frequent topic in classes and seen as a true icon. He covered historic moments including Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, John F. Kennedy's assassination. He was the anchorman that inspired - and will continue to inspire - journalism students. The media industry would be vastly different without him, his legacy and impact.



I’d Rather Wear Shoeboxes On My Feet

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I distain Crocs. When they first appeared on my friends’ feet, they claimed that they were comfortable. My friend C said they were the best shoes to have when she crewed during college. “They’re light and feel like nothing on your feet!” I maintained that they look like gardening shoes, that only my mom (who I love, but only recently tuned herself into the world of trendy fashion) would wear in her tomato patch on summer days. Crocs are best paired with graying hair and tacky rubber gloves. Not designer handbags and daisy duke shorts.

I gave in a year ago when I found a pair of Boston Red Sox themed Crocs in a random boutique on Washington Street. I had on the most uncomfortable pair of ballet flats and my feet were screaming for anything that wouldn’t pinch or blister. I paid the inflated twenty-something dollars for the two red and blue pieces of rubber in hopes of comfort. I soon learned that every single one of my friends that said they wore them for comfort lied. The footbed is prickly, the holes give an unnecessary draft into my foot and they’re cut so wide that a shoebox would be more comfortable. My pair of Crocs had a lifespan of 30 minutes that day, was worn once during Opening Day 2009 at Fenway Park and now collects dust underneath my bed.

Today, good news out of the Washington Post for myself and fellow anti-Croc fashionistas. The trend is over. Tired. Dead. And the company is broke. Long live the standby flip-flop as the summer shoe of choice.


Mischa Barton: Art Imitates Life?

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File this one under unfortunate irony. Mischa Barton, The O.C.’s golden girl, is reportedly in a psychiatric unit under observation. This only a week after some rather embarrassing photos surfaced onto the interwebs. Did I bring her bad luck by finally mentioning her in yesterday’s Missoni post? Either way, send good thoughts and vibes to her.

And although it might be inappropriate, does anyone else find this the slightest bit odd? Is Barton playing out her Marissa Cooper alter-ego? Not to add to the negativity of the situation, but I’m just saying, I don’t think this would happen to the ever-perfect (and stylish) Rachel Bilson-slash-Summer Roberts. Hrm?


Even the recession can be trendy

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Living in the city isn’t easy on a budget – and believe me, I know this fact firsthand. I’m known to break my budget on a twice-a-day basis. On the upside of the current dreary American economy are food specials. I live in a city that doesn’t allow happy hour (literally, legally, it’s a Blue Book law), but this doesn’t prevent food specials. Thankfully.

While I’ve scoped out several deals in the city (10 cent wings at the Asgard on Mondays, one dollar tacos at La Verdad on Tuesdays), my personal favorite weekly event is Recessionista Wednesdays at Felt on Washington Street. My three childhood best friends, K, C, L and I attended a few weeks in a row and left both times impressed, with full stomachs and wallets. The special $3 menu features appetizers such as garlicky shrimp and entrees like chicken picatta and mini chesse or veggie burgers. Desserts include apple crisp in martini glasses. Surprisingly enough, the menu as a whole was inexpensive with a half-order of lobster risotto costing a mere $8. Drinks range from about $6 to $10, so choose wisely and have only one or two. We all seem to approve of the red or white sangria (and, let’s face it, when isn’t sangria a good choice?).

Best yet, Felt sets a theme to each Recessionista Wednesday. Two weeks ago it was a chocolate theme – complete with chocolate fountain, dessert samples from a local bakery and celebrity trivia. Future themes include the Boston Red Sox, celebrities and country (as in country music). Count me in and remind me to look photo ready.


M is for...

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Me. Naturally. But when I’m in a giving, selfless mood, M also stands for Missoni. I always feel as though I channel Mischa Barton during her Marissa Cooper on The O.C days when I see Missoni. Fun, summery and kaleidoscope colorful, it exemplifies the luxury West Coast lifestyle that she encompassed. Plus, we all remember the scene when pre-boat party, Julie Cooper tells Marissa to wear a Missoni to look presentable.

I picked up the above green patent leather M Missoni tote at a sample sale within my office last week and I am obsessed. Big enough to fit all of my summer books, fashion magazines, designer frocks and Havaiana flip-flops, it’s my ultimate summer weekender bag. I was lucky enough to find it discounted, and believe you me, worth every penny. While there’s no more of this bag left, there are some M Missoni products over at the Final Sale at Rue La La. Grab them before I do!

While I gushed about my new bag purchase to P, she informed me that her city trumps mine with a Hotel Missoni just about completed in Kuwait City. Consider it Missoni Central, as Wikipedia calls it a lifestyle hotel that will “include 106 luxuriously stylish guest rooms and 63 suites (all with spectacular views of the Persian Gulf), a signature Missoni Cucina restaurant, a Mocha Missoni coffee bar, a chocolate café with an outdoor terrace, a 1530 square meter Six Senses Spa, a spacious, high-tech fitness facility and a large outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Gulf. Additional facilities will include a business center and several state-of-the-art conference rooms, as well as a spacious ballroom for large-scale events. All facilities will be decorated with Missoni's signature design elements, including lines, stripes, zig-zags and colors. Even the swimming pool will be tiled in Missoni's stripes and colors.”

Hotel Missoni and Pinkberry? Maybe it’s time to book a trip to visit P sooner rather than later…


all wrapped up in love.

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P and I have long been huge fans of scarves and wraps. They easily transformed any old outfit in college from drab to sophisticated. Our Burberry plaid kept our little necks warm in the winter and Pashminas doubled as jacket substitutes on brisk fall nights. Functional and fabulous, consider my collection growing.

Rue La La has an ongoing Sir Alistair Rai sale until tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am. A favorite of Nicole Richie and Rihanna, Sir Alistair Rai's love, peace and karma scarves are a staple in fashionistas closets. While I lusted for years before finally buying one, my own mother is jumping on the stylish scarf obsession. We both are proud owners of the navy blue Raja wrap. Good style runs in the family.


do you have the time?

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Following up on P's post on the love that is for statement necklaces, there is a need to take note of another neckline exclamation point. Pendant necklaces. Displayed in the current issue of Lucky, pendant necklaces are the trendy counterpoint to the traditional (yet always bulky) wristwatch.

I haven't been a watch person since my Casio Baby G obsession in middle school. I dislike the tan lines that watches leave and the never-ending dilemma of matching an outfit to such a minor accessory. Pendant watches are the ultimate answer that can accessorize, remain trendy and timely all at once. My personal favorites are by Kenneth Jay Lane and Tiffany & Co.


Statement necklaces are still all the rage

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor

Fashion designer Rachel Roy

The City's Whitney Port

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Carrying on from last year, eye-catching statement necklaces seem to be here to stay. And oh what fun they are. From Bollywood starlets to "reality" stars and everyone in between sporting them, the trend is still red-hot.

Not in on yet?

Worry not, we at Pop Culture Paradox have a few hints and tips on how to rock statement necklaces...
  • Although they dress up a little black dress with little effort, they are best paired with a completely relaxed ensemble...I'm thinking a worn-in tee or ribbed tank top paired with a pair of skinny jeans. Efforlessly chic!
  • Because your statement necklace will be doing all the talking...pair it with neutral, non-fussy attire with simple necklines (Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is all about the asymmetrical neckline)
  • Whatever you do, please don't pile on any other earrings (if you must, make sure they are simple studs), steer clear of bangles or cuffs...if you can't resist...add a sparkly cocktail ring or classy watch (like Whitney)
  • Keep big, chunky wooden beads and the likes restricted to daytime and pile on the bling in the evening.

Summer art exhibit at dar al funoon, kuwait

One thing about us in Kuwait is that we are notoriously fickle. Most new things, whether they are swanky resto-lounges, great independent boutiques, sleek sports cars, coffee/sheesha places, latest top-of-the-line cell phones, nail bars, bakeries, usually see a huge surge of interest when they are first introduced to Kuwait's relatively tiny market. Most people buy/try the newest stuff out of the absolutely inexplicable need to be a part of the hype. Usually when it fades away, people move on to the next new, exciting thing...

Art gallery openings are a similar fad in Kuwait. Opening day seems to be the place to see and be seen. Conversing with the curators, meandering around the gallery and putting in your two cents (fils?), and most importantly, audibly announcing that you would like the latest flavor-of-the-week reserved to be picked up later. (Of course, 9 times out of 10, gallery owners are left chasing after these so-called art buyers...'Oh, I'm redecorating and I don't think it will go with my vision' seems to be a common cop-out) 

Obviously, if something has substance, it survives and dare I say, even thrives in Kuwait. On the art scene, it is Dar Al Funoon art gallery (readers not based in Kuwait can check out this Flickr photostream to get a feel for the place). 

Their summer exhibition, which will be on through August, has brought together some of the topmost names from the region, as well as Iran and Africa. 

Check out a few pictures: 

 Karim Ghidinelli

Talk about a global citizen, the artist is originally Italian, lived in Ethiopia, Namibia and London and now calls Miami Beach, FL home. Whew. His extensive travels, and especially his time spent in Africa, reflect in his paintings which are characterized by bold uses of color and expressive brushstrokes. His constant search for identity is also evident as thumb prints feature prominently in his artwork. 

Reza Derakshani

A prominent Iranian visual artist, Derakshani is also an accomplished musician (he even has his own album out). Music often plays a large part during his exhibitions. He is widely known to pull influence from his own Persian heritage, especially traditional folklore and his palette is more often than not subdued. 

Nja Mahdoui

Easily one of my favorites, Mahdaoui,  a Tunisian visual artist, explores traditional Arabic calligraphy and its place in the world today. His canvases are big, bold and arresting in their colorful splendor. He works mainly with acrylics, metallic paint and pen on canvas.

Farideh Lashai

Another Iranian artist, Lashai’s work often echoes elements of nature from her native Gilan, a province along the Caspian Sea. Gorgeously sublime colors and textures are abound in her work, which is usually mixed-media. 

(All images my own)

Gossip girl inspired line was never off: Target

Click for a larger image! :)
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We never thought we'd devote 3 posts to a collection we didn't even like to begin with, but we believe in setting the record straight...

Pop Culture Paradox brings its readers the REAL (we hope) deal this time around... got in touch with officials at Target who stated: "We are moving forward as planned with the four principal leads of 'Gossip Girl' as our creative muses...Unfortunately, there was misinformation passed around and we are still very excited about the collaboration."

According to the website: "....the retailer will be the official sponsor of this year's "Gossip Girl" season premiere: Commercials for Anna Sui's highly anticipated collection will run during the show's equally hyped debut on September 14." Read the entire post here.

M's Uniform Project

Uniform Project
Uniform Project by PopCultureParadox
(Featuring navy blue jumper from Old Navy, C&C California white tee, David Yurman rope bangle, Tiffany & Co chain link bracelet, Havaiana, Hollister and AE flip flops and Blair Waldorf-esque headbands)

I took a little inspiration this morning from The Uniform Project (which P and I love!) while searching through my closet. While I attended private schools for 13 years, I was blessed with the freedom of dress codes, sans formal uniforms. Today, years later, tucked away in a back corner of my closet hung a navy blue, private school uniform style jumper. A diamond in the rough found while discount shopping. The perfect summertime length, its pleated skirt falls about two inches above my knee and snugs in all the right places.

To my delight, a simple navy blue jumper is a canvas. A flattering canvas at that. Accessorizing and creating an age-appropriate look for a twenty-something proved simple with flip flops, jewelry and a headband. I paired mine with a ribbed white tee, nautical J.Crew flip-flops and silver bracelets (one Tiffany & Co chain link and one skinny roped silver bangle)

For future outfits? Ideas already pop into my mind. Leggings in the the fall with ballet flats. A blue-green plaid tie a la Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Gold jewelry. Peacock feathered headbands. A chunky cocktail ring.

While unlike The Uniform Project's Sheena Matheiken, I cannot create such a look every day (and I commend her for doing so), finding such a simple outfit staple to create a uniquely individual outfit proves refreshing and fabulous.



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We at Pop Culture Paradox nearly burst of happiness when we heard that the 'fierce' season four winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano was in the works to design a budget-friendly line of shoes for Payless (of all places!). Now, at long last, Racked obtained a first look at the line of shoes and handbags. Consider me excited. All shoes look stylish, work-friendly and affordable (everything in the line is priced at $45 and under!). I wonder if that large black handbag looks as luscious in person...

The Bargain Maven Says...

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I know a good deal when I see one. I'm known to act irrationally on good deals, but I consider the action fitting the need. While doing work today, I stumbled on (one of the sites I work for) and found their 2 for $75.00 designer dress sale.

Shocking, actually. Some of my favorite designers and brands. Dresses that are normally priced way more than $75.00 each for two for $75.00? Do my eyes deceive me?

Check out the selection for yourself, but here are my suggestions. A black dress that's perfect for cocktails and first dates (and channels your inner Lauren Conrad). A white dress that's perfect for summertime BBQ's (or any event that might include seeing your significant others' parents or family). Or a frilly dress with tulle skirt that channels an inner Carrie Bradshaw. I'm lusting.


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My name is M, and I am a Twitter-holic.

I have an unfortunate habit of creating social media obsessions. Facebook landed on the mainstream internet radar during my freshman year of college in 2004. I was the first of my friends to join. I check Gmail non-stop (literally, with my iPhone synced to my account). I was a Livejournal addict during high school. I owned a Casio My Magic Diary during second grade. My mother claims I played with a Sesame Street Big Bird “computer” as a toddler. I have technology obsession issues (but so does my Dad. He still owns the original brick-sized iPod).

When Twitter came around, I joined for the sake of this blog. I thought it’d be a good marketing tool to keep readers up to speed with new posts. I initially scoffed at my personal account. Who really cares if I just ate sushi? Just took a bubble bath? Likes that it’s a sunny day? Has a case of the Mondays?

Who cares, I ask? I do. Apparently. After a few weeks of neglecting my Twitter account, I started updating on my iPhone on the subway ride to work. Then I linked it up to my Facebook status so the pesky, always-crashing Facebook mobile site is nothing but a distant memory to me and my iPhone. Mom told me that my aunt reads my Twitter page regularly. This kind of scared me and I went back through to make sure that all tweets were family-appropriate (a good idea for anyone who hasn’t done so already).

Then I started following celebrities on Twitter. Pete Wentz (who seems to never log off of Twitter, does anyone think this pesters Ashlee?). Kim Kardashian. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan (a personal favorite of mine and friend L). I tracked down old friends, exes and friendemies alike on Twitter. The best (and worse) part? Like my aunt, I can read their tweets without even adding them as a friend, (or “follow them” in Twitter-speak). It’s the ultimate stalking tool. This makes me wonder who is actually reading mine. Are you?

Now I tweet throughout the day. I tweet when I’m bored. I tweet when I’m eating. I tweet on dinner dates with my boyfriend. I know it’s rude, but he’s used to it. “My little online socialite,” he told me yesterday when I quickly hopped on Twitter before leaving the apartment for a day trip. Hearing that was nothing but music to my ears.


Target execs miss the bullseye

(Image courtesy

Put this on the top of the list of silly decisions made by Target. 

Remember the Gossip Girl-inspired line Anna Sui was designing for Target? Well, the line is still going ahead as expected, but a top Target exec reportedly got nervous about the "racy" content of the show and is trying to have the whole Gossip Girl marketing angle scrapped.

According to the New York Daily News

“One of Target’s top executives got nervous about being that closely associated with the show, given the [debauchery] its characters get into,” says an on-the-set source. For example, Blake Lively’s character, Serena, killed a man, and most of the characters frequently get wasted, do drugs and have promiscuous sex.

A “Gossip Girl” insider tells us that a party scene featuring Blair and Chuck (played by Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick) was set to shoot at Sui’s flagship store in SoHo last Tuesday; models being used as extras were to wear Sui’s Target collection. “There was going to be signage, as well as Target symbols in purple and black — Anna’s signature colors,” says the snitch. “And it was rumored that Anna herself was going to be making a cameo appearance.”

“It’s Target’s loss, because the line would have sold better if it had played a part in the show.”

I have to say, although I am sure this "top exec" probably does not fall under Gossip Girl's targeted demographic, I find it incredibly hard to believe that nobody clued her or him into the shows premise...why didn't the marketing team go ahead and research and explain exactly what Gossip Girl was all about...the show's content and packaging has been pretty consistent since the pilot episode.

If the whole line had been canned, I would've just chalked these reports up to the fact that somebody at Target finally saw that these were just really ugly clothes that did not need to be sold to consumers who didn't know any better (tee hee hee)...but since it's not, could there be some other reason behind it? 

come over to the light side

Call it a summer fling if you will. Haters say it won't last past the post-Memorial Day, pre-Labor Day summer stretch. But I don't care...I'm young and in love! 

My love affair with white denims is in full swing. 

I recently bought a gorgeous pair of white denims from Citizens of Humanity and it is unbelievable how they've brought about a lovely new freshness to my tired old tees and same ol' gladiators. I love wearing my usual casual outfits but mixing things up by replacing my dependable blue jeans with chic white denims. The new jeans just sort of make everything seem less stale and boring. 

Whether you pair your white denims with monochromatic neutrals, pretty pastels, bright prints and geometric patterns or punk-inspired accessories...just try not to spill anything on them!


(Image courtesy

In our increasingly complex world, a man’s affection for his bag is no longer a love that dare not speak its name. The manbag is a style essential. Just so long as it’s not too girlie. 

While we at Pop Culture Paradox have made our distaste for Muggs (Man Uggs, duh) abundantly clear...our opinion on manbags or murses is yet to be decided. 
The Gucci Men's Spring 2010 collection shown in Milan predominantly featured oversized (and frankly, a bit over the top I think) hand...err...manbags and the first image that popped into my head was Joey from Friends. Now, nearly 10 years on from then, men like Beckham, Ronaldo, Kanye West, Pharrell (he posed for the cover of a magazine with his bright purple Birkin!) and even Snoop Dogg have been spotted toting around their everyday essentials in manbags and murses.
As women, we know all too well how naked we feel without our handbags, filled with our lip gloss, compact, bronzer, eyeliner, moisturizer, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, pens, notebooks, gum, magazines or books, hair-tie, sometimes a light cardigan (do I really need to go on?)
That being said, who are we to judge if the boys embrace the everyday practicality of bags. 
Check out this article from The Times for more insight into how men are embracing manbags!

Hear the White Tiger roar

From DVF, Stella McCartney and Manish Arora to Topshop, Forever 21 and Dorothy Perkins...seems like everyone in the fashion world has been looking at their bookshelves for inspiration! Did they all pick up Aravind Adiga's award-winning novel The White Tiger earlier this year?
The white tiger is showing its stripes everywhere this summer - on tanks layered underneath boyfriend blazers or paired with ripped denims and gladiators and accessories such as cuffs, clutches and totes.  
If you're not feeling the wild-side vibe, forget the clothes but pick up the book. Adiga's spine- tinglingly dark and sarcastic narrative style offers a new lens through which to view the perpetual clash between the haves and the have-nots. Add it to your summer reading list. 

Breaking News: The Wannabe Lo Bosworth Quits The Worst Show Ever

(image courtesy of and

P's and my own disdain for MTV's The City is no secret. Apparently filming for season two is underway in NYC sans one cast member. Whitney Port's season one "best friend," Erin Lucas is best friend no longer. She reports a, "falling out" to New York Magazine's The Cut. Details please? More importantly, if there's no Erin, can it be the first step to The City's demise? Please please please!


Strrrrike 3 for Burger King?

(Image courtesy
Bad taste? The Hindu goddess Lakshmi and a new BK burger are placed under a slogan claiming 'La merienda es sagrada' – the snack is sacred. 

All bad things come in 3 for Burger King apparently. 
Their latest in a string of culturally insensitive advertisements depicts the Hindu Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi seated with a 'Texican Whopper' at her feet. What is in the burger you ask? An all-beef patty, a beef chilli-con-carne slice and egg-based Cajun mayonnaise. Oh, by the way, most strict Hindus avoid all of the above mentioned products. 
I just can't imagine what the thought process of the ad execs who designed this ad must have been..."Hmm, I know, I'll use an image from a religion that forbids its followers to eat meat, specifically beef, to sell...ahem...BURGERS..." It just seems a bit ridiculous. 
But apparently this sandwich seems to be a magnet for trouble...The Telegraph reports that
"Earlier this year, Burger King offended Mexican officials with another advertisement for the 'Texican Whopper' which depicted a dwarf dressed as a wrestler draped in the Mexican flag."
BK's other tacky ad? You know, the one for BK Super Seven Incher... guaranteed to "blow" our minds away. 
The thing that bothers me about all these ads is how incredibly tacky, tasteless and just plain dumb they are. Whatever happened to clever, eye-catching and thought provoking ad campaigns? 
What do you think? Are we veering towards an an era of excessive political correctness? Are we shying away from creativity for the fear of offending people or is there something seriously wrong with these ads? 

High & Low. The Best Pairing Ever.

High Meets Low

(image features DvF skirt, Theory tee, Pink by Victoria's Secret sandals, Forever 21 necklace and ring and H&M earrings)

I love fused together opposites. Sweet and sour dipping sauce. Black and white colorblock dresses. Hot tea with ice cubes. In fashion, it’s no different. I strive to mix and match high and low. In today’s economy, it’s finally frowned upon to wear head to toe high-end haute couture. Afterall, it’s about priorities. While I’d love to wear a $1200 top from Christian Dior with a Roberto Cavalli skirt everyday, I also love to eat and have food in my freezer.

For young twenty-something professionals, mixing high and low is easy thanks to H&M and Forever 21. Pair a DvF skirt, Theory top and Colin Stuart shoes from Victoria's Secret with a funky necklace from Forever 21 (for under $5!) and some leggings from H&M (under $10!). Another suggestion? Wear a Forever 21 skirt with a Tory Burch cardigan and flats and fool everyone into thinking you spent a fortune. Your secret's safe with me.


Love Is Like A Mannequin

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Apparently B.Spears introduced a new song to her setlist during her European leg of her tour the other night. While the performance may be less than stellar (what happened to her Slave For You dancing days?), I cannot lie. It's quickly becoming my new favorite song off of Circus. No one can dispute that it's an A+ pop song off of an A+ pop album.


Daria on DVD!

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I don't know about anyone else, but I think it might be safe to say that Daria was the best show on MTV of all time. Period. The end. Yes, better than The Real World. Better than Made. Even better than TRL - and we know how much I love me some Justin Timberlake and *NSync.

Created in 1997, I was a mere 12 years old when Daria debuted. It defined my preteen and middle school years. I wanted to be witty and sarcastic like Daria Morgendorffer, have a crush on a bad boy like Trent and ditzily girly like Quinn Morgendorffer all at once. The show as a whole stayed in tune with 1990s and early 2000s pop culture and, as a whole, was somehow deep for a cartoon.

When the show ended in 2001/2002, I was in high school and my attention changed to other teenage geared shows. Still, Daria holds a special place in my television memory. Memories that can now be reignited in my mid-twenties with murmurs this week of Daria finally - finally - coming to DVD. It's so exciting I can hardly stand it. Now if I can only dig out my Daria-style wardrobe of Doc Martens and green blazers.

Or, rather. Okay. Some things can stay in the 1990s.


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Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July weekend to all of our US-based readers. This weekend means BBQs, beer, pool parties, fireworks and other "American" activities. For me, it means breaking out my favorite in red, white and blue apparel. The 4th of July surely isn't meant to be a fashion statement, but indeed it is (as is every other day, but that's besides the point). What's more American than blue jeans and white t-shirts? It's always a proper choice for casualwear. Pair it with a pair of Havaiana flip flops, especially if your plans include lounging poolside.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend, don't eat too many cheeseburgers and remember bug spray for any and all plans. I'll be found on the North Shore of Massachusetts, next to my friend's pool, cradling a bottomless frozen margarita and listening to endless 4th of July music staples (think Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith).


H.Duff on Gossip Girl???

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For real? According to People and E! Online, indeed, Hilary Duff (everyone's favorite former Disney star) is slated to appear on multiple episodes of Gossip Girl this season. According to E! Online, "Inside sources tell us that Duff's character Olivia is a movie star who just wants to live a simple peasant girl's life at college and date a simple, nonfamous guy." I spy a relationship with a certain whiny Dan Humphrey. Oh H.Duff. You can do so much better than him.


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